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  1. Ummmm.... I don't know if this is worth bringing up, but are noisemaker arrows even really necessary? Can't a thief just throw a pot or something across the room?
  2. Oh my God, are you trying to say that the future will be more expensive?!?!? Unfortunatly, that is a fact. Games are steadily getting more and more pricy, even the boxed versions. A content delivery system like Steam isn't a bad idea, and for the short term, a subscription fee could be a cheaper, more economical choice for some gamers. I can't say I particularily like the future, but we might as well be optimistic.
  3. After second thought, it makes more sense to not use those ideas of mine. It's much more stable and predictible for the player to have consistent feedback from the lightgem.
  4. The glassy-ness of the gem is reflecting the lights of the game world when a player stands near lights. It would be purely for asthetic purposes, I figure, if there are enough lights to make the gem difficult to read, you already know that you're in a lot of light.
  5. Best. Lightgem. Ever. That looks great! Is it possible to use D3's glass/haze shader so that you can see through the lightgem to the other side, but have what ever outputs through the gem to increase or decrease in brightness depending on how much light the player is in? And also, is it possible to have the reflective glass of the gem react to actual lights in the game world? If so, that would be totally awesome!
  6. Guard 1: "Good to see you." Guard 2: "You keepin' your eyes open?" Guard 1: "I dunno." lol, Great idea. We only need to make sure that they all fit.
  7. zomg *head explodes* Wow, that's super-fantastic oDDity!
  8. I think a robed look might be more appropriate. What about adding lots of decoratvie details to the outfit? Religious higher-ups (especially fanatical religious higher-ups) tend to enjoy wearing over-the-top extravagant garb. Also, what about adding some kind of large-ish hat? I imagine a Builder Priest wants you to know, without a doubt, that he can lay the holier-than-thou smackdown on anyone that gets in his way. A big hat tends to have that effect, lol. Just some ideas.
  9. Heheh, Goldfish is right, he does look a bit like a gangsta, lol. "Yo hommie dis is da Builder's House, RAISE THE ROOF MUTHA FU*KAAA!" Ahem, anyway. Yeah, he does look a little bit on the short side, but I've never imagined priests to be tall muscular men.
  10. Yeah, man, that guy looks totally bad-ass. Great stuff!
  11. Looking good! It's hard to tell without a human model for comparison, but the chairs look like they may be on the small side, I don't really know. But damn that wood floor looks great!
  12. btw- my PC just meets the bare minimum system requirements for Doom 3, if anyone wants testing on a low end machine.
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