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  1. "Darn, I picked up a cup!!! Someone will surely hear me throw it!"
  2. grim


    I see the difficulty.... it's amazing how simple ideas can generate so many complications... A half-solution could be to make a falling-over-ledge animation that gets played if it is determined that the guard should fall....hmm....then you would need special falling animations and also different animations depending on if he dies or falls on feet (short fall)..... okay I get the point....
  3. grim


    never played hitman, sorry....never seen it either for that matter. it was actually a genuine idea directly from my head (I don't think I'd go so far as to sy that I'm the first person to think of it, though...)
  4. On the topic of headshots...the problem seems to be that in general the AI are a little too dumb and will fall into traps way too easily....it would be cool though, if the AI, when faced with a thief with a bow, would get together and attack from different angles, or charge the thief together, making it hard to shoot them all in the head...in that case, a single shot killing them wouldn't be so unbalancing to the gameplay. just a thought...
  5. grim


    Will there be any way to push people? Here is what I mean by that. Suppose a guard is standing close to a ledge and is unaware of you. Could you walk up to his back and push? Or do you simply need to bump into him hard enough? Or throw something at him... It would be rather neat to be able to walk up to a guard and toss them over the edge, even if there is a small railing of some sort. I know the team has a ton of more important work, but I would like to know what's planned or even already possible. The physics probably take care of part of the problem anyway as it is.
  6. I watched a movie recently that reminded me of thief: Lemony Snickets. It had nothing to do with the story itself, but rather the colours used. I thought that scenes from that movie would lend themselves rather well to a thief map. There are also a lot af anachronistic elements in the movie. Anyway, just a little idea of mine that I think is worth sharing.
  7. grim


    anti gravity arrows!! whatever it hits falls upwards. Good to get things out of the way. If you do it outside you get a nice fading scream from the guards as they fly away.... how about key arrows. You need a twisted feather on the back so it spins so it will turn in the keyhole and open a door. then you could also have homing arrows that seek for people...just a few extra ideas. Oh I almost forgot, healing arrows, it's just a little difficult to shoot yourself though to get healed.
  8. grim


    How about an earplug arrow...you aim for a guard's ear, and shoot it...then you can run and he won't hear anything (of course, if you get on his other side he'll start hearing you again)....
  9. grim


    I've always thought the different arrows were really cool. And it's part of what makes the thief games so likeable to me. Okay moss arrows could be taken out maybe... But I'd almost say we should design more types of arrows...okay that might destroy the whole thing
  10. grim


    Sounds good! I'm glad you've thought of that.
  11. grim


    Here's a question about arrow damage. In the original games, arrows can't kill someone who's alert, even if they're shot in the face (I mean first shot)....that always kinda bothered me. I realise it would be really easy if you could always kill the guards with one arrow. But how about making it harder to hit them. For instance, if a guard is running up to you, you have to aim quickly and perhaps shoot while moving. Well one possibility would be to first of all make the bow quite wobbly when moving therefore making it very hard to hit a guard while walking, and second, why not require the bow to take a little time to get stable. I mean if you shoot right away, the aim will be pretty bad, but if you keep the arrow nocked (not too long or it would get annoying, obviously it needs to be balanced) it stabilises after a while, thus making it hard to shoot a guard who's alerted to your presence..... okay I hope you get the idea. And if you're not allowed to kill guards anyway, it doesn't really matter.... I really like what I'm seeing here as I really enjoyed all Thief games. Good job! I just thought I'd give some of my thoughts....you probably discussed something like this before...
  12. grim

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    How about 'Shady Tales'...
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