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  1. Quite good in a mindless shooter kind of way. some of the ai is quite good. One of the chaps picked up a handgrenade a german had thrown and threw it back. Most of it is very scripted though.
  2. jaws isnt to bad but he went down hill after that. The worst I have ever seen Starship troopers 2. It makes the origial look good.
  3. I agree but I would be surprised if these take off. The cost is just to high at a time when cheaper comsoles are being released. Yes it costs no more than a midrange gpu, but a gpu is needed for games a ppu isnt. If its launch doesnt go well other makers arent going to take it up and the ppu could die a death. Cut $100 off it and it would sell like hot cakes but as it is I would be surprised. It launched at the end of the year, in he same timeframe as the x360 $300 for x360 $300 for a ppu? The company is fabless so if the first run isnt a success they wont die but I cant see that many peop
  4. Its the NovodeX physics sdk api. Currently no other physics engine is supported,they could be but Havok etal would have to pay for this. Havok is working on duel core tech rather than ppu. The reson for this is price. It is uncertain at this ppoint how many gamers are going to pay $300 for a ppu Lots of info here http://personal.inet.fi/atk/kjh2348fs/ageia_physx.html The bigest problem that these cards face after price is that no graphiucs card at present can draw 50000 physics objects. Push 10000 particels and it impacts framerate
  5. Demigod

    Sin 2 :)

    Unlike a bee which should not be able to fly but does. I would argue though that it is possible to know and prove things, though not everything. Mathematics for example can prove itself to be right. It is a fundimental part of its systems.
  6. Demigod

    Sin 2 :)

    Ill agree with you on a lot of philosophy. It is arguing for arguments sake. perhaps valid when discussing the human condition but I fail to see ite relevance in any other field. But then gravity isnt a constant, it can fluctuate with the mass and speed of its origin. Time isnt a constant. Neither is the spped of light. Light can be stopped http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn4474 the universe is an odd place.
  7. Demigod

    Sin 2 :)

    Most of quantum mechanics is a fudge to explain something that doesn’t work properly. Quantum seems to be a crusade to make the universe fir the theory rather than the theory fit the universe. Time is also not static , as the experiments using atomic clocks show. Speed, density matter, or the lack there of, gravity etc can effect the flow of time or our perspective on it. Time is our perspective on the movement and interaction of matter and energy it is not something tangible on its own. If the "rules" that govern matter and energy change, and they do under different circumstances, then ou
  8. Sorry I meant your graphics card.
  9. The a64 has a much better system, 2 locks and a bracket. Much easier and alot harder to smash the core, which Ive never done thankfully. I did once pull a cpu out of its socket when it stick to the bottom of the heat sink. It still worked amazingly. What gpu/vpu are you using?
  10. Thief also had electricity.
  11. Demigod

    Sin 2 :)

    I see you point, and agree with it somewhat but it is all still subjective. There are as many people in the world that would argue classical music is far to contained by the rules laid down by Bach and others, and they would be right. They classical composers managed to bring a world of expression to their music with these rules, but killed off much of the traditional folk music in the process due to the rules they created. Listen to traditional Romany music and you will find it has harsh melodies and sounds that to our ear are discordant. There is nothing wrong with the traditional music bu
  12. Demigod

    Sin 2 :)

    Building on the old to make somthing new and better (sometimes) A bit like genetics really. Everything is an evolution of past ideas.
  13. Demigod

    Sin 2 :)

    But then look at oasis. They would never have passed a talent or image test. They produced two or three half decent songs but they are still on tour. There is no understanding taste.
  14. Demigod

    Sin 2 :)

    Now there is a game we canagree on. A great game and the story was very well executed. I hope illusion do another story driven game, Hidden and dengerous 1 and 2 are good rts/tactical shooters but mafia is a much better game.
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