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  1. Freaking awesome level! Pretty taffing difficult at the end there, but genuinely some scary moments there! Thanks for the awesome experience /GiWY
  2. Yeah, really helpful documentation - thus my "room of doom" map was born! Thanks! It might sound weird, but I guess I could get use to it haha. Might take some time to figure out how to get around all the available resources to put in a map. Ah, if only I was young again and would have way more time / energy than I would know what to do with (well, I would know now!)
  3. Hi all! Couldn't find an introduction thread, so guess I'd just say hi here, since, after all, it was the new Thief that got me interested again I've downloaded some missions and booted up the editor - Really cool mod!!! Holey moley. Now I just haaave to make a map too ... consider it on my bucket list (My one-room-map probably isn't going to cut it ...) Awesome to see such an active community and high quality output! *Jumps up and down like a child, waving arms violently*
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