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  1. Thanks, but all efforts are unsuccessful up to this moment. Looks like I'll keep stuck to Thief's den settings when it comes to editing. It gives me everything I need so I can create a basic mission with guards. And it looks fine. I hope this won't meet objections
  2. Yes, they are the same... Btw I just reinstalled TDM - Saintlucia again. Now everything looks screwed up and the terrain is pitch black EDIT: Wow, now I turned VertRefresh ON and terrain textures are back, but AIs still look as shown on the upper screenshot.
  3. Hello, This is a screenshot that perfectly shows the situation:
  4. I windowed Tears of St. Lucia and looks like I still have problems. Sorry. If you can offer other scenarios to try, I will be glad to help you. Actually, I worry that these bugs may remain unfixed.
  5. I'm not sure? What is the option to test? Yes, looks like this is the problem...
  6. Hello, I'm out of the city so I currently can't take screenshots. I'll take them later. I have problems with the demo, not my mapping attempts. My hardware specs are - Celeron 1.5, 1 GB of Ram, 128 MB Video RAM, Intel 946 GZ integrated chipset. I don't have any problems with playing Thief 3, Doom 3 (native and patched to the required version). The first mission from The Dark Mod - Thief's Den also runs fine and there are only one or two objectives I haven't completed. I only have problems with Tears of St. Lucia. Initially I have trouble with visualizing the map, later I found it's related to the Bloom problem (described in one of the other threads). I downloaded the required file and now I can visualize the city. However, lights don't render properly in game. I changed render mode from "fast" to "standart", but it only partially fixed the problem. Now the flame of the torches look very dim, but at least it's visible. AIs in the game also look strangely transpared and I barely see them.
  7. OK, I agree... Is there a log or something that may be useful to you?
  8. Well, I was talking about problems with playing the mod, not Dark Radiant
  9. I think you are judging the game too hard. Surely Thief 3 had a lot of flaws. I have played TDP and TMA first, but I couldn't play T3 for many months because I didn't meet the system requirements. Meanwhile I started reading threads at TTLG and before playing T3 I had the feeling that it's going to be an incredibly bad game. Actually I enjoyed T3. I enjoyed the demo missions of TDM, too. I also feel I found what I needed - a modern and a flexible tool to create FMs. This is my only objection to T3
  10. Unfortunately I still don't know what are you talking about This is another game, another engine and I still don't know how things work..
  11. Thank you very much for your encouragement! I have currently set up my DarkRadiant to thief's den, not to tears of st. lucia. I don't know the reason, but the lights don't render properly and the ais look almost transparent. In thief's den I have no such problem. But I suppose that even Thief's den is enough for a simple map, right?
  12. YES!!! I just installed The Dark Radiant, too... And it looks ... difficult!
  13. Hi there, I downloaded Thief's Den and Tears of St. Lucia and started playing these missions. I really, really love them! Actually, I have nothing to complain, except this bloom problem (good things the forums exist so I know there's a solution) ... The Dark Mod has a true Thief-like feeling. I'm looking forward to try creating FMs...
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