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  1. Afaik "the player" for the AI is not the visual mesh, is the invisible bounding box that encompasses the visual player mesh, so even if the player may be totally hidden by the pillar, his bounding box may not.
  2. Perhaps is not this at all but just in case, if you don't know, lights have a light_center, from where light is "cast", for point lights it is normally (0, 0, 0) meaning at the center of the light entity, relative to the light entity "space". In DR for point lights, afaik you cannot edit this origin, in the 3D or 2D views but you can do it, in the entity tab using the spawnargs, so perhaps, someone changed the light_center from (0, 0, 0), if is even a point light, to something else or created the light programmatically, so again perhaps the light_center, is not at the normal light origin but
  3. For walls idSoftware always recommended 8 or more, even for detail walls.
  4. You are right, there's a slight flaw in the system but even thou the light maybe entity zero the c++ code only considers the entity, the world entity, if it has this particular spawnarg, that lights don't have. So even if you create a light first and a worldspawn brush second everything should work fine. else if (!idStr::Icmp(key, "classname") && !idStr::Icmp(value, "worldspawn")) { worldent = true; } I bet idSoftware never cared to have a test for that error because all their level designers, first create a room than create all the other entities and that is how they
  5. That sure makes more sence to me now, that would be what i would do has well.
  6. Ah ok thanks, not that I have much confidence on windows but makes me more relieved that is not worse than Vulkan, there's not much around but I've yet to have a vulkan game/demo crash windows and for now, I don't see anyone complaining about that in TDM, so that is also a good sign.
  7. I said almost the same thing to him Destined, in another thread, what I got in return was imo scorn. To me not a good start in this community.
  8. Was reading about bindless textures to know what they are and saw this: Is that really that unsafe?
  9. The engine is not mine sir "I am an experienced tester..."
  10. I didn't realized you were talking about a single room, in my mind I though you were talking about your entire map so my bad. But even so be carefull, If your room is relatively small and square shaped, I don't think theres any problem. I learned to map by doing it, even thou I never released a TDM mission or anything of importance yet, I did spent many hours, just messing around with DR not going anywhere but it did permitted me to learn but you don't really have to map to know what I said, I'm following the Doom 3/idtech 4 mapping scene for decades now, I learned many things along the
  11. The programmer of this game is not a single person... I also work with idtech 4 and have many experience with it but that doesn't mean what I know serves or works in DarkMod, why, because it doesn't use the original Doom 3 engine, it has been changed in many aspects. You shouldn't expect, all console cmds that worked in Doom 3 to still work, they could be dead code that was just not removed, even the original idtech 4 engine has console commands that do nothing, console cmds are very volatile and change or get deprecated during development. You also shouldn't expect this game
  12. If the tutorial teaches that then, it is teaching a bad behavior, you should never solve leaks, by just making a "room" around your map, leaks are VERY important to catch, if a map has a leak, the engine portal system will fail to properly occlude geometry, sound and light and the map will run like garbage, have sound going through walls and light leak into rooms it shouldn't, causing visual and auditory glitch's. Another thing that causes leaks is the origin of models being in the vacum, the origin IS NOT where the model is visually, the origin is a invisible point, used by the engine to
  13. I will not jump immediately 100% to the side of Frogwares, like many here, why, because this seems really suspicious to me, Nanco left huge clues behind, like they didn't care if they got caught, is if they are very sure they will win any law suit frogwares throw at them and that maybe because of something we don't know. We only heard one side here. But don't think I condone the behavior or any publisher stealing developers.
  14. stgatilov I know this will increase coding complexity and work but couldn't you guys do that automatically in the background, when the user brings the rez down in the menu? IMO it would totally eliminate this complains. So I would remove the resolution scale from the menu to minimize confusion, keep the "old school" resolution option but when the user is messing with the rez they are in reality messing with the rendering scale, the rez label is just a front to hide the truth but to the final user the visual effect should be the same, what do you think?
  15. Yes it is not what we are used to, it breaks our old mental model of how resolutions work but do what stgatilov said, lower the rendering scale in the menu to 0.5 and it will do the same thing, even thou the final image is 1080p the GPU is only rendering a 540p image and upscaling it, so better performance and worse image quality but that would be true, even in the old lowering resolution situation, unless you are using a CRT Monitor, on most LCD screens that have a fixed resolution, anything lower than native rez looks blurry has hell, that is the case with my old 3D LCD monitor.
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