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  1. In regards to the question about the kitchen, couldn't you get the same effect as this by making it so the kitchen is associated ambient noise, similar to a generator? So some player sounds would be masked?
  2. Just wanted to throw my support behind this idea. It would be a lot of fun, too, if you didn't start the player out with a lantern. Make them search around in the mission for a torch, and force them to set it down somewhere if they have to do something delicate (pick a lock, climb a ledge, etc). You could create some interesting puzzles about getting a lit torch from Point A to Point B to cross the room full of zombies. Does anyone know if, realistically, a torch would go out if you drop it? I imagine it wouldn't, since it's basically a rag soaked with flammable liquid.
  3. Oh, it's certainly a balancing act. Particularly in areas with lots of guards, you want to ensure that they're behaving with some regularity. They need to know how much time they have to lockpick a door before the next guard comes around, when it's safe to dart past a well-lighted area, etc. Otherwise it becomes just a game of trial-and-error. But it's also good to throw in a few 'reflex' situations where the player is forced to think on his toes. You could have a guard in the next room declare that he's hungry and is going to grab a bite to eat from the pantry, or some kind of key event tri
  4. Interesting...so once I unlocked both doors to the house, the guard might have have considered it to be the quickest way to his destination? If it isn't a bug, it's a feature for sure. More mappers should change up the patrol routes of guards after key events -- planning your approach and sneaking around is all well and good, but it's having to react quickly when something unexpected happens that really elevates the classic Thief gameplay for me. That bit with was a great example of this, I really appreciated the thought that went into it.
  5. Just finished this mission yesterday. Definitely the best out of all the FMs I've played so far. Story was great, architecture was interesting and there was plenty of climbing to be done. Also, the mission was *dark*, in both senses of the word. Some FMs I play seem to turn the ambient light up too high or something, so I can never feel like I'm actually hidden when I'm in the shadows. Loot was logically placed and the patrol routes were long enough that you don't feel like the NPCs are automations going around a go-kart track. In the end, I beat Soren senseless and stuffed him in his own
  6. I thought this was a very well-constructed little mission. The use of light and shadow, as other people have noted, is great -- in the thief's layer by the gambling table, was it intentional that you sneak by the two guards using the shadow cast by one of the guards standing in front of his torch? I thought that was really cool. At one point, there was a candle sitting in an inconvenient place, so I shot it with an arrow to knock it out of the way. Physics are fun! One of the guards got a little suspicious and started looking around where the arrow had landed, so I availed myself of the oppo
  7. I agree with you that Hollywood doesn't do good movie trailers anymore, but I think if they're done right, they can be exciting and stimulate a lot of interest in the product. Check out this one from 1979: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oYNvmNZP2o Hands-down best trailer I've ever seen. To be fair, the movie only became a Hollywood blockbuster by accident, really it was more of a B-monster movie crossed with an oddball art film. But it was the advertising campaign that really made it successful.
  8. I remember exactly that section you're talking about. You're in a little helicopter pad without much room to maneuver, and you have to fight several waves of guys. I tried doing it the sneaky way for like a half-hour but kept getting surrounded. But then I remembered I had some rockets left, and I ended up just blowing up the copter and watching the bodies fall out like candy from a pinata . Far Cry AI was nice but had a few rough spots. One the one hand, I liked how the enemies liked to flank you, and the fact that they were proactive about investigating suspicious activity. It encouraged
  9. WARNING: EXTRA LONG (but thoughtful) POST AHEAD I don't normally post on political topics in forums, but seeing as this is a topic that touches me (I'm a student in at college in Boston, but I grew up in Philly, and went to public school there), I feel inclined to say something. Maximus in not exaggerating. Everything he says about the public school system here and the conditions of the neighborhoods they're in is, for the most part, accurate. Gangs, violence, schools that are falling apart, fifteen-year-old text books, the works. I'm pretty sure I remember a globe with the of the Ottoman
  10. Interestingly, the commercial release of Penumbra seems to have exactly the kind of checkpoint-save system you guys have been talking about: Penumbra Review. The reviewer seemed quite baffled by it. In any case, I have to agree with Orbweaver on this issue. Given the technical limitations of computers and people's time, it's just needlessly inconsiderate to players to limit their saves, especially those with low-end PCs. When my girlfriend plays Oblivion on her aging desktop, she usually saves every five minutes or so -- not because she likes to "cheat" but because the game is prone to crash
  11. While we're on the subject, how are moss arrows going to be implemented? I did a search on the subject and nothing came up. I always thought that it was kind of stupid that a guard wouldn't notice a newly grown patch of moss under his feet, especially when it was in the middle of a bank. Are there any plans to change the way they work?
  12. I'd assume that they'd have some kind of long stick with which to mount the torches. Maybe electric lights would be better, though.
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