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  1. Many thanks - I had exactly the same problem and disabling COMODO fixed it.
  2. Just glanced through this thread - Thought I'd throw in my experiences with the linux version. Honestly, they've been flawless so far. I'm running Debian 5.0.3 (lenny), and I just used the version from the hardy repos. I figured it would probably not work right, but other that having to install an older version of libopenAL from etch's repository, it worked perfectly. Managed to build a quick room as per Fidcal's excellent tutorial without a hitch. I really hope you continue to support the linux version, and I'm sure there are quite a few other linux users out there who agree with me (maybe)...
  3. OK... I renamed gamex86.dll in doom3/base, still the same error, so I uninstalled RoE, then Doom3, then deleted the Doom3 folder and reinstalled Doom3 without RoE, set it up and made sure it ran OK, patched it to, and checked again it was still running OK. Next I copied DarkMod from the torrent into the Doom3 folder, and ran the DarkMod launcher. Again it ran first time, I changed the aspect ratio and screen resolution, and restarted. Once again it showed the Doom3 loading screen, then a black screen. This time there was one less warning in the console, with 160 warnings shown. It's a puzzle...
  4. Alas, tried a fresh install and download, still no joy in Windows... Managed to get it to run under Debian though, so all is not lost. Was hoping to use Windows for the DarkMod though, DarkRadiant might be a bit of a pain to run under Debian. There look to be quite a list of packages to install to compile it myself, not sure if I can get away with using one of the Ubuntu repositories on a Debian system. Might try it though - what's the worst that could happen? Still, really good job guys! Only tried a bit of the training mission, and a little of Chalice of Kings, but really impressed. Captured the feel and atmosphere of Thief beautifully! Absolutely love the new lockpicking mechanic. Simple but elegant, I can see it being a sweet source of tension, picking a lock before a guard returns, missing that tumbler in your haste... Many thanks
  5. Hi. I've got the same problem here. The Dark Mod runs fine first time, tried to change the resolution and restart, and I get the Doom 3 loading screen, then a black main menu. The Dark Mod music plays but the screen is black. The console still works, and it shows 161 warnings related to being unable to load various assets for the main menu. On a more positive note, I loved the music, and the artwork I briefly saw on the menu was very atmospheric. I'm really looking forward to working this little bug out so I can see some more I think I might try the Linux version tonight...
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