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  1. Hi everyone, Back after an enforced break..RL health issues reared it's ugly head. Time to dust off my mission and dig in.
  2. I'm quite pleased with it and I have learned something about patches and manipulating them.
  3. Thank you for your help, I have been practicing all day and come u with this....
  4. Thank you, I will try that out this afternoon.
  5. Difficult to explain so I have taken a couple of screen shots, the first is made up using half a cylinder, clipped and given the correct angle to the stairs...it's not good and done in a hurry. The second is made up with an end cap which looks very nice but I dont know how to get the angle of the first one to cover the steps. Hope that explains it better. (So I managed to get the pictures the wrong way around)
  6. The dreaded patch! I need to cover a very long set of downward sloping steps and am thinking along the lines of enclosing them in a tunnel, I have found this portal to be the best looking type (darkmod/architecture/modules/exteriors/ext_stone02_plain/ext_stone02_arch01) for my needs, I am exploring several ways to make the long tunnel tube and a cylinder patch inverted is one of the options, I have created the invert patch and dragged it to an oval to get the correct shape to match the arch model but I need to angle the patch cylinder..so my question is... 1..Is there a way to clip the patch s
  7. My heap of junk high end computer uses ctrl/shift left click to select a single surface and shift left click to select the whole brush...mine is a uk keyboard.
  8. Are there just the two stock small manholes available or are there any others tucked away somewhere please. I have trouble with the stock one as you can see through parts of it when in game...and what size hole is best for the player to squeeze through please. Thank you.
  9. Thank you, I used a brush and regretted it as soon as I had done it...I will change over to a patch. Movement isn't a problem as it is in an outhouse...but what arg strings would be used to animate it please.
  10. Hi, is there a static or animated model for any cobwebs please, I have found the texture one but it is a little "unreal". Thank you.
  11. And two shots of the inside of the two upper bay windows on the front of the pub that I remodelled so that it could be used.
  12. I see, where there is a change of texture throw in a border..(like in my house here there is a skirting board that seperates the floor from the wall) Something like I did with the old wooden fence outside the pub. I think looking at it your right, I'll take another look at that after I finish sorting out some of the stuttering when I look in game at some of the areas, I have out in a lot of viz portals which has helped out a lot but it looks like I'll have to cut through half of a particular area with one dirty great big one. Two shots of the fence with the overhanging cobblestones.
  13. I found that lovely steam engine in the models folder and just had to use it, (whoever made that model is a genius by the way) coupled it up to an oil tank (because I couldn't find a huge pile of logs or enogh of a pile of sacks to give the illusion of coal) and away it went...now how to fit it in game..ah, created a sump next to it with two water wheels and two giant pipe bends to add to the illusion of the engine pulling water up from the waterfall area below to power the waterwheels which in turn deliver both electricity and water to the town...now on with my storyline..phew.
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