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  1. Hey guys, I'm getting the same error with the editor. Could you walk me through each step of the process you're describing above or link me? Thanks in advance. This link here does't seem to work: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Ok then! It's working now. Thanks anyway! And while I'm at it, thanks for such a great tool! (And game) I'm familiar with Radiant, so I should be able to make something cool soon!
  2. Yeah those 300 res ones were just for forum purposes. The actual picture files are all 1704x 2272 or vice versa. So, I have them zipped up into several different packages. 7 actually, and each one is slightly under 10 megs a piece. I know Yahoo mail is doing 10 meg file transfers in their email. So, I just need somewhere to send them. Also, about the level design: I'm really excited about this mod in general. (The more I see and hear, the character shots and the ambient music for instance, it looks like it's going to blow Thief 3 out of the water.) The texture photos took so long because ri
  3. PS: Your models are looking extremely nice guys. I'm blown away by the mesh and texture quality. This is what the Thief 3 graphics should have been. Also, if you guys want some help I could make a map or two. I could donate some time between work hours. I have a pretty good grasp of modeling in Maya too, so I wouldn't have to request level specific meshes. I have a lot of ideas for Thief enviroments, but can work well under guidlines. Honestly, I would love to be a part of this.
  4. OK! So what has it been? Months and months now. Well, at least I have them now. I finally got a chance to go up to Portland and snap some pictures. A few things before I send them to anyone: I used my moms digital camera (since I'm poor) and it has this weird slight fish eye lens effect going on. I hope this doesn't make the photos useless. I read somewhere that it can be fixed in photoshop. I just don't know how myself. It's not a really strong effect, but you guys will see what I mean. Some of these are reference photos but most are texture shots. It was a cloudy day but the sun cam
  5. Just wanted to stop back by to say I'm usually not this flakey. I hate that I offered to do something and then just disappeared for so long, since I wouldn't expect that from someone else, and especially not myself. I'm kinda homeless at the moment and can only get on the net at my mom's house. But if I ever get some cash here I can take a ride up to Portland and get those photos since I really want to do it. Also, I would be very interested in joining the team doing smaller level design jobs (or larger ones) sometime in the future, if there is an opening and I prove good enough to join the te
  6. Just popping in to say I didn't forget. Normally I wouldn't post something like this and just disappear, but I'm in the middle of moving and don't have an internet connection where I'm staying. Pretty soon I'll be staying with someone else who has an internet connection and I'll get those photos to you guys. I've been learning Doom3Edit when I have the time, it's actually not that different and pretty easy to use. Anyway, I'll post here again once I have the photos.
  7. Hey guys, I just found out about this mod tonight. Really excited about it, great idea, good engine choice, and the work so far looks incredible. Anyway, some of you may recognize me from TTLG, since I recognize some of you. So I dunno if any of you know, but I do 3d modeling and level design. I know you don't need any more 3d modelers, (don't think I could compete with what's on the site anyway) but I made this HL2:DM map. I made a tiny map for Thievery (Country Abode) a while ago too and had another much larger, nicer, map coming, but got side tracked with college. It's too bad I don't kn
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