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  1. Oh boy, I haven't cringed and laughed so much since I last read a creationism vs science discussion. I was prepared to launch into a full-scale rant involving linguistic constructivism, objectivity, subjectivity and debate etiquette, but pretty much all has been said. To say TDM isn't a game in the context of this poll is a bit like saying "gravity in the context of falling on your face is more like a stumbling aid". Here, I'll offer an easy alternative of putting it without causing a 20 page lolocaust: "I don't enjoy games without continuous storyline as much, so I voted for xy". I was hoping for ZylonBane to make a really fun cameo, but his head probably aspolded after the first two pages and he lies somewhere incapacitated and in dire need for help.
  2. TB's (long) take on it. His pros: - Good options / customization (~12 min look at the options menu at the start) - Focus on stealth instead of combat - Graphics, lighting, effects, engine - Ambient converstions (mentions the bawdy humor bits as negative though) - Good PC port His cons: - Combat system (although not really important) - Lack of variety in opponents - Lack of exploration, level linearity - Overuse of cutscenes This was actually the first long vid I've been watching (mostly due to lack of interest). Graphics look pretty ok imo, though he's running a monster rig I couldn't dream to afford. The HUD is awful. Whoever thought that moving HUD elements would be a good idea? At least you can turn it off. I like TB's ranting, but in this case I think I'd like to have a sample of the game's audio without his chatter, can't comment on the quality of it. The combat looked painfully easy. Alerted guard? Poff him a few time with the BJ, done. Or one not particulary aimed arrow. Swoop just looks like straight cheating, but meh, no need to use it I guess? Same with focus. Well.. it doesn't look terrible. don't think I need to pick it up day one, but maybe sometime when the price has gone down a bit.
  3. http://www.destructoid.com/mod-db-shares-its-top-horror-missions-for-the-dark-mod-264626.phtml
  4. heehee, I guess contextual controls and QTEs really don't mix Press 'X' to jump here Press 'X' to duck and roll here Press 'X' to wall jump here Press 'X' to swoop here Press 'X' to jump again
  5. I was recruited April 8th, 2005 whilst being drunk on IRC. I guess that's kind of the traditional way you find yourself enlisted the next day?
  6. Grats on going standalone, guys! Impressive feat, I tip my hat to the whole team.
  7. I think I know where fraten's coming from. The problem with explicit violence in video games is, it's just not scary. It's pretty much the same as BOO! scares, it dulls after a while. The original Thief's design created tension with atmosphere, and left gory details mostly to the imagination of the player. Rule of the thumb is, your own imagination is almost always better equipped to scare you than something external. Compare the attic door of the Shalebridge Cradle with Doom 3's own monster closets, or how the puppets making the light flicker and weird movements makes them seem a lot more dangerous than they are. In fact, the Cradle is a good example. The whole level is set up as leaving the gory/horror stuff to your imagination, until you have made yourself so scared that when you finally encounter a real threat you do everything to avoid it. I agree that understated horror is usually the best. There'll always be exceptions of course, and well placed BOO! or cut off finger can work nicely when set up correctly. As for the FMs, from what I played I didn't notice much excessive violence- or maybe I'm so used to it from other games and movies, I just ignored it.
  8. Oh man, I drop by here every few months and each time I see a thread like this. You have no idea how much this strokes my ego, haha! Can't be healthy! It's strange how detached I feel from this after all these years, considering I now make a completely (and I mean polar opposite COMPLETELY) different kind of music. Anyways, I dug up a small treat from the past. I posted this theme in the internal forums as a joke, but it totally crashed because everybody took it seriously o_O Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/?hllzg5xmqi7zcgl PS: I still remember how it was described as 'a little too lively' or something like that lol
  9. Woah, thanks people. I'm amazed you can still listen to the track after all that time. Bit of trivia about it: When I wrote it, I pictured visiting and capturing the theme of the factions and their places. From top: House guards / Mansion (music box) City watch / Streets (piano) Pagans & Beasties / Forest (pipes) Builders & Undead / Factory-Church (organ & choir) Again, thanks. Surprise compliments like that make my day!
  10. внимание, внимание! говорит москва!

  11. I've pretty much settled on "Jorge", since he's a bit of a placeholder (there to be filled with character by the FM authors, not a placeholder in the actual sense). Plus I like the name, and the Name of the Rose character.
  12. What I said on TTLG. Still, it's a beta. Just a little too beta to use yet. I'll stick with Opera. I just wish they'd adopt FF's plugin system.
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