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  1. Yes that would be awesome, specially for foliage, grass and such, I still don't know why alpha blending is such a problematic thing but i'm not a graphics coder. Curious how they solved that on Quake Wars, I think it uses more than alpha testing.
  2. Update 2 found why my sprites were not getting surfaces, I was using a nodraw material because I wanted the main sprite to be invisible but its geometry still accessible, (long story) but the code that creates surfaces, skips those mapped with invisible materials.
  3. Update on this, second question is solved and it was very basic, was expecting something more complicated but it was not, just set the sprite "weaponDepthHack" (despite the name works in any model) bool value to true and it works... :Z Still didn't solved the first question but based on the second, perhaps I most be failing to see something basic again.
  4. When I made conversions like that this is what's sometimes happened to me, one the uvmap was missing, meaning the model was white after conversion, two, in my case, I use Modo and sometimes, depending on the format coming in, it would create a extra uvmap for the model, next to the default one and because the game engine, doesn't support more than one uvmap the model would get all messed up ingame. Other times, I would just forget to triangulate the model, .lwo supports exporting quad's not only triangles, so if is the case, you need to remember to triangulate the models at export time,
  5. Do you know c++? IMO you would gain much by looking at the engine source, to see how the render backend does the shader stuff, even if you have no intention of messing with the c++ code but if there's some docs better.
  6. I use .lwo exclusively and there's nothing more simple than that, just give the model surfaces materials, in the 3D editor, the name of the engine materials they need and that's that, example textures/somefolder/materialname. textures/folder/materialname <----- this is the full material name "path" you want to use { blend blend map textures/somefolder/someTEXTUREname } If you can export .lwo IMO it is a better format, because is a binary format and not a text based format, in theory, making .lwo faster to load than ASE files, plus you need to always edit the bitmap option, in
  7. On that Doom 3 shots that nbohr1more posted, can someone explain to me how PBR can do such a stark diference in light levels?! Is that really pure material PBR alone or there's some extra fake shader based ambient being done there? Is almost like with PBR on the scene gets radiosity bouces. About PBR in TDM I know is just a "what if" but imo that would be fantastic. And btw this is my idea how it could work, sorry if is stupid don't know much about this stuff. OK TDM would have two render paths, one with PBR support and the other vanilla, the PBR one is off by default and not used, u
  8. Ha Ok that does explains better, unfortunately cannot help you, I never used that feature my self.
  9. If your "open project" is not a TDM mission or not using the TDM engine than no, is not possible to use that real-time link, unfortunately is exclusive to TDM.
  10. My opinion peter_spy, as a modeler in some extent my self, i do comprehend your feeling, I really do, modeling of your caliber, is a big amount of work but I also agree with the others, this is not the type of direction that a open source tool, open community should follow, if you really care about who uses your models, than I can only say, don't make models for TDM period or spend less time and effort on them, even if that means TDM losing a source of high quality models. There's nothing you can do about leaches trying to use your work, someone somewhere will just find a way to rip your
  11. I certainly don't like the idead of HTML based guis, just the idea of using HTML/CSS and perhaps even java script to do guis, specially when I hated that stuff, when I did my old website work... makes me shiver, also I bet Doom 3 gui system would be way way faster than anything using HTML and CSS, but that's my opinion. IMO if a new gui system is seriously being considered than a immediate mode gui could be a good choice, based on what I read about it they are way easy to maintain and work with (but do need more backend work). I looked at dear imgui some time ago because of it, seem
  12. That is perfectly possible but personally, not sure if I like the idea of having extra buttons popup, needed to experience it first.
  13. Unless the TDM team changed the gui system, in a way that I was not aware, TDM gui's, shouldn't support mouse drag functionality. Having said that, it is certainly not impossible to change it to support it, if you know c++ coding, know the gui system iner workings, deeply enough, and also important, have time and incentive to do it. I know of at lest one idtech 4 game the one in the link bellow, where drag&drop and more is supported, is also the idtech 4 game with the most complex fullscreen gui's that I've seen to this day, unless he totally replaced the original idtech 4 gui sy
  14. Unless is me seeing things, for a "quad" it looks very strange it has flat corners?! Isn't the gui quads normal squares?
  15. Afaik original idtech 4 used AMD 3Dc (or was it ATI2N?) format to compress all their normal maps, how bad was it compared to RGTC? And I assume those work faster on AMD GPU's being a format made by them.
  16. Yes that is a valid reason to use it, I forgot to say that I have a freesync monitor, so I don't normally see tearing, unless fps's go bellow 45fps (45hz) that in my case is rare, I have a reasonable PC and I play at 1080p, no MSAA.
  17. MSAA in this engine is indeed a FPS killer, specially playing above 1080p. Afaik the engine should be capped at 60hz at default, even with vsync off, unless of course, you use the new uncap FPS option in the menu settings, there's also the "max fps" where you can cap the fps to 60 if you want but logically it should only take effect with uncap fps set to on (why would you uncap the fps and then cap it to 60, when the engine does that for you, is beyond me). Personally I prefere to just use the normal engine capped fps and not use those settings, nor vsync because afaik it can potenti
  18. Hi guys I need help in two questions, not related to TDM so me posting here and would appreciate any help even if is only a small hint. 1) Is how to access mesh vertices on model sprites, like the player icons in Doom 3? I wanted that to put stuff at the corner vertices xyz positions of the "sprite" quad, in game, but failed. I only know how to do that through the model surface, using sprite->renderEntity->hModel->Surface(i) but for some reason, it always returns null, even thou the sprite/icon has a material and it renders! So you don't need a surface to render? 2) How to
  19. On normal idtech 4 you can't, so TDM team changed that, if that is maps, have you tried stencil shadows? Btw your work looks very nice, you have talent for that stuff. About having perfect transparency sorting, afaik there's nothing you can do, unless Order-independent transparency is included or even ray tracing and you know how probable that is.
  20. Have you updated the AMD GPU drivers recently? If you didn't and they worked before in TDM than imo it can't be the GPU drivers. Not really connected to TDM but after some recent windows 10 updates, I started having serious problems in visual studio 2015, so is no surprise to me that recent windows updates could be f things up on TDM, because of messing with OpenGL. edit: Tested Requiem and did everything you said, lean forward, frob and no clip and saw no black box. TDM 2.09/64 (not final version) my GPU AMD RX 570X, so if it ends being the GPU, perhaps this only happens on moder
  21. Looking at the c++ code the restart only seems to set a new delay and set the time to the current time then continue is called to go to the top of the for loop. if ( fxaction.restart ) { if ( fxaction.random1 || fxaction.random2 ) { totalDelay = fxaction.random1 + gameLocal.random.RandomFloat() * (fxaction.random2 - fxaction.random1); } else { totalDelay = fxaction.delay; } laction.delay = totalDelay; laction.start = time; } continue; perhaps this continue triggers when restart is used? Is called before the code above in the for loop // // see if it'
  22. What about glossiness could he include it? I think that would work fine with current non PBR materials. You would need a extra gloss texture thou.
  23. HMart

    3D editors

    Nice list, wings3D was the first 3D tool that I ever used before landing on Luxology Modo and it was a fantastic box modeling tool for its time. Btw about web based 3D apps, this is a nice read about the pros and cons of such tools... https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1024465/Insomniac-s-Web-Tools-A
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