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  1. Oh yes , yes I will. Though my brain is really small for this kind of stuff , I already read the article and was pretty confused in all that coordination thingies. But as soon as I get some free time , I'll do my best :X BTW , I was trying to contact Springheel about TDM Trailer that I'm working on , I posses Sony Vegas editing skills , and decided to promote the mod a little by creating its trailer. I was thinking if you might have any suggestions on that?
  2. I've gotta learn to make FM-s! :X Now about that , yeah , a scripted event makes the world feel...Well more alive... I mean , it would mean that the characters (Guards in this game) would have lives of their own. Like two guards talking to one another about how his children are waiting at home and stuff like that , would have an emotional impact on a player if he chosen to either kill him , or put him to sleep , or avoid him completely. And yes , I do believe the ambient music should be well , lets say on the start of the level , for about 15 seconds I guess , and well in some special building like a church or a haunted house or whatever. Epilogue music also , for instance , imagine if you stole the item you were had to stole as a primary mission objective , then some epic track plays for about 5 - 10 seconds after you've stolen it. And lets say then the alarm starts , all of the sudden all of the guards are storming the place , and you have to run away. And now the epic escape music starts. Would be ... Epic I guess
  3. To be fair you already get info when a guard is chasing you. You can hear him draw his sword , and yell words like "I SHALL BANISH YOU FROM EVIL." , witch isn't that bad because in real life , somebody would probably shout at you too if you were stealing from his / her house. Its not really the information that bothers me too much , I think music starting to play after the enemy starts chasing you would be cool , but the problem one already mentioned would be footsteps... You could not know where the guards are because of the loud music. But that could be easily fixed with a subtle tone of music , and not too much volume. Also when the chase ends , and when he enters the "Searching for you" phase , the music could fade out completely of change to a really really quiet track. There seriously are multitude of options here...
  4. Yeah I kinda used the wrong words there , not to mind that , Yes , I played Dishonored with Ultra Hard difficulty mod limiting myself to play through it without using powers what so ever , and yes , the piano cord made it stupid , and as I was thinking , the music should be played when you are spotted entirely , by that I mean when he already starts running at you (Unlike Dishonored where as soon as he gets a glimpse of you , the piano cord plays). Yes , running is very exciting and hiding for your life is really a sight to see , but running for your life with some cool music in the background , and then that music turning into the pressure pumping "guards are searching for you" music while you are in the dark with them yelling "You can't hide forever , thief." . That was my whole idea. Yeah , I can see that problem though... - Offtopic I just have to say I love people on this forum , so active and opinion sharing.
  5. Agreed. As I have heard there is someone working on The Dark Mod campaign , now music would be crucial for some story parts if he / they is / are aiming at making a triple A campaign design... And for me I think a music is really a crucial part of a game , even though I don't mind the missing of it in TDM because , TDM is for hardcore players wanting Thief action , not people wanting an epic story.
  6. A rather dull complaint since removing the minimap would make the game a lot more confusing because of the huge open cities. - AC isn't a good game to me because the combat is simple as two buttons , stealth is near to non existent , and the only part I loved about it was the story and the parkour.
  7. I agree mostly...Though would be very cool I guess
  8. Hey TDM-ers. I have an idea this time , so hear me out :X Okay so I love the atmosphere some levels provide , sneaking through them really makes me feel...Thiefy. But I was wondering well... That atmosphere gets destroyed when you get detected , because you have to either run for your dear life , or try to fight and if outnumbered , die. Now here is the idea - Wouldn't it be cool if when detected instead of hearing those bland "I shall devour you from this evil." - "Thief , help , Thief!" , to hear an instrumental track? What I'm aiming at here is detection music and battle music. For instance , some triple A games do it , like when being looked for , there is a stellar track that makes you feel you're looked for , and when detected , boom , some awesome instrumental track starts playing , and you're running for your life with that playing in the background thus adding to the epic feel of running away. ( Take Assassin's Creed. Shitty game , great soundtrack ). For TDM , I was thinking something orchestral , because it would fit the world perfectly. Any support on this? - Btw , here , just imagine running for your life with this playing in the background.
  9. I don't agree with you cause' well I even found Conviction to be more stealthy on realistic then Blacklist. Blacklist really gives you an option to shoot your way through so you really can't screw up if seen by your enemies. And about the holstering of weapons , Conviction gave me that option , Blacklist didn't , and that really really bothered me as well. But this is a Dark Mod topic , not SC topic , so lets keep it in Dark Mod shall we?
  10. I'm not sure how this works for Linux , but for Windows users there is a Standalone that doesn't require Doom 3 at all. Wait for an admin to reply , I'm kinda clueless and don't know why I posted this in the first place.
  11. I do have a theory that our thief here in the Dark Mod does put lotion on his bow , thus making him more visible in darkness. It also occurred to me that he is like Edward Cullen? Maybe he draws his bow and starts sparkling in the dark. :X
  12. Actually you made it a lot clearer to me , though I didn't understand why it was happening in Thief also. Good point on the Splinter Cell comparison , even though SC Conviction and Blacklist are just plain shooters... Thanks mate
  13. Hello there Dark Moders. There is this issue ( not a game issue , rather a personal issue ) that I was wondering about. I can't see any reason why a bow in your left hand should make you brighter. I do like the fire arrow exposing you completely , but I do not like that all the other arrows make your character appear to be in a lighter area then he usually is with no gear equipped. Can anyone ( Was hoping the Admins / Makers of the mod ) give me a logical explanation to why does this happen? Its not a big deal really , I was just wondering to how does a bow on your back and bow in your hand make you any more visible in the shadows?
  14. Oh , I didn't know that. Thanks Springheel. And no problem for the thread , devs deserve to know our gratitude for a free , yet awesome game
  15. Okay , so , I know the forums are probably full with this...And people get annoyed by it.. But I've gotta write it , so the devs can know I'm really thankful and stuff. Okay so lets start. This mod is awesome to say the least , graphically its alright , at least for people who care about the gameplay more then the actual look of the game. (And judging by people who play the mod , they do value gameplay more.) I love the downloadable maps , I do crave for a campaign with a story but this just makes me feel more like a thief. (Rich location , I rob it , I go away.) I actually was gonna play it before , but I could not get it to work with my Doom 3 copy , but I'm glad I didn't , because now its standalone , and I like it for that even more. The gameplay itself is pure oldschool Thief feel , just without the really ugly lightning effects. I also love the freedom of movement. Like leaning forward , left , right , also the ability to walk really slow. All in all I'm saying this is just what I was looking for while waiting for Thi4f , even though this one is looking more like Dishonored (Circle menus , "super powers?") and a Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Kill / Knockout animations are scripted) baby tbh , witch both are "Stealthy" games , but do have a large emphasis on action... Anyways , thank you , devs , for making me feel young again with this , and since I'm here I do have a small question to ask. -- Is there any way possible to tweak the arrowhead damage? So it would be an instakill? - I know its stupid , but I would love to have that option if possible. - That's it from me. )
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