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  1. I must agree with the headline, and just want to add that WOW, you guys are the opposite of lazyness )))))))
  2. Ive owned my laptop with vista for 8 months now and in that time i have had to reinstall vista 3-4 times and 2 of those times was the blue screen of death
  3. Tushaar

    Thief 4

    Man, i have always hated those riddiculus, absurd Huge swords axes, weapons! That is so !"#%#"% stupid xD
  4. Mwahah! Now that made me laugh!!!
  5. I have nothing else to say but... Good job guys! =)
  6. Don't care....as long as Dark mod is coming out =))))))))))))))))
  7. Player could use pillows as his/her shoes, then there wouldn't be any sounds
  8. Tushaar

    Thief 4

    Thief: The taffers.
  9. Mwahahahahah Garrett Just don't train him as a thief Congratulations =)
  10. I thought, that i will replace the laptop (which i got) with Xp as soon as i get it. But then i realized that there is no point in messing with new drivers and stuff. And besides, you can turn off the pop-up stuff with user control or something (im drunk ) I left vista on my laptop, don't have enough time to mess with xp I say keep it, but it's your choice =))
  11. Torrent a Nod32 =)
  12. Tushaar

    Thief 4

    yeeeaaa dis wil be coolz, i haz can shoot many ppls in teh thi4f geim with uzis lol rofl wtf ftw.
  13. Tushaar

    Thief 4

    Im sorry for my stupidity, it will not happen again. =P
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