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  1. God does what he lists. Evil is not a definition created by mankind but by god. Basically what he does is what good is. It is not what you think good is or what you would want god to do but what he does and what he says that are what good is. Good is not a thing we created and god lives up to but good rather a thing god IS and we should live up too. So say all the things you want about how you think god is evil for shock value or whatever I am not shocked if he does this or that. Realize that it s not up to you to decide what is good and what is not. Don’t assume that you can out bible m
  2. Yes you have been saying that "that throughout history the opposite has usually been the case." But you are wrong. " I think you look at religion and see the inquisition as if it was a bad thing. i say it weeded out those who wouldn’t follow the rules. those who wouldn’t conform to the needed structure. Religious beliefs are the backbone of culture and the structure upon witch all civilization can occur. With out common beliefs you don’t even have a nation. Religion (to anthropologist) evolved to serve a purpose. That purpose is to get us all on the same sheet of music. The proof of this is
  3. straw man A made-up version of an opponent’s argument that can easily be defeated. To accuse people of attacking a straw man is to suggest that they are avoiding worthier opponents and more valid criticisms of their own position: “His speech had emotional appeal, but it wasn’t really convincing because he attacked a straw man rather than addressing the real issues.”
  4. hey dude its not STRAW MAN argument its an example of some fact or other that would for some dissolve the reasoning behind there religious belief. this example was given to simply say that religious belief can often have more benefit than harm. And that knowing and understanding all the universe may not be as helpful as having a calm cool religious belief. Do, not for the love of god, place all religions into a box and say “hey look at these dumb people who don’t believe in this theory or that theory.” If religious belief is a part of the process of evolution or if it is the real truth an
  5. Being white and being nice hmm One a choice each individual makes another the color of ones skin defined by DNA.. Interesting comparison. I get it, so because there are some groups like KKK that means we should throw away all the great churches that teach tolerance and love. I can’t see how you can intelligently make that connection. The kkk use hate and fear and march with weapons. Churches use preachers who spend there days hoping upon hope that the message of love is spread just a little each day. I see how you got confused. One is a hate group the other is a love group.
  6. When we have gotten to the point that a we see every organization that begged us to be good moral and loving friendly human beings as OPRESSING we are ready for the real thing.... OPRESSIVE isn’t the second name of religion. Oppressing isn’t begging you to come to church. Oppressive isn’t hoping with all there might that you might find the a certain valuable enlightenment. The error of mankind is to say religion is oppressing me. Religion is holding me down. Asking me to be a kind loving human being. Maybe some religious groups have ruined it for the rest of us, I don’t know. Maybe a fe
  7. I have heard of elephant dreams So it must be a question of community. How about photorealistic. Stuff for blender I wonder where is a good place to view other people’s work. I find all sorts of really great stuff for 3ds max but not so much for BLENDER. Why in you alls opinion is that.
  8. I have been using blender for a few months. so I am pretty ok with the interface. 3d max5 seems to have an ok interface but need its of tutorials before I could do anything (like make an apple) I was really wondering if the features of each program would set one above the other in your opinions. What I have seen is that 3d max sights have really great images and lots of them. and blender has some great and some average and not that many images. Is it a fact that blender just has a smaller community. Or that 3d max is a better program Can someone tell me what they think it is COMMUN
  9. I was wondering what you all think. What is better if I where to chose one over the other ((((Knowing first that I am interested in 3d for no more than personal entertainment. So the quality of the models and animations and STUFF would be what I care about rather than” learning some industry standard”))) 3ds max 5 OR the most current version of BLENDER 2.42 What PROGRAM is best at the specified version above? The reason I ask is because I have one of each and am curios if 3ds max 5 was better than blender 2.42
  10. Demagogue Yes it was my especially large desk that attracted my wife to me. She loves some desk. I mean now she doesn’t care for it so much because she has been around it so long. its not so important in our relationship. My desk isn’t what is used to be. I am the only one who uses my desk anymore. Oh, that I could get some one to look at my desk; To rub it with fine oils, to polish its surface, to repair the inlay. I have but little hope that the wooden casters will remain intact. You know casters size can help determine age and value of a desk. America’s road show is great inspirati
  11. I just wanted to say that I am beginning to actual like this editor. Usually making a map is a pain and there is lots of starting over. I am glad to say that because this program runs smooth on my machine. I know it’s a memory hardware sort of issue but for my 2 1/2 year old computer that is a great start. I am glad that now most of the heartache of creating a level is quashed. The computer locked up hard on thief edit so I moved to Doomedit; where the computer memory was a huge issue. Doomedit also has a few quarks that cause big problems in my computer like that darn warning about 80% of
  12. "There is A Monster At The End of This Book" is the most enlightening story ever told by monsters. Grover's insightful testimony is riveting.
  13. i hoped it was boobies real or fake but still interesting how far it has all come...
  14. Female characters are the best because they have great tits... I don’t play tomb raider any more because her graphic tits are designed to stimulate my brains sex desire. It also makes me look differently at my wife whom i am loving so extra ordinarily. So though the tomb raider chick is really hot and i like playing with her. i must give her up because I love another. And now for a poem Oh the smell of a woman’s flesh is nice I would like more the view her breast Though she loves me not one bit I know she would if I had a big D$%k Video games are addictive. Lust is addicti
  15. Cookie Monster is a looser Stick with A real monster like GROVER. Grover is the man.
  16. its only SPAM if its unwanted and i know you all wanted to talk about GROVER
  17. we have spider just outside our window that weaves the most B E A ootiful web every evening around 9:30
  18. I know it may sound silly but I am no programmer or script writer but I would really like an IMPORT MEDIA WIZARD that would help us get media into our maps and later into the maps packages. zip. One for models. It walks you through. PLEASE SELCT THE MODEL MESH YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD TO YOUR MODEL INVENTORY. Then it asks you to BROWSE for the TGA files for the various parts to the skin. It then copies the files and creates the proper material entree or files. And adds the new model to the correct model folder. A wizard for textures would ask you for the color map and the normal map and
  19. cool i knew brown barn spiders are worth something.
  20. All I meant was that because your automated entity placement doesn’t use the original brush there is no brush model for the func_door command to refer to. It needs a model. It would use the brush model but since there isn’t one ...how can it Maybe I am totally wrong but I think if you tried to do any of the func_x that would normally use the brush as the model you will find that none of them work but do when there is a model func door works if you start it out as a static model then change its entity class. Func_penulum doesn’t work either ... ... unless...you start it out as a st
  21. i know you arent trying to copy doom edit but but I think you guys should totaly rewire the way entities are created just a little They should ALWAYS replace the brush that is selected: not more than one brush. because neither top, side, or front view can pinpoint a location by itself. The entity should appear at the center of where the selected brush was. Also if you drag out a brush so you can make a func_door doomedit will automatically give it a model name that matches the entity name the entity name tells doomedit to use the brush as the model. Or something like that . Your aut
  22. ORB (the entity is created, but the door is not generated from the brush). in my func_door nothing happened. the entity was not created but what I figured out is that if i make a FUNC_STATIC and then change the class in the entity inspector to func_door i can make a func_door... i think the original doom people must have done doors this way because I found on alphalabs1 ( i think it was that) the entrance door umbodoorbottom.lwo bottom part of the door team a1_entrance had a class of FUNC_DOOR and it had a name of FUNC_STATIC_4214. so i believe this door in doom must have started
  23. ::common brown barn spider:::orb actualy i was creating a trigger_relay just as i was typing so i could get myself strait. to see if i was typing something i should have looked harder to figure out myself when i finished adding the property delay 1 it locked up the entire program. i had troubel closing it for a few minutes. getting xp to dump it ... also when i refered to the CREAT button i meant the button on the enity inpector in doom3 edit. it allows a selected brush to be converted to whatever entity class that apears in the dropdown menu when you press it clear yes or no
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