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  1. Just to note, some people may need to restart their system before they can get this to work. They may not, but I couldn't get it to work when I'd first completed the process in the first post. There may also be a problem with the system's ability to adjust fan speed while running the game (or any game with PlayOnMac?) since the bridge above the keyboard on my Macbook gets fairly hot just above the processor, without any fan speedup. Not sure what's going on there. Otherwise, I haven't had any issues whatsoever with the game. Overall, this has been a successful solution for playing the game on OSX. I do want to mention something related specifically to PlayOnMac: the steps to add desktop shortcuts did not result in the creation of any actual icons on the desktop. The software seems to think that they are there since it won't allow me to re-add them, but I couldn't tell you why.
  2. Hey there. Just curious about whether or not the PlayOnMac method has had any success? Also, if there is a set of steps for setting this up on one's own, I could try it out. I could note anything remarkable if I come across something.
  3. If I play it, I'll see how it looks and make a judgement. What disabling the effect does is allow me to eradicate an issue that would otherwise appear in almost every single mission for the game considering how commonly torches are used. I would probably say that as long as the lava looks effectively lava-ish, I won't have a problem. If it looks off, I'm still leaving the effect off to cover the more prominent problem with torches. That said, I also occasionally go home some weekends, and I have a fantastic gaming PC there where I can play TDM or any other game for that matter on full graphical fidelity without worrying about the same things I have to worry about with my laptop, and that's a pretty good deal for me.
  4. So I did try your suggestion exactly as you described it and it didn't work. However, your solution was correct, and I considered making proxy .vfp files for other default shaders with "heatHaze" in their names, and this effectively removed the effect. Things look great now, so thanks for that. Might pick up Dark Radiant at some point if I fancy playing around and learning some mission design for TDM now that it works well-enough.
  5. The license is legitimate, but it's for a single install of Windows. I would have to redeem the license from the VM's install, making it an illegitimate install, then install Windows via Bootcamp and re-apply the license to the new install. At least that's the issue I had before. It seems like I attempted to unlock the license from the VM once before, but after about a week was prompted by the system for a new key in place of the one that was apparently still "active". Other than the one I used before going back to the VM? By all classifications the program I used did provide manual fan control in Windows. Not free I take it? I assume the free trial has a limited period of use before becoming useless? It sounds interesting, and if I were to purchase it it seems like there will be a discount for upgrading from Parallels, which is compelling, but I'm not going to make that purchase any time soon I'm afraid.
  6. The three biggest issues were: Unlocking the Windows 7 license from the VM for a full permanent install via bootcamp. There's a way or two to do it so this isn't a huge obstacle, but it was still a divisive obstacle. The fan control while using Windows via bootcamp is awful. The fans would never speed up to accommodate for what was literally an extreme heat built up by the processor and/or video card on the laptop. The surface just above the keyboard already gets pretty hot during a game or even with moderate rendering and video play, all with the fans running; in bootcamp, the lack of fan reactivity allowed the temperature to get up to some incredibly dangerous levels. I downloaded a command-prompt program for overriding the fan speeds and manually bumped them up quite high, but then the speeds stay the same until a system restart, which was also pretty annoying. Switching between Mac OS and Windows in an instant is much better suited for what I use this laptop for. TDM is a single piece of software I use, and its the only one that demonstrates any issues. I've played high-end PC games through the VM and the only obvious issue is heat, while in-game performance is just slightly lower than what it should be at worst. Overall keeping these things the way they are is a big comfort and convenience thing for me, and while I'm stoked about playing TDM more regularly, it as a single piece of software that I use out of many others makes installing and configuring a Windows boot partition a moot priority at this point. Still, it is a bit of a goofy setup. I'll grant you that. As far as nbohr1more's workaround goes, I'm not sure I fully understand but I did attempt to create a file with that single material replaced, then placed it into Saint Lucia's folder (because I have no idea what I'm doing). This did not work. Should I edit the main tdm_glass.mtr file within the core material package for my TDM installation, or would some change need to be made to all of the FMs I wish to play? Also, as illustrated above, I don't think I understand the whole workflow you have in mind, but from what you're describing it doesn't sound too difficult.
  7. If there were a way to alter the shader files, I don't think I'd be able to do it myself - at least not now. Altering things like this -especially in replacing pieces of packages written in assembly- is way out of my range of capabilities, even if it's simpler than it sounds. In that case I'd have to say I'm a little lost. [shameless plug] "Residual Decay". That .gif's been around for a while and that A has always looked a bit odd, but was never fixed or altered. If you have played any of the single player mods for Unreal Tournament, you may have heard of campaigns like 7 Bullets and Xidia. Residual Decay is the "sequel" for those two campaigns, although presently it's become more a selection of episodic campaigns to better accommodate the content that's been produced for it and for varying workloads per the early campaigns (sticking mostly with vanilla content). The first episode is currently in the works, if anybody's interested, but for the most part I just attempted a copy of my sig from other forums and the linked image formatting didn't end up working on these boards. The out-of-date ModDB page: http://www.moddb.com.../residual-decay and (again, out-of-date) archived site: http://web.archive.o...yondunreal.com/ I'm working on the mod as a mapper and modeler/animator/texture artist fyi, so I have some moderate mapping chops (at least at a basic level). Been looking into working with TDM's content development tools but I've been busy with school and the sub-par experience with the mod on this laptop puts a damper on my enthusiasm. [/shameless plug]
  8. Hello! A few months back after TDM's first standalone release, I experienced a problem running TDM on a Windows 7 VM which was in turn running on my MacBook Pro. The thread for this issue is below: http://forums.thedar...-issues-solved/ While I understand the actual heat shimmer effect generated by the engine shader will likely not ever function correctly on this laptop under these circumstances, I wanted to specifically ask whether or not there is a configuration file for configuring/disabling any selection of special effects employed throughout the game outside of the game itself, and also how likely that these configuration options would show up in later versions of TDM if they are not there now. It's not a demand or a hopeful inquiry of any sort, but as I have infrequent access to my full PC at home (TDM gets a lot of attention when I go home) and I'm also simply curious, it would be interesting to know how much configuration TDM's engine could potentially allow regarding the graphical effects it employs at a modular level. EDIT Solution: Creating three more files in the glprogs folder called heatHazeWithMask.vfp, heatHazeWithMaskAndBlur.vfp, and heatHazeWithMaskAndVertex.vfp with the exact same code as is shown above. This removes any "Heat Haze" effects in missions (and as far as I know any distortion materials like glass and water), so unless you're having issues similar to that in the original half of the original post, you will likely not need to make this modification to the game's files.
  9. I remember giving each of the free games placed in my GOG.com games library a good look and a couple of plays when I first signed up. I'm thinking you'd end up with a considerable showing if you were to put it on there, and it would be a good way to gauge the reception of the game outside of your own humble site through a game distributor. Plus, GOG's service seems so clean, so it would be the most open and simple approach compared to services like Steam and Desura.
  10. Sure thing: http://pastebin.com/BfrjJJKb Glad to help out in any way I can.
  11. In short, you were completely correct. Parallels came free from the retailer that sold me my Macbook, so not using it as a primary way to use Windows is no real problem (I only wish it started up about as quickly as Mac OSX). TDM seems to be running fine now, and the heatHazeWithMask.vfp issue is resolved. While it was a tad bit time-consuming to get Windows set up again, it seems to be the most ideal option. Thank you for the help.
  12. This is what I got in the console dump after loading up a save file from the very beginning of Tears of Lucia, FYI. Hope it's helpful. http://pastebin.com/7mXeqdVT
  13. Hello there. I started playing with TDM yesterday evening and after viewing the tutorial mission and playing through Tears of Lucia, I've got to say I'm rather impressed. I won't go into any sort of glowing praise for the game here (though you guys do deserve it), but I did want to point out that I've experienced an issue on my setup in regards to the way torches, water, and other reflective surfaces (such as health potion vials) appear in the game. I'm assuming the issue is mostly on my end, but regardless here's what I'm seeing with torches while playing: With water: All of this appears to be some re-rendering of the player's view on top of the particles or surfaces involved, but they're being displayed incorrectly on my setup (thought thankfully this is the only bug I've encountered so far). If this is an effect that could have a configuration setting tied to it to toggle it on and off, that would be fine for me and anybody else who may be having this problem. Otherwise, hopefully this feedback is somewhat helpful, even if it is an uncommon bug. I've enjoyed the game tremendously so far, and I hope that making it standalone at its current state draws a lot of attention. Goodness knows the hardcore stealth genre could use a bit more attention. My computer stats are: -Macbook Pro -Nvidia GeForce GT 650M -16 GB RAM -500 GB SSD I'm running TDM through a Parallel's Windows 7 virtual machine that routes jobs to the graphics processor quite quickly from what I can tell, so performance isn't much of an issue here in light of the goofy configuration.
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