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  1. Hey Pak- The SFX sound great! It's good to hear your posts again. eerie03_loop.ogg and eerie04_loop.ogg make me start looking behind me! Creepy stuff! The only suggestions I might have is to notch some of the high parts out of eerie04_loop.ogg just a bit. It sounds a little loud on the high end and might cover up some of the other sounds in the mix. Just a thought..... doesn't have to be changed though. eerie05_loop.ogg and eerie01_loop.ogg sound like something straight out of the original Thief series. Good work!!!! They are perfect! -Sax
  2. Well, there was a call for it in the design docs and I haven't seen or heard any of the dialogue that has been written for the game other than "Hey, did you notice anything funny over there?" and "Hmph, step aside, you!" so I was using the original series lines for reference. Also, one of the placeholders for the revenants in the DarkMOD downloads was done with the Macintosh speech program so I tried to do something with real voices. Wasn't it Ralph or Sam with the raspy voice? (revenant1_relaxed_1.ogg was a real voiceover and was pretty awesome!) These can be quickly modified and made
  3. Sorry Pak! I'm not trying to overwhelm with machine type sounds, but these are intended to be used for any type of mechanical sounds such as arming a mine, disarming a mine, mechanical eye zoom in and out, small robots, ambient rumbles in a mechanist area, etc. Not just another load of "this is machine sfx loop #5432". These are more organic than the ones I was posting last year and don't sound like soft synths gone wild. They are definitely meant to be used like sound effects for lockpicks, locking doors, unlocking doors, but some are loops. @Darkness: Thanks for the kind words!
  4. Some more mechanical fx fx_machine_pulse01.ogg fx_mechanical_loop.ogg fx_mechanical_windup.ogg fx_mechanical_winddown.ogg fx_mechanical_lothump.ogg
  5. Hey, I *still* like the dark twist of the "Tetris" music! Even if it was a joke.....
  6. WinAMP will play .OGG files with the right plug-ins. So, will Windows Media Player (again, with the right codecs). It just won't allow you to use tags under WMP, but it still plays them. http://tobias.everwicked.com/oggds.htm That link will get you basic OggVorbis support under Windows Media Player. You are right! That is Tetris music. The tune is instantly recognizable as the old Russian composition. I like the "goth" twist to the music, but it's still too busy for Builder's music. Again, try something original as that is what we are trying to do with everything possible (even if
  7. Here's another machine sound for your listening pleasure (or pain, depending on how you feel about it) fx_machine_pulse01.ogg
  8. Yes, the 30 means 30 ticks a minute (1 every 2 seconds, like a larger clock) and the 60 means 60 ticks a minute (1 every second, maybe for a smaller clock). These could be chopped up to be much shorter since they are the same sound repeated, but I left it like this so that it could be heard easily.
  9. @Ishtvan: I think I remember doing something like that.... Someone's been playing with my sound files! Ahhh, Grasshopper.... you listen well!
  10. Thanks for the kind words, Pak. I'm really trying to capture that Thief 1/2 feel more and get back to the original basics! I love the creepy voices and I'm glad I finally figured out how to do them "correctly." I'll post some more whenever I can.
  11. In response to obscurus' comments, you don't have to have exactly the same card to work together anymore since the release of ForceWare 80 drivers. Apparently you can mix and match different manufacturers, different clock speeds, different memory configurations, they just need to be the same series of graphics processor (i.e. 6600GT & 6600GT, 6800 & 6800, 7800 & 7800, 7800GTX & 7800 GTX). So, it's not as limiting as it used to be. A dual-6600GT s olution can be had for a fairly cheap price... even cheaper that a single 7800 solution. Just a thought....
  12. Is there anything any of us can do from this end to help out?
  13. Got a few more added today. Just look through the ones above. Will do more as soon as I can.
  14. Greetings- I've been working on some SFX while I've had some downtime. Here are some samples that I think haven't been filled in yet on CVS. Start Level sound Level Start SFX test 1 (may be a bit bass heavy, but it gives me cold chills when it plays at loud volumes!) sfx_creepy_voices.ogg (similar to the creepy voices from T1/T2 - I played around until I got close)[added 1/5/6] Piano Frobs (5 samples from which to choose) frob_piano1.ogg frob_piano2.ogg frob_piano3.ogg frob_piano4.ogg frob_piano5.ogg Another possible "tension" ambient (similar to T2 style) fx_tension_orch1.ogg "
  15. Merry Christmas to everyone.... Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, I hope your Ramadan was good! Whatever you celebrate I wish the best of blessings for you all! I hope you are all well, in good health, and become wealthy in the oncoming New Year!
  16. Hmmm.... the best possible set up would probably consist of a solid-state recording device (like a flash memory recorder) that would have high quality mic preamps to handle good condensers. Something like the Rode NT4 stereo mic that runs off a 9V battery and records perfect stereo sounds plugged into a flash based recorder would sound wonderful! I've used minidisc recorders, but out in the wilderness the sound of that disc spinning is always picked up by sensitive condenser mics (unless you bury the thing in a thick carrying bag). Flash based recorders make absolutely no noise whatsoever
  17. Hey Hawk! The best of birthday wishes for you! -sax
  18. Yeah, even the original Quake had warping and distortion effects underwater. I wonder if some of the old Quake code has something that could be useful for the DarkMOD engine?
  19. mechanical - could give a sense of that, as well, but sounds like only machine noises synthetic unnatural - (implies supernatural, almost) ersatz - def. Being an imitation or a substitute (although, usually used as a bad thing... but a cool word!) But, I do think artificial is a good one.
  20. Changed to all DarkMOD? So, the sounds could work like this.... Animals Aardvarks[+]aard_01_breath.ogg [+]aard_02_breath.ogg [+]aard_01_step.ogg [*]Voices [+]Guards [+]Humans [+]Player [+]Spectres/Ghosts [+]Grunts [*]SFX [*]Ambients and all of these could be broken down. Perhaps we do three main folders.... SFX, Voices, Music and then divide within from there? From looking at the sound editor it looks like this could be possible. Does anyone know how deep of a file tree we could make? I've seen 3 so far....
  21. Hey Pak! Happy Birthday! [Here's Sax blowin' a little birthday song for ya'!]
  22. Saxmeister, present and accounted for..... Very busy, but still trying to churn out work!
  23. We are experiencing the end effects of *yet another* hurricane right now and, believe it or not, I recorded these samples right before I posted. It was raining and the crickets were chirping at the same time. All I did was edit to make a continuous loop out of some pieces. It was a strange, eerie feeling! I toned the rain down a bit so that it wasn't so loud. I can upload the version with the rain louder, but I thought this sounded more like walking through a forest with crickets and a light shower or being near a waterfall.
  24. Greetings- While in between projects I got the urge to try to fill in some of the weather type loops. Here is one of rain with crickets that might be used for a forest scene or near a river. I made this one stereo/160kbps because of the "space" that the sound would lend to a level. rain_loop.ogg I'm getting ready to start back in with the T2 style instrumental ambients (with the almost orchestral sounds) like I have posted before. I have to finish composing some music for another project so it may be a couple more weeks before I get to it, but they are coming! Check it out!
  25. Dom is totally right. The waveforms need to meet. This can be done via the crossfading or can be done manually in most sound editors by "drawing" the wave with the pencil tool. If you zoom in (a lot!) you can see the waveform and where it ends. TIP: Try making one side of your waveform start by going up from 0db and then making the other end go up to 0db. This is especially important when working with stereo files since there are hardly ever any instances where the left AND right channels hit 0db at the same time. Then you can try it as is or use the crossfade...... I hope this helps
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