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  1. ok ive also added all the keys now again, i think i messed something up as i copied a key that was attached to aguard and move it to another guard maybe i just set som spawnarg wrong or i forgot to delete the bind spawnargs on the copy i made of the key, that was not supposed to be carried by a guard
  2. the aas compile time difference wasn't there anyway, thats my fault it took longer cause the game crashed and i had to reload it i have this time difference also now on first aasrun it takes about half a minute the later ones take only four seconds pathfinding seems to work fine i have ai in the entire map and nothing seems to be broken quite good i have snapshots made every two minutes, saves a lot of work, if somethings messed up and just for protocol, the problem doesn't accur anymore, so pathfinding or brushing wont do the harm i bet one something screwed up with the entities, so lets see if it happens again until the map is finished
  3. these warnings doesn't seem to cause the crash as i have them and the map runs fine i think i messed up the map with some keys attached to some guards i copied the keys and maybe forgot to change the attachment on one of them, i dont know by now i readded the patrols and guards and everythink is ok, so this key-think is really the closest guess btw. i have some worldspawn, but the most complicated i think are 8-sided cylinders or so, of whom i havn't too much i now have about 4000 brushes, 2000 patches and 2500 entities the oddest angle i have is 45 degree, what should be ok i think most of the ceiling and details are func_statics i guess at least 90-95% of my brushes/patches are snapped to grid on gridsizes 8+
  4. i ve set the wander spawnarg because the description said, that the ai would wander around if so, but that was long before the error accured same with the primitives, this error occures since some time (I dont know for sure how long) ive now reloaded a snapshot and continue on from there i guess i massed up something with the waypoints or fail-selected another entity and dragged it somewhere it shouldnt be while moving around the paths, i dont know, doom3 error feedback is really ... but thanks anyway
  5. here ya go https://www.yousendit.com/download/TEhXcXl0NEhVVG1HR3NUQw thanks in advice
  6. nope EDIT: OK, so I just reloaded and old snapshot and dmapped it, it works but what i recognized is, that with the working version the AAS-build only takes 4 seconds, while in the not-working version AAS takes 25 secons approx., although the only difference between both files are three guards and a couple of path-corner path-wait entities
  7. i just deleted th ai i can start the map now, but when i move the mouse it crashes very strange EDIT: ive put the fm in the state where it worked by deleting the ai and paths ive added afterwards, the game still crashes AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  8. hello, i have a strange problem here which i don't understand i had a map with AI and patrol waypoints added on the lower floor everthing worked fine than i added some guards and patrol waypoints to the upper floor and now the game crashes when i try to load the mission the only error message i get is the windows prompt "doom3.exe doesn't work anymore, nanananana" dmapping / AAS runs without errors any idea what might be wrong
  9. @ 7upMan i made them so tiny because of the upload-size restriction but they are 640x480, so the aren't really tiny btw: I deleted the high-res ones next time I'll use 800x600
  10. well, I'll check it out the water in the fountain is reflecting, so I guess turning it into non-reflecting water could save some effort here the wall thing is a nice idea, but I don't think I can accomplish this without destroying the whole szenery here's a shot from above ps: when I'm on the ground the fps count is higher, of course question 1: is there a way to tell a light to not cast shadows on objects but to get blocked by worldspawn? this would be quite nice question 2: is there a way to move open threads to other parts of the forum? I started one with a question in the DarkRadiant Forum that may fit better (and get answered ) in the tech support forum, thanks
  11. Thank you for the replies The support thing is something I still working on in some of the rooms also detailing isn't finished yet the gravel pathway in the garden scene is still made by patches mostly, and I'm not sure if enhancing it is a good idea in respect to performance on low end machines, I've sometimes had the feeling that framerate in this sector isn't on top, and there is no AI and only a static sky 'til now but maybe I'll try it out and see how it works
  12. I'm currently working on a FM I hope to get ready within the next month Here are some first shots, any feedback/advise is welcome, thanks
  13. as the game is settled in "the past", i think this old-fashioned menu fits pretty good a polished, animated menu may stood in contrast to the game setting itself
  14. Hello, I recently installed DarkRadiant under Linux my problem is, that the objectives editor, the stim/response editor and some other menu entries seems to be missing under windows everything was there, so i'm a little confused do I need any additional plugins installed?
  15. just so I understand it had this error occored after you installed a new fm? does this now happen with every fm? maybe you should try the following: uninstall the current fm delete the doomconfig in your darkmod folder install the training mission fm see if it works
  16. @john 1. only entities have names, convert them to func_statics and you can rename them therefore: select the brush -> rightclick -> convert to func_static 2. the camera symbol is updated, if you do something in 2D view, like scrolling, its not realtime 3. they work only if your are not in 3D-view, so if you've not right-clicked in the 3d-view-window 4. check the wiki 5. under windows check the entity menu, under linux it seems to be missing hope that helps
  17. da hatte ich auch schon drüber nachgedacht das Problem ist, das es ja in der Nähe des Klosters noch n Dorf mit dem Namen gibt sonst hätt ich ja gedacht, das soll ne Metapher sein, k.A.
  18. whats your operating system? have you made any changes in some system settings between the time it worked and it worked not (did you e.g. changed the swap-size)? have you (un)installed anything, espacially drivers?
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