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  1. Great news! Look forward to patiently ghost-chugging through it. Though I'm a bit leery of playing as a serial killer...
  2. Thanks, GameDevGoro, your explanations really hit home what I was hoping for in the game. One thing I have heard is that there is some sort of random side-quest generator that artificially keeps the quest list filled, so there's no real "end-game". But is there a point where the quests it generates start becoming repetitious cookie-cutter copies of one's you've already done, with just the elements changed around? OK, this intrigued me, so I had to search it on youtube. Best I could find was showing a player "harvesting" cabbage, onions, and potatoes. I'm guessing the game doesn't go into the detail of tilling, planting, fertilizing, etc...
  3. I have a few questions about the main website's Missions page: - Is it comprehensive of all the DM missions available for download? - Does it get updated pretty instantly with new releases? Reason I ask is that sometimes there are gaps of several weeks. If it's just circumstances of timing, then I understand. I just don't want to be missing out on some good missions since that's the only spot I check.
  4. Hi all, Whenever I can tear myself away from research and flume experiments, I regularly enjoy a DarkMod mission. The 'free' aspect sells me, and the dedication of the team to keep up with frequent updates is refreshing. Now that I've been able to delegate my workload more, I am starting to look into this barrage of good games from 2011. I've just played through DXHR, and now all my friends and colleagues talk about is Skyrim. I generally play games with a more patient, thorough approach, and dislike games that demand a hectic pace. As Thief fans I think you all are better equipped to tell me whether Skyrim can be played with a modus operandi similar to Thief.
  5. Hey Bikerdude, Fantastic mission! Kept me interested with its complexity and its approach to each piece of the entire mission. I have a couple questions. I'm at the point.. Thanks again for the great mission, and the others you've done as well. Kick ass
  6. I must be dense, cuz even though I got a good amount of loot over the expert objective, I can't seem to get outta dodge. I went back to my starting location, tried to navigate the upper story ledges. Still can't find my way out to complete the mission. Help Me
  7. Thanks for the new mission Springheel and co. Could we get the link on the Missions page on the main website. Thx again
  8. So I can just go on the homepage to "Downloads" then "Mission" Archives to get my next dose of FM's?

  9. Same here. Spending more time outdoors with the spouse on my time off and less on games. Finding myself being pickier and more critical, and commenting on how much these days on how "this new game X is just a retread of that old game Y with a new skin and a new *ahem* plot". Only games I've acquired this year are Mirror's Edge and the Galactic Civilizations 2 add-ons. Playing old games I already have and waiting for the inevitable price drop just seems more prudent.
  10. Never have taken a flu shot in my life....always get the seasonal flu usually in Jan/Feb....never missed more than a day of work/school due to it, except one particularily bad year I missed three days.
  11. I agree. Pressing ALT+130 is such a pain.
  12. You know your sig is too big when the board software wants to cut it down.
  13. Resurrecting cause I get a kick out of this: Steampunk wildlife....
  14. Heck I'd be happy if someone went through the config ini files and commented each variable, ie. //this is the value for the volume of running footfalls seta pm_stepvol_run "8"
  15. I'd recommend avoiding the eVGA manufactured ones. One of my computers is on its third eVGA 8800GTS, after the first two died within a year each, and I never overclocked them at all and both regularily cleaned them and gave them plenty of space inside the CPU. Alternatively, the BFG GTX260 on my primary computer hasn't so much as sneezed.
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