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  1. Excellent work as usual. Hah yeah I saw the veins on the hand too and thought damn that's nice.
  2. mrdes

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    Finally got all moved and settled in. Just got internet again too. and then I start school in two days so I'll see how the work load is gonna look in a bit heh.
  3. mrdes

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    Damn I remember reading a huge discussion on CGTalk forums about how something just like this would walk properly but it was a long while ago and I forget it all heh. Not too sure if I could find it. I'm also disconnecting my internet tonight because I'm moving back into a dorm for the year tomorrow. Been really busy with packing and getting ready so I haven't had time to do much of anything lately.
  4. Looks awesome. I can't watch half of the .movs that are posted, I guess because I don't have the right codecs or whatever. But I just save them and watch with windows media player heh.
  5. mrdes

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    This is looking great so far. I think what oddity said about the neck tube being thicker is a good idea as well.
  6. Re-did the sidestep more like how you wanted it I think. The old one is still up on my original post as well as this new one. Side Step v2 (new)
  7. Hmm I sent it by e-mail through the message board. Just by clicking on your board profile and clicking send e-mail since I couldn't find your e-mail address anywhere.
  8. Ok I'll make the changes to that animation as well as some of the other ones that I'm behind on. And I actually just sent sparhawk my key thing for CVS so we'll see if I can figure it all out eventually heh.
  9. Heyya. I've finished a few more animations and I added them to my first post in this thread a few days ago too. (The quick sidestep/dodge animation and then the simple combat stance loop) CVS is still looking pretty crazy to me heh. I'll look harder into it tomorrow though.
  10. Lookin great as always. I like the black & white tunic better too.
  11. Corth - Hmm I'm not sure what you mean by snapping but I think you're talking about how his weight is shifting. It does look choppy in some parts yeah. but his feet never leave the ground in these ones. What he's doing is comfortabley resting all his weight onto one leg that is straight while the other leg is a bit limp and slightly bent (but still connected to the ground). His pelvis rotates from one side to the other as he shifts weight, and this is where it looks kinda snappy since the straightened leg bends and the bent leg straightens in order to follow the pelvis bone. But both feet are
  12. Sparkhawk/Oddity - Yes the current glanceback animation is one where he'd get put into alert mode because he noticed something or saw the thief. I just quickly threw together a calm glancing back animation though, and he looks back for a few seconds then just returns back to his normal pose ("Eh must have just been the wind" type thing). Added it to my first post. Yeah I never really noticed how he should probably grab his head at some point after the little stumble maybe heh. I'll fool around with it after and see how it goes.
  13. I was also wondering how the animations with props will work. Do I need to animate a dummy object in place of where the prop/weapon will go? (for the throw, weapon animations)
  14. I'm not too sure about how these types of shoulder pads connect to the breastplate, but I just started animating them as if they were pretty loose. Not hard to fix if it's a problem. I've only really added their animation into the cough clip so far anyway (which I just updated btw)
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