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  1. I've build some stairs, 10 units heght each stair, wich player can traverse no problem. However, AI chase player only half of it or so, and then "Destination unreachable" happens, and AI runs down to find a way around.
  2. Skybox is still lowres and non polished(top is not matching). Can povide terragen file though
  3. Night Watch series http://glidernet.livejournal.com/40681.html
  4. btw, edit project files with care and have a backup, DR may crash on Open for some reason, good thing there is autosave (project file was edited in notepad and then saved, maybe encoding issue) Upd: saved in UTF-8 and no problem
  5. Is there away to see all entities existing on the map in DR? UPD: View>Entity List UPPD: I've found it on the List, it's invisible, how to delete? UUPPD: I've select it and set origin arg out of game area inside bounding box
  6. I was messing with custom windows, and then accidently the whole black cube. What to do? Can't see it in DR It appeared somewhere in the procceess of changing func_static to atdm:mover_door to worldspawn and again to atdm:mover_door
  7. converting small brushes is func_static really helps!
  8. hey the darkmod wiki section is awesome! How to see animation list on model? I see it in script editor editDecl -> ai_base -> edit Check this out http://vimeo.com/17966780
  9. I've done some biped animation in 3ds max long ago
  10. How transition happens between animatons, f.i. "walk" and "attack"?
  11. Ok, is there any tutorial on darkmod skeletal animation? What one will need for such a task? How exactly current animations been made? I would like to try
  12. Hi all! Since ai animations are a bit unnatural and not fluent, been wondering how to got new ones? How it's done novadays - motioncapture?
  13. Has anyone tried more than 1024 px for each side? Some wiki article says it's not recomended but why?
  14. btw tutorial is great and working
  15. Getting cube map size mismatch warning. What size they should be? Now it is 1024 for each side
  16. well it supposed to take place on cliff-like place, and town beneath clouds so no need to draw it
  17. i still dont get it. I created env folder, placed some some sky boxes there, How can i see them in DR?
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