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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for another awesome mission, grayman! Imagine my joy when I reinstalled TDM last week to discover that both WS4 and WS5 had been released since I last played - felt like a kid on Christmas morning! Ran through the whole campaign again over the last week or so and it really is amazing. Playing all the missions at once also allowed me to appreciate you setting up the storylines of the later missions in the earlier missions. I found one minor error in WS5 - client room 11 mistakenly has "14" written on the door, so there are in fact two client room 14s, which confused me for a few minutes! Can't wait to play the rest of the campaign!
  2. Melan, Bikerdude I really, really enjoyed this mission. Thank you so for making it - I appreciate that you guys must have put hundreds of hours into this project, and it's one of the very best on TDM. In terms of more specific feedback: 1. The design of the map is really varied and topologically interesting. Lots of vertical exploration, unexpected connections between different areas of the map and secret passages. This makes for a great play experience. However, you need to make sure players are able to enjoy as much of the map as possible. If you make it too hard to get into places, only a few players will get to enjoy your hard work. 2. It's really refreshing to play a game where the puzzles are genuinely challenging and really well designed. Most games these days take the view that any puzzle has to be capable of being solved by a toddler, which is a bit dull. That said, I think you may have gone a bit too far in the other direction in some cases. Judging by the number of other posters in this thread who couldn't solve various puzzles, you might need to include slightly more hints (or clearer hints) in your levels. 3. On a related point, does the difficulty of the level scale with the difficulty setting? I remember in PD2 that the armoury key only appeared on low difficulty levels. Perhaps one way of addressing the difficulty of the puzzles would be to include more keys or more (or different) readables on lower difficulty levels. Just a thought. I've only played through on expert, though, so apologies if you've already done this! 4. There are almost no bugs, which is a great achievement. Anyway, thanks again for making such an awesome series of maps. I'm really looking forward to the next one!
  3. A couple of weeks ago my Steam Link and Steam Controller finally arrived, so I thought I would have a go at getting TDM to work. It turns out it works great. Here is how to do it for anyone who is interested: 1. Add TDM to your Steam library as a non-Steam game (use the Games menu, then point to the .exe file in the TDM directory). 2. Stream TDM to your TV as normal using the Steam Link like you would any other game. 3. Configure the Steam Controller, using the keyboard and mouse template as a starting point. Unfortunately, as TDM is not a Steam game, it doesn't seem to be possible to share Steam Controller configurations over Steam, which is a shame. However, by tinkering around I've come up with the following configuration which works really well: Left trigger: Parry/manipulate (Mouse 3) (NB. Left trigger is also used as mode-shift for left pad and X/Y/A/B buttons - see below) Right trigger: Attack (Mouse 1) Left bumper: Previous weapon (Mouse wheel up) Right bumper: Next weapon (Mouse wheel down) Left grip: Previous inventory ([) Right grip: Next inventory (]) Left pad: Set to function as a button pad. Up: lockpicks (p) / down: drop item ® / left: objectives (o) / right: lantern (l) Left pad: Mode shift on depressing left trigger, still functioning as a button pad. Up: Looking glass (g) / down: health potion (h) / left: lean left (q) / right: lean right (e) Select: Map (m) Start: Menu (escape) Right pad: Set to function as mouse. Click: frob (Mouse 2) Stick: Set as direcitonal pad with additional settings to enable transcription of analogue input to digital game input as follows. Enable overlap direction (allows diagonal movement). Bind click to sprint (left shift). In advanced options, enable the outer ring, set the ring at about 75%, then enable the invert outer ring option. Bind outer ring to creep (left control). What this does is allow you to use the stick for all forms of movement in an intuitive fashion. Moving the stick between the deadzone at the centre and the 75% outer ring will cause you to creep around slowly. As soon as you push the stick beyond the 75% outer ring, you walk at normal speed. And then you can sprint while in the outer ring by clicking the stick. Buttons: X: Hide weapons (`) / Y: Jump/mantle (space) / A: use (enter) / B: crouch © Buttons: Mode shift on depressing left trigger, still functioning as a button pad. Y: quickload (F9) / A: quicksave (F4) There are still a couple of unbound buttons (mode shift X and Y) if you wanted to add further controls, but I thought it best not to have anything else near the quicksave/quickload buttons to avoid unfortunate accidents. You can even use the Steam Controller to do a manual save by going into the menus (using the right pad and right trigger to click, and then any of the various mapped buttons to produce stupid file names). Works great and looks absolutely fabulous on my 42" Sony TV - particularly the shadows and dark areas, where the better quality of blacks on the TV really enhances the ambience. I was initially streaming over a 100Mbs network, which was worked just fine. I'm now on 1Gb with Cat6E cables following a general network upgrade and can't say I've noticed any material difference in performance of the streaming.
  4. This campaign is an absolutely astonishing creation. I think this is actually better than any other thief leveI have ever played (originals and fan missions alike). Hugely creative gameplay, fantastic level design, great additional material like voice acting, graphics, music, etc. Thanks so much to everyone who made this - I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I eventually found all the secrets, so I thought as a little token of gratitude I would compile a full list here: Mission 1: Mission 2:
  5. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed playing this mission and the other William Steele missions. Absolutely fantastic design and gameplay - as good as, if not better than, any of the original Thief games. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making this. Hugely appreciated.
  6. Hi all Was wondering if anyone can help me with a Dark Radiant bug? My issue is that, every time I load the preferences window, for some reason the Engine Path setting gets deleted (i.e. the field becomes blank). If I save settings, then all my textures go to "shader not found", etc because the path to the game engine is lost. If I make sure I re-enter the engine path before saving preferences, then it resolves the issue, but it is a pain to have to do that every time I want to change a setting. Does anyone know why Dark Radiant might be wiping the Engine Path setting every time I open preferences or what I might try to fix it? I am running Dark Radiant on Win 7 x64 if that helps. Happy to provide futher info if useful. Thanks! Dart
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