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  1. I don't think The Last of Us part I is a good game; it is something else in terms of pure audio-visual experience though. The attention to detail is insane, especially in sound and animation.

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    2. madtaffer


      How is The Last of Us if you play only stealth ?

    3. peter_spy


      IMO game isn't really geared towards that; it's a set of small to medium-sized arenas stringed by corridors, where you eliminate enemies quietly, one by one, until everybody's dead and you can loot the area. Maybe there's an NG+ or something like that, where you can ignore gathering resources, but not so much when it's your 1st play-through.

    4. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      Personally, I consider it an overrated "cinematic" wannabe product, it has nothing good let alone innovative in terms of gameplay, and the visuals I could care less, I've played very old games myself.

      And the story was just geared up to make you hate on Joel, despite the fact the guy lost his daughter and doesn't want to experience that again, which is why he did that "huge mistake" with not letting Ellie sacrifice herself for a cure. Like seriously, be a father and tell me if you can blame him.
      I wanna repeat myself; The story was HEAVILY geared towards a very badly made and pathetic one-side outlook to it.

      People can enjoy it for whatever reason, without a doubt, but no way it's a "masterpiece" at all, let alone the second one.

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