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  1. I reinstalled it, and it seems to be working. One major issue though. I don't appear to have any textures. This was posted by someone on a previous page but I haven't been able to correct it.
  2. It claims to be patch according to the console. I've been playing around for a while now, and I still can't seem to get the game working. The modification files are meant to be in a St Lucia folder in C:/program files/Doom 3, right?
  3. When starting the St Lucia demo, I encounter an error: "couldn't load game dynamic library" & them game does not start. I believe I have my Doom 3 installation patched to the latest (1.3.1) Any advice would be lovely.
  4. I have a request - once you have completed it, may you please email it to me at unconscious@omgpcgames.com, as I do not have time to check the forums daily. Thanks.
  5. Sent the private message - just thought I'd add a note here too. If there's any questions you as a team are not willing to answer, then feel free to leave them blank.
  6. Hello, I am the webmaster of the latest hit video gaming fansite "OMG! PC Games" (http://www.omgpcgames.com), and I am a avid fan of your work thus far, as are many other users on my website. I have contacted you via the use of your online forums once in the past, to express my willingness to become a mirror for your modification, upon release. This option is still valid, despite the download system currently being down for repairs. I would like to know who I should contact to arrange an interview regarding your work thus far. All information received will be publicised on the website, "OMG! PC Games", and a link will be placed in direction to your website for further information. So the question is this: With what member of the staff do I forward my questions onto, if said person is interested? I hope you can all help. Christopher "Unconscious" Lodge Founder and Webmaster of "OMG! PC Games".
  7. I shan't host any files on my web-server without your consent, because I know how terrible it is when someone steals your traffic. I'm willing to take some of your download bandwidth off your hands, by allowing you to use space on my server for Demos/Publically Released files. I have already sent the 'recruiting' address an email, but I was not sure whether it was recieved or not, due to my Outlook having a few glitches. It's a new system I have on my site, that allows files to be uploaded to my server. You have to be registered to upload them, but guests can download the files just fine. Would you like some space on my server in order to host publically released files? Also, do I have permission to post up your Mod News, if I correctly cite you as a source to 'read more'? Thanks! Unconscious
  8. Hi, I'm a new user here. I was also wondering about the production of The Dark Mod, and I'm glad to still see it alive and kicking! I can't wait to see this mod when it's released.
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