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Changelog of 2.10 development:

* Major changes in security camera (5528, 4731, Wiki).
* Entity limit removed raised to 64K (5439, announcement).
* Added secrets tracking system for mappers to use (5549)(Wiki).
* Integrated Sotha's "automaton" AI from Ulysses into core assets.
* Menu: improved the main page and the "new game" page to make it easier for new players.
* Menu: ask for confirmation on game restart, fixed menu music setting.
* Menu: show checkboxes near objectives after mission is failed (5049).
* Fixed rare crash in script-generated frobs (5542).
* Added idPlayer::GetObjectiveVisible script event (5543).
* Fixed rare collision bug causing lags (5439, r9157).
* Debug visualization no longer blocks SMP performance improvements (5468).
* Fixed script-generated game saves by disabling screenshot due to SMP.
* Added missing frob highlight to plaster materials (4487).
* Removed missing material reference in skin "wench/purple_bodice".
* Minor fixes to mirroring: puddle, bc_teatray.

* More work on security camera (5528, Wiki) --- not finished yet.
* Massive changes in dmap to make it faster (5562, 5488, announcement).
* Fixed vertices merging in dmap which could cause sparklies (5486).
* OpenAL (sound) upgraded to 1.21.1, fixing bsinc resampler (5564).
* Added first implementation of tooltips in settings menu (2626).

* Map loading optimizations: texture storage, parallel image loading, models loading (5591).
* Fixed map not starting after prior error + removed 5 seconds delay at the end of loading (5118).
* Removed mandatory snapping from dmap, fixing thin objects like ropes (5486).
* Improved precision of windings in dmap compilation (5580).
* SIMD code cleanup: enabled AVX on Linux, disabled denormals (4550).
* Dropped visportals are now further classified as "leaky" and generic ones (5353, wiki).
* Fixed creation of script threads with object method call (4713).
* Added cvar s_alReverbGain to tone down EFX reverb (5587).
* r_materialOverride fixed with Frontend Acceleration.
* Fixed when player is in the void with "r_useLightAreaCulling 0".
* Minor fixes in menu tooltips.
* Fixed GL debug groups on AMD (5280).
* Changes in FPS counter, which make displayed value more stable when com_showFpsAvg is large.

Changelog of earlier versions can be found here.

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New dev build is available: dev16215-9215

UPDATE: I have just noticed that the code revision of this build is 9224, so I renamed the version to dev16215-9224

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