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  1. I was not trying to make you guys feel bad about DR, , is perfectly fine to the job it was meant to do. And yes, you can very well make terrains outside of it and there's perfect tools to do that, like world machine that beats hammer system hands down. And the TDM engine was not optimized to render huge terrains so who cares.
  2. Yes is called hammer, very similar two Dark Radiant but more advanced but in some ways you will feel at home with it. Btw is similar because Valve used a modified quake 1 engine to do Half Life 1 and when they made Source 2 and its new hammer editor, they kept many of the characteristics of the old Quake based editor. I've used it before and let me tell you that is a awesome tool, personally decided to go to idtech 4 only because, I loved Doom 3 and because of the better real time per pixel lighting support but there's things that hammer can do that DR still can't, like it has a advanced patch system that makes it very easy to make complex terrains.
  3. Don't agree, you can't really say alpha shadows are ground breaking in TDM context, but that is because TDM for the most part doesn't cast any shadow from alpha surfaces, not are the scenes made with that in mind. So in the case of current TDM, is not that important if alpha shadows are missing but if you made your scenes with maps in mind you would see that they make a huge difference. Maps in TDM have a huge potential that is not currently being explored and perhaps never will because that would mean breaking some old missions. Also about "chain link fences" the problem is that those based in real geometry, can't be very complex, where's a alpha texture can have all the complexity on its pattern that it wants. And don't tell me shadows cast by those are not cool looking, because I certainly don't agree, they certainly are, they can also make a flat scene have a totally different feeling to it. I'm sure you know this but for those that don't, this is what shadow maps can do with alpha transparency that stencil cannot: Cast shadows unto and from particles: http://www.impressivetoast.com/content/image/VSFP/D.png Cast colored shadows from stained glass (possible to do in TDM with texture projectors but is a manual job) https://docs.unrealengine.com/Images/Engine/Rendering/Materials/HowTo/ColoredTransluscentShadows/TCS_Lit_CO_Result.jpg Cast shadows from plants using alpha, trees, grass, bushes, etc (massive potential) Cast shadows made of very complex patterns: (btw something a made fast in Modo and those are 2048 rez maps) (Something also possible in TDM with texture projectors but again manual job and if low rez can look very different to the clean sharp stencil shadows around)
  4. Ah I thought you were talking about Half Life 1 because that is a source engine (HL2) based game but yes is a very nice Silent Hill based mod, petty that imo is mostly (a very good) level design showcase, imo the gameplay is very minimal. Btw he or they are now working on this comercial game https://www.indiedb.com/games/twin-soul
  5. ok thanks for the info. Btw i'm not sure because i'm not a graphics coder but don't stencil shadows on idtech 4 also get cached when the light doesn't move? At least I remember seeing something to that end in the engine console, perhaps r_useOptimized shadows or r_useTurboShadows I really don't remember. edit: it seems useOptimizedShadows is the one. idCVar r_useOptimizedShadows( "r_useOptimizedShadows", "1", CVAR_RENDERER | CVAR_BOOL, "use the dmap generated static shadow volumes" );
  6. Oh yes is true about half life but IMO still it has some cool exceptions that make it feel fresh and different, for example these. https://www.moddb.com/games/cry-of-fear https://www.moddb.com/mods/occult-scrim https://www.moddb.com/mods/starlight https://esforces.com/
  7. I assume this "it requires to render each (shadow-casting) light separately" is true even for a forward+ renderer and a Deferred render? And forgetting that stencil can't do alpha shadows and that is destined to the chopping block, if you really wanted to maintain Stencil and make them much faster, couldn't the silluet and geometry creation be done on the GPU? To free the CPU for better physics, AI and sound effects, using a geometry shader or a compute shader? Of course this would require anyone with the necessary know-how willing to do it and also it would pretty much prevent TDM to run on older GPUs but truth be told, TDM 2.08 will break backwards compatibility anyway.
  8. I'm sorry to say that I've played so much stalker mods that even tho I love stalker and nothing comes close to it, not even Metro, i'm just tired of Stalker mods, IMO is just more of the same. Some mods just make the game much more complex and harder in the name of realism, but them prevent you from selling a "too damaged" weapon has if that was realistic at all, others bring a bunch of good looking but out of place/totally unrealistic weapons for the setting, others make the inventory management so complex that you think is a full RTS (real time strategy) game instead of a simple RPG. I would love that some day the Stalker community would take Xray engine and do a totally unrelated game with it, like Broken Glass Studios team did with Doom 3 but I know is unrealistic to think this, TDM is unique and imo was initiated at the right time.
  9. Yes stencil are fast, the technique itself is fast, because in reality is just simple geometry and modern GPU's can render millions of triangles but this particular one was made by John Carmack so based on that, you can expect the best of the best. Not to diminish the work of who implemented shadow maps in the engine tho, you need to have a really high knowledge on Opengl rendering and specially the engine itself, to know how everything is connected, i'm working on idtech 4 source code for some years now and I still don't know what a large portion of the engine is doing. So yes kudos to ever implemented shadow maps in TDM engine, you are a very good coder.
  10. A new AI based system is now capable of reconstructing a entire image just from a small piece of the original information in real time, is just impressive stuff but really really makes me sad about the future of gaming, PC gaming in particular.
  11. What you want i'm old man! But I do think that stencil shadows still look good, specially when soft edges are also available. Btw you still can find relatively modern games (indie mostly) with PCF based shadow maps at max 1024 rez and those look worse than stencil shadows IMO, specially worse when badly implemented shadow maps can flicker or have what is called shadow acne. https://computergraphics.stackexchange.com/questions/2192/cause-of-shadow-acne But yes modern AAA games pretty much stopped using Stencil shadows, and like I said before you can make maps look much more realistic, i'm aware of that.
  12. Very professional peter_spy nice job.
  13. Agree but at least to me is playable enough. Btw right now afaik TDM is not using the ability to cast shadows from alpha images, unless I've played the wrong missions... so there should be no difference between the two, in the amount of shadows being cast i mean. But Imagine when eventually they make maps cast shadows from alpha textures, then the game will have more shadows per scene than stencil shadows, if they don't get deeply optimized, performance will suffer even more, compared to stencil, not a easy task. Btw i'm not sure but I imagine that totally removing stencil from the engine will not be easy, the engine code really being deeply connected to them and all, but I could be wrong. One thing is certain I don't envy the TDM coders "job".
  14. Like in all things where people are working for free and on their spare time be glad work is done at all. The things you really want to be implemented may never be, unless people with the knowledge and the free time do it, want to do it. But it never hurts to ask. If you don't mind the opinion of a random internet person, see the hidden content below to know more about stencil shadows and shadow maps.
  15. Agree. I think I do know of one old game whose engine and scripting was entirely made with python (very early python), Severance Blade of Darkness, the first game also that I saw using, per-pixel lighting, stencil shadows and rigid body physics.
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