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  1. ok, just a quick update. (im going on holiday today, just for a week) i got my server and webhosting, like I said. once i get back, i will upload what ive been able to do for you to this address: http://darklibrary.nanoweb.net.au if you visit that page now, all you'll get is what ive had the time to do lately. most of that stuff wont work anyway as mysql isnt setup yet.
  2. Two words: Playstation three.
  3. lol, i have the ps2 version on my desk...i dont even have a ps2 (ive never owned one) i found it on the train. poor guy whoever lost it, its not even been opened.
  4. I played Thief 1, gold and 2 without saving (no saving, nothing. NOTHING), it was fun. really fun. especialy on expert. replaying after i died was so boring, i dont know about you guys but once ive played it once, i know the bloody thing back to front and inside out.... problem is, now that ive done that, playing Thief at all is SO simple, as long as your patient. Even thief 3 is too easy, well easy enough, even though the AI are so much smarter. Anyone love the cradle mission as much as i do?
  5. true. most windows platform developers ive worked with have pc's that just fly, and as you said, i have seen the applications developed on those machiens run like a turtle on sunday on older pc's.
  6. as i said, ive already got the option to upload a separate thumbnail in bmp or jpeg format. Im just trying to make the web application intelligent enough to convert the uploaded texture into a jpeg thumbnail IF there was no thumbnail uploaded with it.
  7. all i can say is i hope the developers have faster pcs than some of you... sif touch doom3 without a x800pro or more.
  8. great, if php cant handle it then we have a few alternative forms of conversion. hell, if we really need too running php from the command line for image batch conversions every 30 seconds or so would work...
  9. I found a way of converting tga files into jpg's. ive never used this function before but it looks do-able. im going to need an actual tga file your using in-game so i can see if it converts correcty (not upside down and back to front....)
  10. found it! its just not in the common lists. image/x-targa the only reason im doing tga is because its in the format you use, right? you dont really need tumbnails if your description is good enough, i will have a search function. I'll have a look to see if PHP can convert tga's to another web-friendly format.
  11. lol, i just hit a brick wall.... a very solid brick wall... http://www.w3schools.com/media/media_mimeref.asp there isnt a mime for tga files. *puzzled* i'll work something out...
  12. sure, i'll make them editable for you. i may have a small working sample for you ready by the end of the week. I had heaps of code that would have made this a breeze but im not allowed to use it (its technicaly owned by a company i used to work for) but now they have gone belly up and i can use it. I'll get done faster this way. can i have a special title now ?
  13. ITs more for security, PHP has the ability to limit the types of files that are uploaded, i can set it to accept only a cirtain type or accept anything but. Its more so that anyone using the program cant upload a php file and steal my source code. I had a look at the app you made. looks good. i'll get the webpage to have same work flow shown. thanks.
  14. Ive just finished a drop down class selection tool. its essentialy a form that has 2 drop down fields, one has a name of all the primary classes, the second dynamicaly fills when a selection has been made from the primary select field, so as usual Wood -> ALL WOODS SUB_CLASSES. These are very easily modified and editied, so now you have your user definied classes.
  15. I must say, ive NEVER seen anyone go into that much detail about thief. Bravo to all, some really good points where made, im impressed. i never really thought about it untill now but boy is it possible to make thief believable. anyone ever thought about the shadows? i have lived in a very old mansion in england, where the floorboards creak, its bloody cold, everything is made of sandstone on the outside and everything is wood inside. never have i ever not seen something because of a shadow, everything leaves a Silhouette. Can we have an abundance of candles!. They have good shadows, the on
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