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  1. May pro-trolls and corrupt leaders suffer the fate of the original Nazis readies noose
  2. AMEN! Oh...The Hammerite Imperium isnt dead...I hear someone is helping to patch up Mission 1....
  3. You say that as though you expect politicians are meant to give us good things. Politicians never EVER bring any good in this world-dont you realize that? You will never see anything good come out of politicans, that's why I dont expect anything from them. People who cant succeed at anything in life and are of no real use to society flock to political offices or become celebrities so they can get their screwed up behavior subsidized by the public. I dont want politicans meddling with health care-just imagine how many paitients would die if guys like the ones who run FEMA were in charge!
  4. My family has owned guns all of their life, and no problems have occured. If you use caution in handling them, there's no problems to worry about. These idiots who shoot themselves are always the ones who dont use common sense in handling their weapons, take their guns away and they'll find another way to off themselves. Gun control will only play into the hands of the politicians and criminals in the long run.
  5. HE'S CONTAMINATED! grabs baseball bat and cracks NH's skull First of all, any FM author that doesnt like the way Komag handles it can ask to have his FM taken off the disks. Second having sent a couple of Thief CD's to a friend in the UK, I can tell you that most of that money is going into postage which can get pretty steep when youre shipping overseas. Fair? Please SE, dont do drugs!
  6. I dont see what the problem is with a guy posting that he's selling game stuff on e-bay as long as the games are legitimate and not illegally burned copies. On edios I've posted links that I've found on e-bay, amazon and other places that have Thief Gold for sale so any fan that hasnt gotten it can have a chance of getting it. I've even gave an extra copy to a friend that I found at EB games (paid a chunk of change shipping it to England too). No one has ever complained, of course in TTLG world good deeds are always considered evil! Tell me about it, TTLG Comm Chat is one of the most
  7. Funny I wasnt forced to go to church by my parents at all.
  8. It has nothing to do with being insecure, I just despise people who will belittle my intelligence because I dont buy into evolution and imply that I have some kind of character flaw because of it. You dont see me posting 'evolution is for monkeys!' do you? It's a nice sci -fi idea, Darwin was pretty creative but I suspect if he had the data availble today about human cells and DNA it's quite possible he would have come to a completely different conclusion on how things came to be. Now while I havent paid much attention to the court case involving I.D. I have read the book Darwins Black Box.
  9. Perhaps God was having fun trying different designs? As for human eyes, they seem to work well enough for most people-using apparent 'flaws' in their design to throw out the idea that they were designed doesnt quite hold water. The Dromed Editor is a horribly constructed piece of crap but it was made by 'I.D.' by people who made some of the greatest FPS games of all time. Perhaps if humans were created by God, it's possible that we've degenerated over time, looking at our technology that pollutes as much as it gives us in material things and the diet most of us eat no wonder why our mind
  10. Gravity may be a force, but so is magnetism and we use that in various ways dont we? We can use electricity to generate a magnetic field and use magnets in a generator along with motion to generate electrictiy so why would it be impossible to find a way to artficially generate a gravity field? I've read that some physics researchers speculate that all these forces are related to each other in some form or fashion, we just havent found the right links yet, but if we were to-surely there would be a possible technological way to generate a gravitational field without needing a large mass? Imag
  11. All the talk about Star Trek got me thinking, what if you could generate an artificial gravity field? I've seen gravitational pull represented by a ball resting on a sheet, the depression it forms makes for a pictorial representation of the planet's gravity field. If you could create those artificially-you could have a spacecraft with a gravity field generator built into the front area of the ship. It would create a gravitational field in front of the ship-a 'depression' so to speak that the ship would forever fall towards but never arrive to until it was shut down. It might not go faster
  12. Happy New Year everyone! I've got a headache right now and I dont even drink!!
  13. Of course there has been erosion of liberty in the U.S., but strip away the 2nd amendment and the process would quadruple in speed overnight. We already have too many laws, time to roll some back. Hopefully Congress's recent turn against the Patriot Act wont be an isolated event.
  14. The death penalty (which I'm for) kills very few people a year and that's usually after years of wrangling in the courts so I dont think that really adds to the total. I'm perfectly comfortable with easy access to arms, I've owned guns for most of my life and have no evil criminal plans. My family and friends also possess some sort of weapon or another, it's part of our country's freedom. Considering the corrupt, power grabbling nature of any form of government and the poor track record of how it treats people including it's own citizens-I will never support any sort of gun control efforts,
  15. The 2nd amendment says citizens have the right to bear arms (pistols, rifles, shotguns). However to get a fully automatic weapon you have to jump through varying hoops to get a BATF Class III licence which most gun owners dont posess. As for the murder rate, we have nearly 300 million people so it will probably be higher than European nations many of which are the size of a U.S. state. And no we dont need TV to tell us how to off people, the human race has eagerly done it's bloody deeds long before Television and guns were invented, the Mongols didnt need to watch Nightmare on Elm Street or
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