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  1. Ah, thanks for the information. I can definitely get used to it - I just was hoping there was some obvious solution I had overlooked in my ignorance. Guess not! And yeah, tilting the monitor doesn't help all that much.
  2. Playing in several different missions, it seems that black or very dark areas of the screen seem to take on a bluish-gray tinge, and stand out very strongly. This is visible in a variety of places - dark portions of wall near windows or sky; the spaces between cobblestones or other patterns and guards in shadow are especially so. It's less apparent in sections of the screen near my character, and also more apparent on the top half of my monitor than the bottom half. I've fiddled with my ingame brightness and gamma, turned the LOD up and down, recalibrated my monitor's display, and installed
  3. Just finished this mission yesterday. Loved every moment of it - it's filled with memorable moments. The sound design throughout the map was really excellent, and made that atmosphere so much stronger. Some more specific/spoilerifc comments:
  4. I only set the samples to 4x (and anisotropic filtering to 4x), and the ingame config has it listed as 4x as well, so I don't think that is the problem. I created the game log file like you said: http://pastie.org/8452547 . Interestingly, opening up the console brought the game out of the gray screen and back to the main menu with no problems. OP, you might try this yourself and see if it helps you.
  5. I've run into a similar problem. When the game automatically restarts after ex. installing or uninstalling a mission, the game shows only a grey screen, then hangs. I first noticed this after setting up a video driver profile with RadeonPro to control Catalyst AI and antialiasing, but removing the profile didn't affect the problem. This doesn't have any serious effects on the game, but it is annoying to have to kill the application and manually restart it whenever it resets.
  6. CPU: Intel i5 2400 Quad-Core, 3.10 GHz OS: Windows 7 Pro - 64 bit Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Driver version: Resolution: 1440:900 (16:10) RAM: 4.00 GB I'm using a desktop which is a few years old. Ingame performance is good, fluctuating between 50 and 60 fps with good graphics settings. (2xAA, 4xAnisotropicF, Better LOD) Loading a mission for the first time after starting darkmod takes quite a while: Training takes about 30 seconds, while Tears of Lucia takes about a minute. Turning off Catalyst AI and using uncompressed images doesn't have a discernible effect. Afterwards, l
  7. Ah, okay. Thanks for the thoughts. It probably won't be a big issue except for Builders on hard surfaces. Really enjoying the game though! It feels quite like a 'modern' Thief with interesting new mechanics
  8. Hate to hijack this topic, but I'm having problems with bodies myself: I can't grab them before they fall, no matter what I try. I've been practicing on a Builder in St.Lucia's. When I blackjack him, he falls over backwards and I've never been able to grab him before he makes noise; sometimes he makes the clanking noise right after he gets hit - far before the game lets me pick him up. Is there some obvious trick I'm missing?
  9. I'm really impressed by the stuff that's going on with the Dark Mod... it really feels like a successor to the Dark engine. Anyway, my thoughts on alarms: Weighted evidence is best, simply because something lke an open door is much more commonlpace and easily explained away (ex. a lazy servant left it ajar) than, say, being shot at. I think that a diminishing effect for most evidence types is a good idea as well; it doens't make much sense for an AI to indefinitely be in a heightened state of alarm over an open door or a missing plate. And, IMO, unless a door has an externally visible lock
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