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  1. Are you guys considering making the mechanists models and textures into the mod ??
  2. It might be good ive just tried it looking around offline, i dont have the time for online games, i would prefer single-player campaigns, are there any made or in the makings besides the 3 i mentioned ??
  3. Minding Thief 1 & 2, apart from fan-missions wich big campaigns would you recommend playing or waiting for, im looking at Imperium and Cosas right now, iv already finished T2X 3 times, what about mods like this, based on Thief but made on other games?? Iv seen Thievery but it dosnt really cut it in my opinion, multiplayer Thief !! Sadly i just got net after finishing and refinishing T1 & T2 dozens of times, the most ive played where by then FM's donwloaded while at school so please tell me what Thief goodness have i missed !! Love you all, keep the what seems to be amazing work, actually its looking better than T3 !!! :lol:
  4. Hey i would like to have the tool, iv done maps in the 1st dromed that was ever out , for Thief 1 during a whole summer before i got Internet and then i still made at least 2 maps for Thief 2, never messed with T3 except played it of course cause it was very dissapointing sequel to T1 & T2 !! TZionn@gmail.com
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