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Status Updates posted by Sonosuke

  1. Hey, how are you guys doing?

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    2. Sonosuke


      Thank you guys! Merry Christmas

    3. nbohr1more


      Merry Christmas! I guess I should catch you while you're here. Any interest in adding EFX reverb to your mission?

    4. Epifire


      I guess I'm replying late enough to start saying Happy Newyear! Doing great here, glad to see old names returning to the forums.


      Just slowly cranking out the Epi-industrial models here. Slowly turning the world of TDM into one great machine!

  2. Installing visual basic...

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    2. Sonosuke


      Maybe I will if it is interesting.

    3. demagogue


      Then you'll be able to compile the Dark Mod sourcecode, of course. So then you can tweak the code locally on your own system, compile it, play with it, and try all sorts of fun experiments just because you can. It's a whole new level of fun with Dark Mod. =)

    4. Sonosuke


      But thats still far-far away^^

  3. Hat es geklappt?

  4. Hallo, lange nicht gesehen! Alles klar bei dir?

  5. Garrett Ramsey! :-) Thats so cool

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