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  1. This particular sample of OpenGL_4.0 cookbook is useful in any way? Sorry if is not I'm a noob on this stuff. ps- I have the full pdf available if you want it, not sure if I can post here thou... OpenGL_4.0_Shading_Language_Cookbook.pdf
  2. Yes you are right, it seems it was just a fluke on my first use to the svar, using it again it didn't froze the entire window! And I could noclip around.
  3. in my case g_stopTime totally froze the game including the player and the game window, making me unable to interact with the game, so I don't think is very useful in this case. r_lockSurfaces was broken in all idtech 4 engines versions I tested, I didn't tested the BFG version of the engine tho. Is a petty that such a convenient debug tool was released broken. Btw doesn't r_showTris 2 could be useful here? This option seem to take portals clip into account and only show triangles that are visible through portals, if there's no portals it shows the triangles of everything, including o
  4. Don't know of such cmd but if it exists I would love to know it has well! But browsing the engine cvars I see this one, r_lockSurfaces it says "allow moving the view point without changing the composition of the scene, including culling" sounds very similar to what you want but I tested the cmd on my end and it just caused a black screen.
  5. Oh lol my bad, fixed.
  6. First sorry if there's already a thread for this mod, but my search didn't found a dedicated thread for it, if there is, be free to delete this. I don't know how many here know about this Doom 3 Mod, perhaps all and I'm wasting my time but my search found, imo, so few mentions of it that I decided to make a thread to spread awareness. IMO, next to obviously TDM (even though TDM is not a Doom 3 mod anymore), Phobos is one of the best Doom 3 mods in existence. They released Episode 1 some time ago and it was to me a fantastic surprise, now they released Episode 2 and imo they o
  7. I played only the demo but agree with most reviews here and they said pretty much what I think, so I will just enforce the two main points that I found really off putting for this game, one the save system, forcing you to start from the beginning of the chapter, was really frustrating, just this made me not want to buy the full game, two, not 100% sure on this one but I felt that I got caught, at lest in one occasion, by a obviously predetermined situation, in other words, I was obviously caught, not because of lack of attention or a mistake but because the game forced it. And this are my
  8. It certainly can, it is made for a fps game but there's nothing that prevents anyone from changing the code now, for example there's a side scroller made in idtech4 even tho the engine is optimized for first person games. In the case of HPL modding, someone made a small racing game in HPL3, Soma engine! A game and engine that afaik has zero code for vehicles and without the source code, imagine what fans will be able to do now that they have access to the full engine. https://www.moddb.com/mods/neon-racer
  9. That is awesome! They are doing what idSoftware did all those years ago, very nice of them.
  10. Oh ok! Didn't knew about that! Collada is a another choice indeed, is supported by all major tools but I've read others saying, is a very finicky format to work with, because of how complex/over engineered it is and that some tools don't follow the collada speck well causing some files from one tool to not work on another.
  11. Afaik Doom 3 does support smoothing in lwo but is based in material angle smoothing like in Lightwave and MODO not 3DMax based smoothing groups. Personally I don't see what more you can use lwo for in TDM, does it support vertex animation? I'm asking because for bones you have MD5 and for vertex animation you have MD3 but is a very old format with very few tool support. I don't know how generic you can make lwo, so other tools can use its full power, IMO is really useful for those using Modo and old lightwave but for any others I cannot say how good is the format supported, in the case of
  12. Does TDM support Parallel-Split Shadow Mapping ? Afaik for outdoor lighting is the best option for acceptable performance, if shadows is the problem that is...
  13. No sorry still need to install VS2017, right now only have 2015 and 2019. edit: Ok instaled vs2017 and i'm building the project. edit 2: libs compiled fine, penumbra not, first it asked me to update the solution? Then it stoped with error: fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'hpl.h': No such file or directory It seems i'm missing some includes
  14. First quake 4 gui scripting has some important diferences from Dhewm 3 gui scripting, the later is based on original Doom 3 system, so don't be surprised if Quake 4 gui tutorials don't work. For example, in quake 4 you can call onNamedEvents directly in the gui using comand "namedEvent", wheres on doom 3 gui's you can't, only through c++ (but is not hard to change the gui source code for that to happen I did it, will post the c++ code if someone wants), but that is not the only diference, for example in quake 4 you can access individual values from a vector, using the same way you do in doom s
  15. lol nice, personally I don't know what I would use that for, I only used DOS for a very small time and just to play Prince of Persia, I've pretty much grow up with windows but i'm sure is useful for those wanting to run that old dos tool or old dos game that they loved.
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