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  1. Hey, welcome back! To go off of what Freyk said, they're all great. But some of my personal favorites are: Kingsal's Volta series (Volta and the Stone, and Cauldron), Melan's Penny Dreadful series, Grayman's William Steele campaign (start with "In the North"), anything by Goldwell, the list goes on. Happy thieving!

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  2. 7 minutes ago, NeonsStyle said:

    n attic entrance. In the attic is a pedestal with something on it, that hilights when
    you frob it, but it doesn't do anything, or make any sound when you frob it. What gives with
    with this?

    This definitely comes into play, its not a glitch or anything. Pay close attention and keep exploring the map, and I think you'll be able to figure out what to do. But I won't ruin the surprise just yet...

  3. 2 hours ago, Abusimplea said:

    It is mission-specific. The water always was mirror-like there.

    Seconded. This is something that was present in 2.07 and something I intend on tweaking when I release an update for this FM (soonish).

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  4. Thanks for the feedback @Lzocast as well as the bug list :) Yeah, it's certainly understandable that one can get a bit overwhelmed or confused about where to go, and we all did work hard on making it so that players could (relatively) easily learn their way around the map. We spent weeks trying to find the best ways to guide the player around but no solution was ever 100% perfect, especially given how large this particular map is. Glad you like it though, and yes, take breaks! I can't imagine finding everything in this map in one go

  5. 49 minutes ago, cabalistic said:

    For the magic cards I lack a bit of context, not knowing the history of those cards and not being a Magic player myself. The one card that the article shows I can immediately understand why it's a controversial card, although in the right context I'd also accept it as a brilliant satire. Though from what little is in the article it doesn't sound like it's satire, so...

    This isn't the first time MTG cards have been banned, and in the early years with the Arabian Nights block among a few others, there were definitely some very questionable cards, even by  late 90s standards.  The Invoke Prejudice card in particular is problematic for several reasons, one being because of its illustrator Harold McNeill, whose portfolio is very clearly filled with Nazi-style artwork. It's definitely not hard to see the common theme in his artwork.  The card itself was internally coded as "1488" (being a favorite number among neo-nazi fuck bags), so I can see why Wizards decided to axe this particular card.

    Some of the other bans seem a little over the top, but I believe those are all cards that are no longer in Standard or tournament play anymore anyways, so its not really impacting the game at all. 

    EDIT: And out of morbid curiosity just now, I didn't have to scroll far on McNeill's facebook page to see a positive reference to the Iron Cross.... yeah, I think MTG is better off without him or his cards

  6. I'd be willing to take a look at what you got Jared, I can even help you out with those readables.  Feel free to shoot me a PM

    25 minutes ago, jaredmitchell said:

    Well now you tell me that's a possibility! Yes that would be much more convenient, I should look up how to do that while waiting for feedback to come in.


    And don't feel bad, I too made that same mistake. Could have saved myself days worth of work... oh well. All part of the learning process

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  7. Hey @krrg! Thanks for playing! 

    Yeah, I realize I definitely did some unique things in this FM that might be a little weird at first, especially when

    it came to the mage 
    , but I'd like to think it came out pretty well.

    As far as the secret goes:

    there is definitely something there, but it is REAL subtle. Don't want to ruin it for you just yet, but you have to pay special attention as you curse me for making it that hard


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