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  1. What you have to do is select the faces you want to separate, then under Edit Polygons, select Extract. Unfortunately I don't know if the md5 extraction will work with the non-deformer history it creates, so the model might have to be re-weighted after that.
  2. Mitten hands will definitly save us some poly's and since the D3 engine doesn't like alot of them, I'm in favor of doing this as well. Best time to separate them would be to have never put them together until the AF attachments (except for animation reference)... it shouldn't be too much work at all, just export the weapon and put them together with AF... though, I still don't know too much about the engine to give a definitive answer. Perhaps the neckguard could be part of the head model? just make sure the heads are actually saved. I know there's a bone that is needed in the body
  3. hey guys, I'm back, I finally got a decent enough computer to be able to run D3 again. I'd like to help out with animations if you guys will let me So let me know where to start, what to do, and I'll do my best. I have however lost pretty much all the info I had from before. I want to try and setup Cvs this time. I just had a question about how much you guys have figured out about what's needed in the way of getting characters into the mod?
  4. hi guys, sorry for leaving like that, not much I could really do. I was only able to get about half of my back-up partition saved to another disk before the old drive caught on fire (it would just keep spinning the disk faster and faster). The file I sent Spring was the furthest along that I got back. All the controls should be working in that version, along with the ik/fk switch's (yes it is maya binary, as I couldn't find motion builder). I still have everything that I sent Spring as well, and backed up on a disc... I'll be moving here pretty soon, but the fact that I'm now on a 500mhz com
  5. Yeah, sorry for not showing up, and thanks for wishing the happy b-day guys, I havn't been near my comp for long enough periods of time to do anything useful. You'll get more models though Thanks for the used cake Macsen, tasted great!
  6. heh, I'd do it just inspite of oDD I'd like to have the houseguard ready for this, but unfortunately I don't think that'll be possible. I've asked Ishtvan for some help and he agreed to it, so it wont be too too much longer
  7. Corth


    I thought there was going to be a hood that left shadows on their faces. These guys remind me of the Nosferatu of White Wolf fame, although more... confidant?
  8. Corth

    The Order

    Really Renz? I like the collar of his cloak, it's different. Seriously though, try and stay away from cloaks... those are a pain to rig... Doom3 did NOT have cloth in mind when the engine was being built.
  9. Yes oDD, some people have to pay bills... Spring, good luck with the cover, you'll have to let me see it when your done Kevin, if you get in contact with Renz (just join us in irc some time) he said he'd like you to try out the necromancer concept
  10. Corth

    City Streets

    Damn these pictures are awesome! I'm not sure why you can't upload to the forum... I've got a 'unlimited space' left for attachments apparently...
  11. That post wasn't JUST for you, or else I would have used a PM. You sure do think highly of yourself though (plus there's a bit more to hight/bump maps than that ) SneaksieDave, We could definitly get away with a batch conversion of bump to normal, but we'd have to be careful how some of them were lit, because the Nvidia filter takes away the sharpness of the bump map depending on how deep you want it to look. In the example pic, they both have a depth of 4 (normal depth=4 bump depth =0.4) and the normal side looks alot more washed out.
  12. Actually heightmaps ARE bump maps. They do exactly the same thing. As for a little visual between bumps and norms: The bump maps tell the rendering engine that the geometry actually has more depth and it should be showing the final image as such (unlike displacements where the engine has to create a new layer of geometry). Normal maps -fake- depth by telling the geomtry which direction light bounces back. Edit: here's a comparison between bump and norm with the texture just used link.
  13. I should have noticed the inverted Y earlier
  14. low lights suck, higher lights are better edit: wait, Renz, you forgot to invert the Y axis, it actually does look good from each angle I'll post new results soon
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