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  1. You guys are such game-creation nerds. Which is why I love you.
  2. This screening is tomorrow(I just noticed I failed to mention that) but there will be a few more at various festivals in Chicago, I'll keep you updated when I know final dates.
  3. So today is the last day of my Semester in LA program, and pretty much my 5-year college career. Now I'm being shunted into the real world LA, full of drug parties, prostitutes and enough money to wallpaper Donald Trump's house, all 47 of them. Really though, I'll be starting internships, writing/directing shorts, and writing features (got a slight whiff of studio interest in one of my ideas), oh and being poor. That's definitely part of it. Stay tuned for more riveting news out of hollywood!
  4. Um, not to be picky, but the art doesn't look like Craig Mullins style. It's far too precise.
  5. Well, once it's festival run is up, I'll be able to post it online, if we do so before that it'll hurt our chances of getting into the festivals. Unfortunately, festival runs last about a year.
  6. Just wait until the film is released, believe me, the ways to die definitely hit 'over-the-top'
  7. I happen to like it, especially as I was born with it. I actually agree fully on the free will thing, it's just the mechanic that works for the film.
  8. So I'm now settling into LA, and I finally got the trailer up for my long belated short film debut, A Death in Progress. http://www.deathwrites.com/trailer.html It's an 8 minute comedy that follows the Grim Reaper as he tries to write out the last moments of a man's life, but can't make up his mind on how he wants the man to die. He keeps rewriting the man's death over and over, and each time the man comes back, and is forced to die an even more ridiculous way. We're aiming at the Cannes film festival in France as our world premiere, so keep your fingers crossed that we get in! Yo
  9. I'm experiencing this same exact game (and system) killing bug. Unfortunately my system locks up and has to be hard-rebooted , so I can't grab a bug report or anything (if that's even possible.) My system Win XP pro w/SP2 DX 9.0c 2 gig ram AMD 64bit X2 3800 ATI 1950xt Running from a separate drive than win install, shouldn't matter though. I'll see if I can get it to work on my laptop tomorrow. Might be sound related, as it crashes when player footsteps would be generated/heard. UPDATE!!!! So it seems that i needed the absolute latest video drivers to get it to work right. Odd that
  10. All you need is to have a standard digital camcorder that will export to computer (preferably through firewire), a sheet or screen to backlight, and a few fill lights. You could get a few of those worklights they have at hardware stores, set some sort of diffusion on them (be careful, they get HOT) and then shoot whatever costumed person you want in front of the backlit screen. Bring this footage into After Effects, Combustion, Shake or any other video program with chromakeying, and chromakey out the white, leaving a solid silhouette with a clear background, perfect to insert with your exis
  11. If you need any advice or hints, just contact me, I was working on a feature animated in that style a long time ago. http://www.thirdfilms.com/atp or
  12. Whatever you do, don't buy from relatively unkown online retailers like Ibuypower or cyberpower.com, they have personally ripped me off bad, and their customer service is terrible. It may be a little more expensive to buy from a retail store, but at least then you can actually talk to a person face to face, and not be told over the phone, once the laptop is in the company's possession for a minor repair, that the thing needs 600$ put into it because it "won't turn on."
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