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  1. Welcome to the age of overpromises and overhype, not even what happened with No Man's sky, made the higher ups at CDP RED manage the hype.
  2. Personally I have a 165hz monitor and I set it to 120hz, why you may ask, because most old games can't go past 60fps without something breaking and most modern games that can run at above 60fps, are to heavy for my modest GPU to constantly run at 165fps or above, to take full advantage of the fast refresh rate. Plus imo is a waste of energy, 120hz is good enough for me.
  3. I stand corrected but in my defense, you used the word character and the player is a character also.
  4. Sorry if I assumed wrong, I thought you guys were talking about player animations. But even with NPC's imo there's problems opening doors realistically, seems such a basic thing to do but in reality is a very complex task, even AAA games where millions were spent didn't solved this.
  5. I don't know how to solve that but perhaps this page may help. I do find it really funny thou. I love when that happens in games, other games have this feature, don't know if intentional or not, I remember particularly Severance Blade of Darkness (or edge of darkness in some countries) where higher ranking enemies would kill the lower ones if they hit them accidentally.
  6. Yes that true but there's a reason even most AAA games don't use such door opening animations, even thou many people want them, they make the gameplay slow and they are very hard to make work right, first imagine you are on hurry, you want to open the door fast to escape a guard, but you need to wait for your character to finish its "door opening" animation before you can hide, I've experienced this in some games, that use such animations. Also even thou some may think is more realistic, IMO sometimes it is not, in a FPS game, it can sometimes disconnect the player from the character, spe
  7. No need to ask sorry you did nothing wrong.
  8. Zerg Rush that reply looked like something a bot would post because of how off topic it seemed. And how the Eternium link, at a glance looked like a link to Ethereum the bit coin type virtual money. I almost reported you!
  9. Fair but those images show what TDM is capable off in the right hands, even with the current assets and there are missions that have scenes like that or better, of course TDM missions are made by fans, everyone of them with different skill sets and so some may look less than that, but IMO even the "worse looking" TDM mission looks at lest comparable to Thief 3 not original thief.
  10. Lets see: Thief 1/2 https://media.moddb.com/images/downloads/1/13/12812/dump026.jpg https://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/22894-thief-ii-the-metal-age-windows-screenshot-that-s-what-thief.jpg Dark Mod https://www.thedarkmod.com/wp-content/gallery/environments/thedarkmod-2018-05-25-23-38-03.jpg https://www.thedarkmod.com/wp-content/gallery/environments/thedarkmod-2018-05-26-00-20-43.jpg Yep the same....
  11. It was already at 64bits. Tried 32bits just to see if it made any change, nothing, tried messing with gama and brightness no change to the color banding, tried changing anisotropy (was at 8x) no change, tried changing to the old backend, again nothing, enabling r_useNewFog makes a big change to the Snowed Inn skybox look but it still shows some color banding. Other things i tried, disabling sharping, bloom and SSAO, no obvious change to the skybox, I also enabled the new frob shader just to test it and I see banding on the highlight! edit: tried Snowed Inn in TDM 2.07 also s
  12. Unfortunately I don't have a Navi based GPU only a older GCN one and that bug doesn't happen to me but I need to ask something, I played the mission Snowed Inn just now and, I seem to be getting very obvious color banding on the skybox, as if the skybox texture was 8bits do you get that has well? I tried the training mission and I don't see the same thing, perhaps is the fog?
  13. IMO this was bound to happen, to me is a surprise how long it took for someone to push TDM in a direction it was not originally designed for, is a testament thou to the excellent work the TDM team made to make the tools relatively easy to use to create "thief" like missions. So is easy to understand that the more knowhow you guys gather the more limitations you guys strike against, so is not surprising that some of you want more than what is offered now, so yes for TDM power users, like grayman said "enhancing the scripting API" is a good idea, but like Geep said "minimize slowdowns inhe
  14. Please don't take this wrong but to me it seems you are confusing TDM engine with engines like Unity, that are a black box totally separate from the gameplay code and assets and you script your entire game, but idtech 4 is not like that. TDM when it was a mod used the SDK (source development kit) that idSoftware released for us fans, the SDK is the full c++ gameplay code, forget the script language is the real c++ code that linked the gameplay to the engine. Remember when I talked about a .dll? idtech 4 was separated in two components, the main engine .exe and the gameplay code .dll, mode
  15. Func_statics are meant to be static, meaning for walls and such, so that class lacks some necessary code to manage movement, if you want to move anything you should use a func_mover, a idDoor is a func_mover and I assume that is true for TDM doors has well.
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