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  1. It's funny how perception changes over the years. I've been replaying Bioshock in its Remastered version, and I'm surprised how bad the level design actually is. It's just a series of abstract corridor mazes that you can't really map out in your head. There's nothing that would ground them in any kind of reality, fictional or otherwise, no sense of place people could live in. It's almost like Wolfenstein 3d with cool art deco assets.

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    2. datiswous



      playing Tomb Raider 2, 3 & 4, NOLF 1 & 2, Oni, Urban Chaos, at work to pass the time

      Ehh, at work??

    3. peter_spy



      What kind of level design should new Bioshock franchise invent? Open, connected world?

      I don't think it has to invent anything, just use human architecture as a reference, and create places that look like they are lived-in. First Bioshiock was released early in X360 lifecycle, so that might explain abstract levels, but the technology is definitely there now :)

      I guess one of the explanations for large blocky layouts could also be that there had to be a sufficient space for Big Daddies to navigate and fight.

    4. Epifire


      Well I mean it was based off System Shock initially, so I think a lot of that design comes straight back to gameplay. It's funny because I'm the weirdo who vastly preferred the last game. I like the style of Bio1 but something about it always struck me as it feeling like a chore to complete every time I've played it. You get YouTubers like the Act Man who treat it like it's an untouchable legend but I never had that kind of admiration for it.

      I can agree the level design and overall layout, definitely lends a hand to this sentiment.

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