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  1. Hello everyone, Solar just showed me this thread. I signed in this forum a lot of time ago when the first beta was realeased as i tried to do a fan map for the game but had to left the work after an hd crash and then I've been busy composing music for a lot of projects. By the way, I understand the fact that you guys thinks that remaking most of the work may be a waste of time but we enjoy to do all that stuff and is also a learning experience. When we finished the demo map of the video we just sayd "What? We did that?", is difficult to explain but is an awesome feeling. But as someone already mentioned we can't do all the work in just two, so in the near future we will need help on some aspects of the game. As for sharing assets, me and Solar have no problem to give anything from Arx mod. You like ambient music? You can have it. You like some models or code? You can have it. So if you see anything usefull for your maps or anything else for TDM, don't esitate to ask we are happy to share anything, even the source files for max models or photoshop pics.
  2. I forgot to say a thing, don't hollow the room with the skybox. Build the six sides like in this pic:
  3. texture the inside with the skybox and then texture with caulk the outside, should work
  4. A little update on the map, I haven't worked on it too much on the past days, but I had to format the hd. Btw I get the level map to work:
  5. Got the readables working. Now I've the last question then I finish to annoy you all lol. I checked the wiki, but there is no info about add the briefing screen at the beginning of the level (or maybe I'm blind). How I can add it if is possible?
  6. Sure, if you guys like the textures, use them freely, but I didn't save the psd files, so I can't provide the sources. I've also others to show if someone is interested. Other than that I'm composing also a pair of tracks as ambience and some sounds fx on the map, and if you like them I'll donate to the project. About the beta mapping team I think I can't be so acive, mostly because I have to finish my mod first, and I'm not so quick in mapping.
  7. thx, infact when I started Mind my first intention was to create something different from demons and only shooting. btw, a little update on the tdm map. I passed the las night creating two new textures on photoshop and adding details to the map. The general structure its done. textures: map: PS: The light on the last screen its not final, but just for test. Also I started to write up some xdata for readable paper and scrolls, but still looking how to get these to work properly.
  8. thanks for the apprezation, but now the TDM demo its out I almost forgot my mod lol . I'll keepyou all posted on the progress with the map.
  9. thx, well I started to map seriosly (only for radiant based games), by 6 or 7months, at the beginning I was able to do only few rooms without anything inside lol, in the past I worked only as musician/composer for games and mods and I'm currently continuing this passion, but I want to do more than only music. Btw for the map I think for now I finish the basic structure,with all the rooms, etc.
  10. @SneaksieDave: I've been waiting this moment by ages, I always wanted to modify the thief games, but you know the others official games have lack of tools and stuff @BlackThief: Yeah I'm currently working on a D3 modification which you can see here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/9458/mind but I'm not so skilled, I'm still learning stuff.
  11. thx, this is good enough, I'll try to do a simple objective for make practice.
  12. Hello, long time watchers, but first time poster. I just downloaded the demo and enjoyed it, so I decided to give a try to the Dark Radiant, and currently I'm making a short mission. here a first screen: btw, just a question, where I can found a tut for make objectives? Or there is none? thx in advance
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