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  1. It wouldn't need to be perfect.  The model has no impact on the 3rd person movement or collision in TDM, as 1st person is a completely separate system.  So if the animations in that mod could work with the TDM model, it would be a massive improvement.

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  2. 1 hour ago, AluminumHaste said:

    Yeah please no body awareness, while it's cool, in practice it sucks to be limited in what you can do by the player model.

    It really made Thief 3 feel super janky when doing anything.

    Yes.  No body awareness please.


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  3. If you're just adding animation for player shadows then that won't cause any issues since the first person system doesn't rely on the player model for collision.  It's just there for shadow projection.

    If the first person system was adapted for body awareness like tds, then that would cause the same issues.


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  4. As I understand it from a few searches, the raspberry pi architecture only supports Opengl 2.1 and doesn't work with stock Doom 3.  The Dhewm port of the D3 source uses Vulkan which is apparently supported on Pi 4.  

    Dark Mod is now running on Opengl 3.1 if I recall and I doubt there are any plans to abandon that for Vulkan.  

    Someone with a better working knowledge may prove me wrong on all of that but that's my understanding.

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  5. 2 hours ago, kingsal said:

    Ive looked into the blackjack a bit - its hit detection and everything seems solid. I think the biggest difference as far as I can tell between thief and TDM is the TDM guards have random head movements which shift the volume that detects a successful black jack. 

    So in other words,  you want to make sure your landing the hit according to the direction the back of their head is facing (this is basically and invisible cone protruding out from their skull).  This can take a lot of getting used to for sure.

    There are other factors too- how alerted they are, are they wearing helmets... ect.. 


    In general the system is more complex than thief,  but it might not be communicating those complexities as well as it could I guess. Im curious, did you play the tutorial? 


    Yeah, the blackjack system was something I looked into years ago.  Characters with no helmets can be blackjacked from any direction.  It's when you get into helmets that things get tricky.  The elite guard helmets with the grill on the front and extension down the back can not be blackjacked, though I"m not sure how many missions actually use them.  It has been a long time since I set all that stuff up, but if I recall...the standard helmet guards can only be blackjacked from directly behind when alert.  I did my best to make the cones extend far enough to be forgiving but there always seems to be people who have continued to have issues with it.

    I have to wonder if these players have the AI visual and audio sensitivity on the expert settings.  A couple years back there was a player who was going to uninstall TDM because they couldn't stand how hyper sensitive the guards were when compared to Thief.  I pointed out those Audio / and Visual sensitivity settings, they lowered them and were able to enjoy the game as they did in Thief...blackjacking was easier, guards weren't seeing them from crazy distances and over reacting.  

    What settings does the Mod ship with these days anyway?  

  6. 3 hours ago, Shadow said:

    There may be a compromise here... I've seen some games that have a universal storage stash option. A.k.a. a few secret loot stash lockers (could be literal lockers or secret hiding places in walls or floorboards or ceilings) littered about the map solely for the purpose of depositing all your loot to free up weight space, but the loot lockers all contain the same inventory you've picked up along the way, yet don't count towards your weight. And conveniently enough there is one final loot locker at the near the exit of your mission, or just make the loot locker contents count towards the loot objective. That way you have all the loot you've encountered, yet have the realism of loot weight in your game.

    Same issue though, how does an encumbrance system relate to the intention of the gameplay?  I could see it being beneficial if the game was about engaging other AI, fighting them, killing, etc, but that's not the intent of the gameplay here.  Thief and by extension TDM are encouraging non-lethal gameplay, exploration, and the thrill of stealing.  Slowing the player down doesn't work unless the intent is to make thieving unpleasant.  I don't want to manage the loot.

  7. I haven't had a chance to download Fluid and the installer code yet but is it the choice of some type of skin for fluid that prevents it from looking like a standard Windows installer?  I was watching a Fluid tutorial the other day and the installer they were making looked like a standard windows installer in their video.  Not sure what settings they had used to obtain it though.  Might have time to investigate later.  It just looked much more cohesive.

  8. Nice!

    So far I haven't run into any issues using it. 

    I have to echo freyk's concerns with the appearance though.  The UI lacks the cohesive look and appearance I would expect from TDM.  Can the standard windows appearance be used with this installer?  

    Functionally the installer is great but the appearance lacks a professional quality.  The lightweight UI is a bit sloppy looking.

    Thanks for all the great work.

  9. On 5/31/2020 at 10:48 AM, Gin said:

    I've always wanted TDM to have sounds that better represent the noise levels in the game, so I gave that pack a try hoping it would. Tile is the sound I have the most issues with in TDM, and this mod's sounded way quieter than the base sounds. In fact, a lot of sounds in that pack just felt too quiet compared to the base sounds. I had to boost up my volume to hear them well enough but that also made the voices even louder.

    Yeah, the conversation about the footsteps keeps coming up.  I don't really know if it's a matter of quality of the samples or that some players think the footsteps volume should be 'realistic'.  The problem with realistic levels is that they do not provide adequate feedback to the player, which is who the footsteps are intended to inform.  They're not meant to be representative of what the AI are hearing, but rather to clearly inform the player what type of material they are stepping on.

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