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  1. *just to let you know, im currently bummed down with exams... :/
  2. Magnesius, ive just gotten blender today, can you give me any good sites to get a first hang of things, it seems very different to c4d.
  3. ok, point taken, but as ive said a few times, im still in the process of learning.
  4. why? whats so bad about it? and yea i dont have access
  5. 1024 * 512 was my desired resolution oDDity, i wish, i unwrapped it entirely by hand! and that is a dead link
  6. na, the unwrap looks like this. http://hive-dev.net/flix/model/piano_txt.jpg
  7. http://hive-dev.net/flix/model/head_local.tga orb did obviously not work, ill try again with the doom3 one this evening.
  8. i quit the rendering of the normalmap yesterday after 6 hours. im gonna try again tonight, .... with the hope that it will be done by tomorrow morning...
  9. Magnesius, do you also use C4D? and do you have ICQ or msn?
  10. if that model is ok, as it is now. then i will now have to try to make a normalmap from the model and then get it to work with the lowpoly model. 2 things concerning the model, should i add 2 pedestals at the bottom? and should i add candle holders to the front of the piano, as this used to be the case in the middle ages.
  11. i dont think in something that complex, anybody cares about 5 lines more code and readability and understandablitiy is always in the eye of the beholder, and even more so in the eye of the original programmer
  12. ok, thanx, thats a good start anybody know of tutorials for that part...
  13. i cant see the model anyway, i dont have the clearance! but anyway i would appriciate answers to my various questions i have btw started on the highres piano model
  14. i got a failure notice from recruiting@darkmod.com that was the link i was given
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