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  1. A .gif itself no, but a static horizontal image strip with a special material yes. Something like this, tweak has necessary. table table32 { snap { 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 ,24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 } } textures/particles/caustics { qer_editorimage textures/particles/causticsstrip_ed.jpg translucent { blend add map textures/particles/caustics.tga scale 1 / 24 , 1 // strip has 24 frames scroll table32[ time * .2 ] , 0 rgb 0.1 } }
  2. IMO Opengl will never go away (unless you are Apple), there millions of software in the wild that don't need the close to the metal performance of Vulkan, many indie games for example will be OpenGL for years to come, hardware vendors will be unhappy but they will have to still support OpenGL essentially forever, 20 years from now you will still be able to play OpenGL games of today, like you can still play directdraw games from the 90's, at the same time, they will be happy that OpenGL will stagnate at some point in the future and they will just need to maintain that version, instead of constantly having to adapt to new OpenGL. nbohr1more imo Nvidia still has a huge influence over Vulkan, is not only the new Vulkan raytracing based on RTX but also Kronos president is from Nvidia.
  3. Not sure if TDM supports all Opengl blending options but I don't see why not, here are some links: https://learnopengl.com/Advanced-OpenGL/Blending Search for "Stage Keywords" in the link below https://web.archive.org/web/20170610204134/https://www.iddevnet.com/doom3/materials.php That is strange, using photoshop as a example, add (GL_ONE, GL_ONE) in that case, seems to be behaving like photoshop "subtract", not photoshop Linear Dodge(add) or screen, in idtech 4 blend add behavior is like so, any color minus black, is added into the main surface color, this is mostly used to make glowing effects on characters and surfaces, so white in that case should show totally white ingame, perhaps TDM team should investigate, could be a render bug. Also experiment removing the keywords, forceOpaque, solid and sort.
  4. Yes opengl blend options are very cool, one way to make black silhouettes on surfaces, is to do a video where full white is background and black is the silhouette you want moving on the surface (a inverted alpha channel) then use blend modulate or blend filter (GL_DST_COLOR, GL_ZERO), it should work like photoshop blend multiply.
  5. When TDM showed up a big smile came to my face this fantastic game and its developers, need all the praise in the world. "I hope Eidos Montreal sells the IP to someone who actually gives a crap about the series, or someone who makes Dagger of Ways." I hope if that comes to pass that company don't make TDM devs life harder if you catch my meaning...
  6. Does TDM still supports ROQ? If so is that performance loss also for ROQ files? I don't remember them being so heavy.
  7. You could try making a separate alpha mask for each frame and on the material use makeAlpha() like nbohr1more suggested here.
  8. That is a nice trick to do ambient "AI" at the distance but needs to be used cleverly, because the illusion will break easy in anything that the player can get next to. Also using real world animals or even people will look way out of place, but is very nice to do for example shadowing figures moving in the shadows or behind windows plus like STRUNK demonstrated, special effects, I used it before to do water caustics.
  9. We are doing essentially what bind does but yes is possible the first person hands have no "head" or "eye" but you can bind the light to the camera joint (bone) or to the origin joint if the TDM first person rig is similar to the Doom 3 fp rig.
  10. Fantastic looking scenes refl3ks, IMO you are among the best. STRUNK very nice work has well.
  11. Calm my young padawan. We are trying to help you. Now others and me already said why ambient lights are preferable than no light. Caves in TDM can be has dark has you want then to be, you decide but know that the main complaint that people add about Doom 3, was that it was pitch black. If you bring a light into a cave in real life they light up fine, why because they are closed spaces where light can bounce around very well. TDM light system has no bouncing light, so if you bring a flashlight into a unlighted cave then in TDM the cave will be pitch black minus the place the flashlight cone shines. case in point:
  12. Ho yes that is definitely important such light should not affect the lightgem at all.
  13. Yes that is certainly better, the script code I suggested was because I don't work with TDM, so when suggesting script code, I use Doom 3 original script functions, in that way I'm more or less sure every idtech 4 based engine supports those original functions in some capacity, in the case of that particular script function, original Doom 3 has no such thing, it exists in c++ but was not exposed to the script code for some reason but is a easy fix.
  14. That trick is used in many AAA games so is something the pros also do. Btw the problem with Sotha script is that when the player gets low the light doesn't follow the character, so it will stay higher than the player in that case: Perhaps something like this is better, but have not tested it. player_light_system { vector player_view_origin_bone_pos = '0 0 0'; float player_view_origin_bone_handle = 0; vector eyesOffset = '0 0 15'; //tweek eye pos value has nedded player_view_origin_bone_handle = $player1.getJointHandle( "origin" ); eachFrame { player_view_origin_bone_pos = $player1.getJointPos(player_view_origin_bone_handle); if( player_view_origin_bone_pos ){ $playerLight.setOrigin(player_view_origin_bone_pos + eyesOffset); } } }
  15. Is there something similar to borderless gaming app but for Linux? In that way you can workround the problem.
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