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  1. Use the noclip console command to get through the door, then turn it off once you are on the other side.
  2. @roygatoThanks for the feedback - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll try to reproduce the bug, and fix it for version two.
  3. I'll be happy to help. Also, just checking - I have the ability to grab the latest code (trunk) from SVN and build on my machine with Visual Studio 2017, and then run it. Is that what you mean by TDM SVN?
  4. So basically, it's a Pong simulator. I don't see the script - it didn't get attached correctly?
  5. You can use the 'noclip' console command to get back into the "real world". It will allow you to go through that fence and back into playable area. Here's how to use console commands: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Console_Useful_Controls walk up to the fence use the console to 'noclip' walk through the fence to the playable area use the console to 'noclip' again (this turns it off) I'll investigate how this happened in the first place.
  6. Hmm. Were there any error messages, or just a crash to desktop? Do you have logging configured so that you get a qconsole.log file (in \fms\nowandthen)?
  7. Yes, your ambients worked out really well - they all fit the scene. I think I used four of them total. The one I used in the crawl spaces worked especially well - others have commented on that too.
  8. You can thank @JackFarmerfor several custom-made ambient music segments in this mission: the starting screen, all three levels of the museum, and the rundown townhouse. Great stuff! I also used a few of @OrbWeaver's ambients too. Plus several of the standard ones.
  9. Nice mission! Played on Catburgler (middle). I didn't do any knockouts anyway. 283 loot. Congratulations and good work!
  10. There was no hint about the desk mechanism that made the combination lock visible. I'll be honest why: that mechanism (the desk with a slider that opens a hidden compartment behind the fake books) is a common asset in TDM - it's used by many missions, so I figured players would be familiar with it. If you've never come across that desk before, I can see how the slider might be hard to find. As for the basement safe key, there is a hint as to its location in the note on Addison's desk. And in the room where you pick up the key, there is a hint as to where it might be used. I didn't want to be too explicit with the name ("basement wall safe key" is too obvious). I know the feeling of a mission getting tedious/frustrating. Feel free to ping the mission announcement threads for hints (and the first post in this thread has a hints section).
  11. Try closing the case and then opening it again, see if you can frob it then. Or, close the case and see if you can frob it through the case Edit: if neither of those work, I can give you a kludge involving the noclip command.
  12. Thanks! Some of the secrets are brutal - I would never have found them myself!
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