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  1. Thx, will do on my next run thru.
  2. Well I was playing No Honor among thieves, and I was noticing that the music is REALLY loud at some points, like I have to sit and stop moving and focus to hear a footstep. I hear that turning down the Ambient volume slider would adjust that, but would that also adjust ambient noises as well, or are they handled under side effects. I'm basically looking for a way to decrease just the volume of the music without losing any other audio detail. Also, is there anyway to just flat turn off the music? Maybe console command?
  3. I'm actually having the exact same problem as the poster, right now it appears that 1280x720 16:9 is actually 1366x768, and 1366x768 is rendering at 1920x1080 on my monitor. Quick fix is working for me, but those two resolutions should really be fixed.
  4. Also, I'd really like to make a convincing street like the beginning to the Tears of St. Lucia mission, is the uneven terrain in the alleyway made using bevels or some other technique? I like how the street level is contrasted with the sidewalks and adds alot of depth to the players walking area.
  5. Does anybody know a good location or wiki article on how to make stairs, or do i have to make individual brushes for each step? I couldnt find one that was complete, the current wiki article is missing half the picture examples and the rest is about making a spiral staircase.
  6. Yeah, that worked much better, I think what was happening was I was using that entity on accident before, and wasnt properly binding the light to the entity. So I ended up with what I thought was a bound candle light, but was actually just a functioning entity and a static floating light. Your way is much easier =D.
  7. Well I was pretty much just following the A-Z manual since I'm still REALLY new to DR. But I'll try your method here and post my results =D
  8. Okay, so I'm making a candle with a flame. I've bound the flame to the candle, and the candle is moveable, the fire follows it, etc. Problem is, when I pick up the candle, the flame stays on the candle,....but it also stays floating in mid-air. (just the flame). So I now have a perfectly working, functional candle with attached flame, AND a flame floating 6-7 units above my coffee table. (this is all with just one entity) Help would be appreciated =D
  9. Ok, another question here. Um....what does this mean? "Could not open pointfile: C:/games/Doom 3/darkmod/maps/map.lin" (map.lin is the name of whatever map i'm using). The A-Z tutorial says that I can use the pointfile function to find leaks in my map (in this case, I just made a room and it has a leak, no idea) Whenever I try to use Pointfile on any map I've created, i get that error, with map.lin Any ideas would be helpful, thx much.
  10. Well atm I think I've gotten comfortable with using the clipping tool and just clipping around the door then deleting the brush from where I want the door to be placed. Another question I have, Is there any way to simulate or through actual light sources create an artificial sun. I have an idea for a daytime mission that I'd like to create and the ability to make a sun would be awesome. (I could also do this the longway just using a daytime lit skybox, but that would involve making alot more light sources). Thanks for the help, no ascii art this time hehe.
  11. Quick question here since i'm completely new to DR (about 2 hours in so far). I'm attempting to make this door off the A-Z guide, but this seems like an overly complex procedure, and its not really the actual door making I'm having a problem with. Its the actual cutting of the brush when I want the door to go to a corridor. D Do I really have to separate my already created brush into 3 new brushes for every single door i'm trying to make? Ie. something like this -------------------------------- |...........Brush 1.......| |.............................| |------------------------------- |Bru | Door.| Brush 3..| |sh 2.|........|..............| |____|_____|________| Feedback and help appreciated, thx =D (ascii art ftw)
  12. It started showing up after the first time the game loaded and crashed. The first time I played the game, everything was fine. I left after making sure it worked, changed my resolution and AA settings, restarted the game, it loaded and crashed. It proceeded to crash until i reset the settings back to normal, but then the box was there. I finally got my settings in place, but now the box is still there. I tried out that console command as well, did not work. Box is still there.
  13. Hi, Guys, I LOVE YOU, okay in a nerdy man way, but OMG thank you so much for making Thief FUN AGAIN. WOOT! Alright, Was playing through Tears tonight, and although it didnt stop me from playing through the level, there was almost always this tiny ....box in the lower left corner of the screen. It would obstruct the view of any weapons that i was selecting and it seemed to update with the visibility crystal in the center of the screen. Just wondering if there was a workaround to get rid of it, or pointing it out if you guys havent encountered it. I'm using a radeon 4850 hd, Intel Quad core, 2gb Ram, xp Pro SP2. Radeon bug maybe?, no idea. Great job again WOOT!
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