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    New FS

    Awesome, I'll try to make the shaders & synch them this weekend.
  2. The currently active sounds for #grass and #dirt are already comp-music's, and they sound great imo.
  3. Will the noble Atreides be able to repell the vile Harkonnen?
  4. Non-symmetric fonts (asymmetric?) sometimes define the width of the capitals somewhat smaller than the graphic representation, so that it won't look like there's a gap space between capitals and the rest. Look at the "Wa" from "Waterarrow". The letter width is defined within the font itself, so you would need a font editor to change that, and words which start with a capital P will probably look like "P orter" or so. Have you tried putting one or two blanks behind the P? Or if they're autotrimmed, try Alt+255, or use a full-stop.
  5. Ishtvan and demagogue are right, playing around with toys like these is a very good way to enhance your grasp on spectrum to sound relations. For a musician, the approach to form sound with a spectrum is pretty much the opposite of what he or she's usually doing. In the normal scenario, you would arrange a track and then monitor the spectrum to equalize it. Doing it the other way around is a refreshing change of perspective. If you want a good example of how this technique can be employed, I can recommend listening to Aphex Twin's (Yes, that's the track name. Second track on the Windowlicker EP ) and watching a spectrograph while doing so.
  6. There's a small tool called Coagula in which you can either paint freehand or load a picture. The latter option can produce some fun stuff.
  7. Nice little game, reminds me of Risk. After playing a few rounds, I would like to provide a bit feedback: - I dearly miss a Move All button (Right-Click-Drag?) to bypass the "Leave behind" window - A selection frame to issue a command to multiple ships at once would be nice - I like Holst's Mars, but after a while it gets on my nerves. Something less dramatic and more ambient would maybe be better suited for longer games. Also, it crackles and pops for some reason on my machine. The ogg itself is fine when I played it in winamp, so maybe the problem is with the vorbis module? - The graphics could do with a wee bit more bling. Alternatively, I could imagine a very "strategic" look (triangles for the ships, circles of different size for the planets, dotted lines, spacey background) to work well. You know, the stuff you'd expect on a strategic console in Star Wars.
  8. IIRC they made it with a small stim combo. The outside guards belonged to your "team", but if they received damage, the team variable would be reset to default (hostile) by removing the metaproperty with the "good team" property. I haven't looked into it, nor am I very savvy with our own stim system, but with the level of accessability the D3 engine offers, I would think a similar setup should be possible in TDM. I guess it could be done even more dynamic with a script.
  9. Up to the Limes (german math term, not citrus fruit) of SOL, that would be gravity. IIRC, the event horizon is the point where the escape velocity gets to high for light to get away- I don't think that this assumes that speeds in excess of SOL are involved at all. For an outside observer, yes. From POV of the particle, nothing happens since time relative to itself moves normaly. It would accellerate to near SOL, pass the evnt horizon and then fall into that damned singularity. That's one of the main problems of the whole thing. All observations above depend on relativity and the standard model. Both models can't describe the physics involved accurately, so we can't even apply theories based on them. On IRC. He's currently busy researching a modulation in the hadron jets produced in quark/anti-quark creation when two protons collide. Fascinating stuff, he thinks the modulation isn't caused by the jets themselves, so I guess there must be an external force causing it.
  10. I talked with a quantum-mechanist (I just made that word up, it has a nice steam-punk ring to it) about it, and he cauterized it with ockham's razor: why should massive particles behave like that? While for an outside observer the particles would slow down infinitely due to general realtivity, from the POV of the particle, the event horizon is no barrier whatsoever.
  11. Reading up a bit on black holes, I doubt my theory would hold on for long. There's a lot of really difficult physics going on, and appearently no model which can explain it satisfactory. At least my attempt would manage without that pesky, quantum theory defying, singularity.
  12. I'm a bit jealous. I miss making live music, and that's just the kind of music I used to play. Alas, my interest in this genre has waned, so I couldn't really put my heart into it, even if somebody would knock at my door and ask me to join his band. Still, you guys look like you're having a blast, and what I hear is solid - especially for a third gig. Too bad about the poor quality, no thanks to youtube. Maybe a few timing problems here and there, but hey, it's live. Voted!
  13. I got this a few days ago, and while it's nice as remakes go, it still doesn't compare to Turrican. I know I'm terribly biased with nostalgia, but even so it suffers from a lot of bugs. Maybe after a few patches I'll give it another go.
  14. Well, it's wild speculation on my side, of course. I could imagine the event horizon to act like a wall in a particle accelerator, only the barrier would be timespace. So while (subatomic) particles with mass get stopped there, massless particles could advance further.
  15. The problem does not apply to massless particles, does it? For all we know matter could transmute at the event horizon and loose it's mass- so you'd have a bubble of higgs bosons or something, which exists on the verge of time. If they'd only find that damned thing, I guess a lot would become clearer.
  16. Heya comp-music, good to see you around. We do have plans to support the common playstyles, mainly by giving a player the option to add additional objectives - for example, if you wanted to play ghost-style, you could check a box in a menu that would trigger failure once an AI is spotting you. This is much more versatile than adding predefined styles. It's great to hear that you are working on that big material list! I'm really looking forward to this.
  17. We could try to use the OpenAL API directly I guess. I've read through the documentation, and it seems that vanilla OpenAL can't do filtering. It only offers a kind of plugin interface for effects, so you can trigger EAX functions, for example. Meaning, that for an effect like this to be also available for non-EAX systems, we would need to write our own low pass filter and manipulate the buffer with it. I'm tending towards just adding an overlay sound like Sneaksie suggested and be done with it.
  18. http://www.iddevnet.com/doom3/sounds.phpI seem to have confused it with mask_lfe (sending the sound to the subwoofer exclusively) Sneaksie: There's a shader in place, called "underwater_bubbles", but the sounds seem not to be there? I have to look itno this...
  19. I remember vaguely that you can set a lowpass filter in shaders, which would be what we needed. However, it would be impractical to do this because for every soundshader we would need to make a copy with a lowpass filter which is triggered when the player is underwater. (Unless you can implement logic in shaders and access global vars). Question to the coding dpt.: Would it be possible to set a global filter for all sounds? We would also have to exclude certain sounds (ambient, meta sounds) from that.
  20. Wiki has a nice map: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4...ticle_chart.jpg (1.4 MB) Tachions even have an imaginary mass, how cool is that.
  21. Ach, that pesky mass increase! Always spoiling my plans... Wait, I'll use my Dura-Stickā„¢ It's mass-less, unbent- and breakable and comes in three colour flavours. Hmm, but then, the lightspeed barrier doesn't apply to objects without mass, right?
  22. Meaning the stick would behave how? Edit: Btw, I realize quants would behave differently than the stick. You see, I love dicking around with the absolute limit that lightspeed represents, looking for loopholes.
  23. So, if I left the laser pointer on, the light dot would "skip" over the wall - I thought of that, so I included the option that instead of light you'd use a stick: the end of that must travel the distance continuously.
  24. I think we can disregard human limitations for sake of simplicity (also the waiting times, which are rather obvious). The interesting point is how that light dot would behave.
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