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  1. To maximius: **what the hell is a "developed" culture? For starts: one with the wheel. Ironmongery would be nice and how about money. That would be a development (oh I suppose you counted the see shells) hmm don’t be so silly You know that the INJUNS had no such things and where a less developed culture. They tied themselves to stakes during battles so that they would die rather than flee. Yes invention and culture go hand in hand they affect each other (invention, science and culture) Don’t play pretend about the facts or about the world don’t hate the man. Oh wait in reality now why do they call `whites THE MAN. Why are Anglos in control of heavily influencing most of the known word? Hmm is that because china is so darn great. No! Is it because the Arabic people are so great? No! How about the dark-skinned Africans are they influencing the entire earth? NO! That’s funny isn’t it? There are some non-Anglo "races" that you share more of a genetic inheritance with than you do with some other "Anglos." Yes, thats correct, you are more closely related to some non-whites than you are to some other whites. Where did you get the blood sample!!! That is just silly. Don’t pretend to have some greater understanding and wisdom of the lineages of white Anglos did you just finishes reading The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle I don’t think you did so quit pretending to know more than you have actualy researched yourself. Besides this conversation has become borring it was roiginaly intended as a rant about PAGAns in thief so lets just be less silly and more real I just think you cant fix the pagans of thief. that is all becouse they are like Jar Jar Binks to me. Love to hate them. That is all. The rest was just to piss someone off. wich was very wrong of me now that I am fully awake I see the error of my wicked simplton ways please continue the discusion on pagans and leave all the race stuff to the scholers. Weather I was right about the pagans being gay or not I will put my silly little coments about them away Please forgive this rant it shall not happen again lest I shal die Frea aelmihtig ece Drithen as my witness Love as always MR
  2. to maximius: you said: The native americans were not beaten into submission by the Anglos, they were beaten into submission by microorganisms carried over by the Anglos for which native americans had no resistance. Many times the number of people died from disease as did from warfare. This is not to say the Anglos didnt kill anyone, they did that in droves, but the real conquerer of the New World was tuberculosis and cholera IIRC. Radley response: "trail of tears" "Railway Buffalo shooting" getting close how about "reservations" "Integration and Anglicization" loss of freedom loss of any real numbers ever heard of "Anna May Pictou Aquash" AND you said "" The native americans , south and north, had very complex societies. The Incas were astronomers, the Mayans had extensive zoos and museums, the NorthWest indians in what is now N.California and Washington State had rather advanced political systems that were far more egalitarian than Western Europes. Not that these peoples were perfect or better, they were savage and cruel too, but hardly the degenerates you describe." Radley Response again: every developed culture had astronomers and astrologers. looking to the heavens is one of the first things a developed culture does. Even many small social groups look up at night sky. Nothing-big here. North or South America neither had glass and you cant make telescopes from mud” northern didn’t even have written language to speak of (Lakota did later but not till Latin characters had been on the continent for 600 years and they used them in that very heavily.) so how developed where the Indians when Anglos stomped them into small invisible reservations (lets just say the middle of a stone age Literally a stone age) Why say democratic (egalitarian) is better than dictatorship or communism or monarchy it still boils down to whatever works and monarchies are not less ADVANCED because they are old. They have been around a lot longer and have been working a lot longer too. Monarchies and Oligarchies have been around the block and shall retune democracy is nothing but a social experiment like UTOPIA read the book it great fiction. Have you ever thought that maybe democratic system is really a sort of partitioned off oligarchy anyway I mean you put the president or the governor you want in power, when you have all the power(money, land, food Ext..) So lets not talk up any race who haven’t really shown the muster for Anglos have the sun never sets on her majesties empire even if paper says it does because you know and I know that even America still is under her majestic influence.
  3. I think that all i was saying is that pagans in thief 2 mostly stayed to themselves. where not tolerated in the city! right right! They are background they don’t interfere with the game play because the studio folks could see how silly the characters really are. Pagan foe the most part are just used here and there as background story like a shadow you know it is there but you don’t look at it all day. The pagans are cool from a distance but they will ruin when you look at them close up. fine get some models make some back story but if you put them in the light (no matte how crafty you are) you will end up with a hollow caricature or a parody of some real earthly race. They will not be as cool as you think. Put them in the light and you see right through them. Let them sit long enough and they melt just like butter. Heck even the Hamarites are clearly Catholics and Mechanist are clearly Lutherans but they are cool enough to put up with the parody or the caricature. Silly pagans are gay no they are very silly gay little stupid heads and I hate them argh. Look guys really I hope you can pull it of but just for my two cents they should stay where they belong way out in the woods feeding the trees. Looking for more grit and more realistic then get rid of all the magic and change the builders group to Catholic of medieval time. Try and get rid of any parody or caricature Really guys I love this thing you are doing and hope you don’t take me too seriously I just hate those dammed pagans…and I hope you don’t end up with lots of time spent on creatures that end up hated by you and every other player out there (just think JAR JAR BINKS) I don’t think you can fix them!!! Just be careful please !!! Remember a wise man once said you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear.( pagans=sows ear, your pagan type faction hopes=silk, get it !!! Remember, “doing it” with one ugly girl can ruin a guy’s entire reputation. Love as always MedievalRadley
  4. Pagans (pagans) Catholics(Hamorites) Mechanist(Protestant)and then the Pentaverate(the center seeking chi having yin yang loving KEEPERS) who guide the other factions towards a resolve of middle ground.. I hate all this talk of extra factions and more chinamen, I play thief because it is really very Anglo in the way it sees the whole dark-world. I play thief for comments about eye gouging and bear pits. I would hate to have headdress wherein warriors (OH by the way indians(native americans or south Americans ) are not as advance and awesome as you guys think. they where easily beaten into submission by the Anglo influenced peoples ... ARGH dont turn it to some kind of ethnic soup... All we need is some guards some clergy (Catholics) some darn Satanists(tree loving wiccans) and the rest can go to hell. especially those fn land loving fairy believin Celtic Witta Wicca I hate the hole thing please don’t mess up and create some soupy ethnic loving thing by the way thief never had much diversity... all the factions all of them derived from peoples nothern europian people not even a olive colored Spaniard not a chinaman or even a good old Welch-man Besides if you add these in they would be nothing but parodies (like blacks would be the spearchuckin people and Chinese would be the kimono wearing funny soundin noodle eaters) cant you c how offensive it would be to parody more than just one groupe of people… northern euros only please. Leave the rest alone… Satanist good Catholics good Protestants good City Watch good KEEPERS (suck) so does yin yang... Indians (Proud Native Americans) (no time they got casinos to run) Just keep it simple...besides its ok to parody white dudes but you start parodying the various brown peoples and you are going to be labeled racists…
  5. This is to Orbweaver [politely and with great admiration and respect] i may be wrong but i have had way better luck with the doom3edit than the thief3 editor...i think it is more stable or something about the order things are rendered is better in doom edit) may be my vid card being a radeon I have heard many others like me having trouble with the thief3 editor totally locking up a computer (requiring cold boot) just after doing a subtraction. I did notice a great difference in the amount of LOCKUPS i go thru a day if I am careful to turn AI all the way up in catalyst and if I build al as per settings before i try and subtract ...like when I move some solid or delete it then try to subtract from it ...just as soon as I press the subtract icon the entire computer crashes and I have to cold boot ...when I get window back up I get a message about how the system has recovered from a error blah blah blah... so anyway for me thief 3 edit is going to be useless if it continues to act up i am going to get rid of thief and just use DOOMEDIT (dark mod ) point being i like to make castle and medieval type setting or even Victorian settings but I don’t like to make space-age mars metallic starship stuff...note my handle Medieval...Radley... I can’t get inspired to create using textures like that doom has. Don’t get me wrong I do like the doom game its pretty good too. I need earthenware and trees and grass and “you want to go to the bear pits tomorrow …there’s gunna be a real eye gougen… stuff like that stuff like uh oh I think …uh argh her comes another fit djfoaisd kljfojrofhasjlkfhajkdlfh… I cant take it anymore please just let me have it I will be you best friend… ps to the teem " please do hury"
  6. I am so sick of Thief edit crashing every five minutes: Does any one know when this D Mod tool set will be done because I am tired of trying to work with the Thief 3 editor: my goodness it is awful So when is it going to be done Or when can I get a download of what you guys got done I would be willing to accept a GAG ORDER or something just to get my hands on this beta.... Tell me where to down load I am not asking to be a beta tester or asking to help you or asking to prove my skill or show of my creations. I am not going to make fun or poke or anything I am just wondering what harm can there be in letting a non-entity download especially since I have never posted a demo or a level. If with holding downloads it to prevent people from poking fun at unfinished work then don’t worry because I wont poke fun I know you aren’t done yet. I understand all your reasons for not wanting early releases. But a single guy downloading your beta wont be a early release it would not even count because I wont talk about it I will just use it for my own creative whatever.... I just like to use dromed to make places. Since service pack 2 on xp dromed (thief 2) doesn’t work and thief 3 editor crashes and doomedit is all futuristic metallic and I think that’s great but it’s not what I need... I need to juice up my doom edit because it is stable and it works. I need something like your tool set so I can start back to creating castles and towns and houses and mansions I just am a guy who has lots of time at night to make a house or a building that I have always wanted to see I don’t have anything to show you as most of the time I delete things and start over not really getting anywhere with story or background I just need to get it please... I am going through withdrawals I need a creative outlet you can help me I know you can Oh no here come the shakes and the fits...argh I just had another withdrawal symptom please save me… Please tell me where to download whatever you got so far that would be great.. Uh uh I cant stop shaking and puking till I get it
  7. can someone out there tell me where i can get a good no cd hack or other such thing as the computer i use is shared my 3 year old daughter keeps on putting Reader rabbit in the drive and i am tired of trading disks in and out plus disks may get scratched up if she keeps o putting it out on the desk disks are expensive not using for piracy just don't like to use disks and risk them getting "F"ed up any one else feel like disk being called for during game play is gay...
  8. Please tell me i can use these tools please please please i am very interested in using your tools to create a map who i must get in the sack with to get the chance to map with this mod what do you want from me if you do chose me to be a Beta Mapper how much of a time frame do i have and do you want to see the results. WHAT DO YOU NEED AND HOW DO I GET TO BE A BETTA MAPPER
  9. OH ok so i guess i am a dumb guy now... i guess i thought there were bullets in THIEF (medieval steampunkyworld or what ever) uh uh no i didn't I was just talking about doomedit and sky boxes how when i made a sky box(following a tutorial) ,trying to get some practice in basic stuff like sky and stuff i entered the level and shot the sky there i saw a little bullet hole floating in the air i was just wondering if this is the norm in doom3 or if i needed more knowledge? thank you for your intuitive and informative responses!!! good luck with the project c yah PUT ZEH CANDLE BECK
  10. SKY BOX HMMM but when I shoot the SHY box it(the Sky) gets Stained with dark bullet holes so will you guy fix this SKY SHOOTING THING or AM I not doing my sky Correctly cities need SKY and you cant shoot the sky PUT ZEH CANDLE BECK
  11. I've converted T2 maps into doom, and the scale is almost perfect" So I a novice ask you the master what steps are taken to convert T2 Maps to doom3 maps. sorry for my blatant ignorant's but my only experience is DROMED thief 2 and i never yet to finish or publish a completed level yet... I hope to with this project...
  12. Yes keep up the good work will there be anything soon to download...I know that its early in the game...hehehe but really how about something to download like a AI or a lamp or a test level player modal or some little thing I can put into my DOOM level just for kicks I need I need I need me me me me me give give give give I want I want no realy give !!! please cant you guys put out for download just a little bit so we can look at it "INGAME" maybe a small room with a door and a hallway to walk around in with some AI of any kind... maybe the AI not very DARKMOD in action just his modal on the behavior of a DOOM actor or something like that PUT ZEH CANDLE BECK
  13. Please don't go crazy with the water I tried a script for water that came with an example level but it froze my computer up good the script I found had ripple effects and was like looking at flowing JELLO please keep water good but not to good... I think a slight advancement on DROMED water would be nice but DONT GO CRAZY WITH IT game play to me is more important not AWSOME beautiful water I thanks for listening
  14. what is SDk? why do i need it? did ID make it?(dont want to mess with the stability) one thing i noticed about DooMEDIT verses Thief3 Edit is DooMEDIT is much more stable...and easy to get set up...doomedit is very intuitave by comparison ...
  15. ok just to clarify I am talking about in DROMED because that is my only knowledge of level editors there are two different properties that can be added to an object wether it is a light or an AI or an end table. one was "self lit [] which means the object projected light out of its self but was not lit by that light (it surfaces ignored the light and remained dark only lit by other light sources the other was "self illuminated []" which meant that the object appeared to be lit (its own surfaces are bright) but it sheds no light into the air brush I don't think "point 1 and 2 more or less the same?" ok so things are a lot different from one editor to the next. and i need lots tutelage on the doom edit. PS has any one got a chance to use the THIEF DS Editor... can they give me some pros and cons of doom edit verses thief edit I am having trouble deciding which editor I want to devote my time to. I mean i understand doom edit right away but I got lost looking at thief edit the first time. I want to give thief edit a chance. but on the other hand dark mod looking so good... PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO AHHHHHHH!!!!!
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