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  1. exactly but what about the texture?
  2. It has no specular but very decent normals. Found it in Speedtree Sample Assets, can we use it in TDM stand alone?
  3. No shader issue with the model. Even if path to textures set to like "//doom\darkmod\textures\props\trees" Do i need MTR file to represent model in DR or what? Thanks!
  4. There is some Colorado scenery. Dots marks the same valley on both pics. Or may be it's another valley. But it is certanly Colorado and the fact is you can! And here is the link for tutorial http://digitalmindso...le-Earth-in-GEM Gem is some software, but important thing is that you can get detailed heightmaps (10000px or so), and use them in Terragen Matera region, Italy
  5. mind-boggling pipeline will try reverse existing trees mtr's
  6. i'd love to, trying to get something from blender to TDM
  7. How to export a model from Blender 2.66 to TDM? How to make LWO model appear in DR, with textures? Ok i see model in DR, but no texture I do obj import to Lightwave, and save as LWO. Textures in Lightwave are ok Dmap spams about 'Could not load image" Images are in the same folder as model (TGA) i've opened lwo and looks like the path to tga images is relative ("C:/Users..and so on")
  8. Tree[d]? i've seen sreenshots but link refuse to open got a hold of speedtree, tryn pines)
  9. I hope to make a couple more skyboxes, issue was solved so why not
  10. Accually i got something better in mind. What TDM policy on models made on "trial" software? Check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIlQHfpQ7XY
  11. And cypress tooOr something similar, Acually how hard to make these? Will blender do the job?
  12. Probably won't use such light, as it hits FPS even more than it is now on open street area Exellent FM it is! In remebrance of him Did you draw buildings in blender? Cool stuff!
  13. It went well! Distant rocks are portal sky. Supposed to look like a mountain cliff.
  14. Big thanks, will try locations, omnilights with shadows for moonlight deals fps drop Sotha, im making PortalSky out of training mission example, but when i place objects inside info_portalSky area they appear black, and they lit with one light as in screenshot. How to make them lit ( two stone rectangles)? FIXED: There was some problem with existing light, created new one and rects are lit
  15. If Light set to "Paralell" it would cast 90 to the ground shadow. how to set custom angle for paralell light, as to simulate moon? Thanks!
  16. Ended up with photoshoping the stitches. It's a known issue with Terragen 2 and called GI mismatch. Found one tutorial about making 360 Panorama with PTGui Pro, so scratch that. When i try to rebuld skybox from panorama, bottom piece won't fit Looks like there is a workaround by substitute GI with 3 fill lights http://www.nwdanet.c...-terragen-2-faq http://forums.planet...php?topic=580.0 P.S. This is works, no stitch! And another technique, cashing GI for each shot, and then shot 6 times with blended GI cashe http://www.planetsid...opic,14504.html Not tried yet
  17. Nothing new, same 0 0 0,0 90 0,0 180 0 ,0 270 0, 90 0 0, -90 0 0 cameras, FOV 90 Still, in case of skybox for map it falures top section. Will do research
  18. method i used seems to works perfect transition to top side even on low quality may be its the render quality issue...
  19. Is there a camera zoom in Terragen 2? I think its FOV now here goes the tip https://developer.va...with_Terragen_2 about changing FOV for bottom-top shots Nope.That doesnt help
  20. Is there a way to animate a tree a little? Like windswell
  21. hallo everyone! i'm having visible stitch at the TOP section of skybox no matter what side its turned on The other sides are ok though Terragen camera settings: Horizontal FOV = 90; Rotation = 90-00-00; Focal lentgh =18; Film Aperture=36 What im i doing wrong?
  22. Cool game Diego! Loved explosions and all! How hard Unity is? I've done couple games on flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPkC-VIRBac http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE0a_WHTDJA&NR=1&feature=endscreen
  23. Loved these shots very much! BTW, Moonbo, whats the max framerate at your machine? at most shots its 39, at one its 29 After portaling all doors i got 59 in buildings, 29 at streets Is 29 FPS acceptable to players? Will 29 turn 10 on slower machines?
  24. Looks like Eidos follows Dishonored very closly to repeat its succes Dishonored in its turn followed Thief Something is not right...
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