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  1. Is that really true? I've not used it in some time but I did used it before and it worked every single time in all games I tried it, could be a recent bug, personally stopped using it because I don't like how it blurs the scene a little and also affects the text in the GUI's of some games, makes them overly smooth. It also doesn't work in Dx12 and Vulkan games, but those are a minority. Btw I personally don't like FXAA either, why, because it also blurs the scene a little to my tastes, if I can't use MSAA or even SSAA I don't use AA at all, I prefer fluid motion, crisp images and don't mind aliasing, IMO isn't that bad at 1080p.
  2. You can also write a autoexec.cfg file, if it doesn't exist already that is and if TDM team didn't changed how config files are managed, don't have TDM at hand to see, then you can put all your preferred cvars in there. Btw no need to put there all the cvars, only the ones you want to change, if it works, it will safely override the ones in darkmod.cfg.
  3. The performance improvements are very impressive, you guys are doing a fantastic job but I most say that personally, I like the 2.03 version look the most, less shiny more brighter. Could it be the SSAO doing that, or the team changed how the ambient lighting works?
  4. Sorry I should have mentioned that i'm not using it on TDM. So I really don't know.
  5. Unfortunately idtech 4 GUI editor (made by the Quake 4 team Raven btw) is very bare bones, has a tendency to crash and corrupt GUI's, specially if it has complex scripting and you are not careful and save constantly, it also doesn't support any in editor scripting abilities and animations that still has to be done manually in a text editor. For those that care here are the cvars I use to make it work +set developer 1 +set r_fullscreen 0 +set r_multiSamples 0 +set r_mode 5 +disconnect +editguis There's also a material editor if you don't already know, but imo is far from being a very user friendly tool and for the most part personaly prefere to write them by hand.
  6. Hum the last time I tried to mod the game it only guarantied full support for collada 1.4.0, I used Modo 601 (the same I still use for idtech4 .lwo), it exports collada 1.4.1, it worked but not 100% the model exported/imported fine but all the extra stuff, like lights, and light options, like color and size and stuff, didn't worked correctly. Or perhaps Modo exports a invalid collada format? (I find that unlikely) Or HPL1 engine uses a particular format of collada that only the Maya plugging, Frictional games used, could export. I remember looking at original Penumbra collada 1.4.0 models in a text editor and the collada 1.4.1 exported from Modo 601 and saw obvious big diferences. Never tested blender because didn't used it at the time. To me is important that collada export/import work correctly, because afaik to use HPL1, 99.9% of the level work is done inside the 3D tool (Maya in their case), their "editor" is just a pre-viewer of sorts.
  7. Awesome work revelator, don't forget to post that in the Frictional Games forum if you have not already, thanks for making this, I really hope that having the ability to use a more modern collada version and so more modern tools, will help this engine get more use, IMO was one of the main stoppers. Unfortunately can't test right now, will do so during the weekend and give you some feedback. cheers.
  8. 1 - go to modify -> rotate and scale, is already at 45ยบ increments. 2 - Are you talking about DR here? if yes changing keybindings in edit -> mouse bindings, doesn't help?
  9. stgatilov, unless you guys modified the input system has well, in normal idtech 4 there's also the ability to print (list) key bindings on the console, so obviously they can be made into a simple string. If this code gets updated has keybindings get changed ingame, I don't know but I assume it does. Here is the relevant code from KeyInput.cpp void Key_ListBinds_f( const idCmdArgs &args ) { int i; for ( i = 0; i < MAX_KEYS; i++ ) { if ( keys[i].binding.Length() ) { common->Printf( "%s \"%s\"\n", idKeyInput::KeyNumToString( i, false ), keys[i].binding.c_str() ); } } }
  10. First personally i'm not a fan of those situations where games override player commands, but that is me. About the question itself, afaik there's no way in script to simulate a button press, don't know what you are trying to do but couldn't you just push the player forward with a invisible brush? It will not "walk" but glide but at lest would move forward.
  11. No problem revelator, its nice to hear from you. Never worked with angelscript but from the code I've seen, it seems to follow C syntax, similar to Doom Script, that makes it very attractive to me. Not that I can help but what problems are you having with it?
  12. Holly shit that bump in performance is impressive! Good job!
  13. I've used vertex colors in some models before (not on TDM version of idtech 4) and never saw this behavior, idSoftware also used them for the Mars terrain peaces and afaik they look fine, but perhaps I just didn't looked carefully or this bug only happens on .ase models? All my models are in .lwo format. If this ends being a original idtech 4 bug then not even idsoftware artists were aware of it, but Doom 3 was rater dark so that could hide some bugs.
  14. The model topology in the flat parts imo is really not optimal, so perhaps is smoothing groups causing problems? If it was me I would cut (separate in blender I think) the model manually at the "hard edges", to see if that solves the problem, this if the exporter doesn't decide to "glue" the model again at export time, afaik exporters should do this cut automatically at export, when using smoothing groups or "hard edges" but perhaps is failing in this case? If that solves the problem then I would rework the topology. Btw what model is that for? Or is a secret?
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