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  1. On a side of metal things - what if mappers could assemble pipings from prefabed segments, corners, valves and so on, steam effects here and there?
  2. When Thief 2 will run on andriod!?
  3. will see about fonts, grabbed first thing saw from dafont.com. "bridgeport fndr." fits well, will do
  4. What this will be? "Builder canals" "St. Edgar" "Sewers"? What is City Watch insignia?
  5. In fact its pretty easy with metal things like this Needs sharp specular map and normals tuturialized by Risen lead-artist dude Sacha Henrics http://saschahenrich.../nvidiatut.html And NvidiaNormals Plugin Check his blog, has pretty neat stuff http://saschahenrichs.blogspot.com/ Correct normals are supercool, too bad you can't make teapot out of them Dam i wanna hang that thing on a wall.. or name my dog after it..
  6. And special Builder-edition hatch It appears that it came right fro m Wiesbaden... http://upload.wikime...sbaden-1949.jpg On a second thought best to do is mask words with ornament or place Dayport Watch or something ...or "Builder bless thee" or 'smite thee mighty'
  7. Couple of manholes, wich soon will turn into prefabs, like frame and two sided hatch-door
  8. There you go https://mega.co.nz/#!oJxCBIIS!AjZQiAHtRDkGODYOcc5WhT0foRgWH1g_daw_Uy6Gs1Y
  9. Started to add stone tile-textures, hope these will be useful First of them, ornate floor, made out of two images, so no copyrights infringed BTW check this site with countless textures http://www.mb3d.co.u...s_Textures.html Got question: in what form one submits textures? Zip with materials and textures folders?
  10. @Jaxa thanks for your support, hope to finish this FM soon and make another
  11. quite practical for some nobile charachter, can we add wigs instead hats, just like swit—Āhin heads right now? and yeah, that would probably make them unKOable, adds the challenge you khow
  12. i wonder if someone came to darkmod forum one day, and sees all avs is wigs, and like "holycow.. what is this place..."
  13. can't find ant word of license about textures, only about SpeedTree itself http://www.speedtree..._Fact_Sheet.pdf as far as TDM do not use models from Speedtree library, textures is ok ... or not? Some one gives a brief insight at Epic forums http://forums.epicga...texture-samples
  14. Thought we all should take some wig-dudes avas got couple more so help yourselves
  15. @Kire why so much shadows on letters? cool textures! Allthrough me thinks logo is last thing TDM need to change
  16. Great! And sounds like new My Dying Bride album too)))))))
  17. Can you be more specific about shader and LW? Got mtr and textures, they look allright in TDM Goodbumpkins i just renamed shaders in LW with TDM mtr-names and it worked! it's ugly, too hipoly, but it works! Gona make more pretty trees! Whats the tris policy on trees? About <3k?
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