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  1. The actual book part doesn't suck, but the concept of two books is.. I dunno, it feels cluttered. Or repetitive. Or something.
  2. Here's a quick and rather horrible mockup of how that would look: Two books As I feared it doesn't look very nice with two books like that, but you can see how it would work. You flip the page to see more items you either currently have or wants to purchase. Not sure how that can be done with a single book..
  3. I'm not sure how to make pageflips with that layout.. Tricky. Unless you have two books, one for purchasable items and a combined one for starting gear + purchased items. Both shown at the same time. It could easily become cluttered, and I'm not sure how good it would look. But it will be nessacary unless we scale down the text when more items get listed. Actually I think Thief did that for objectives, and it might just work. Not sure if that is possible to do.
  4. Yeah, that's a nice start, and proves that it can be done A few technical questions come to mind: 1. What will happen if there are too many items in the starting/purchased/forsale lists? A scrollbar? That would look a bit out of place, but I'm not sure how else to do it. 2. The objectimage, are we gonna add the actual 3D-model here? It would be unwise to create separate images, since new objects (made by us, or by a FM author) would need a new image created. Maybe it's possible to add a sepia-filter on the models texture somehow.
  5. Alright. I'm gonna have to check it out tomorrow evening, I gotta catch some sleep now. Oh, if you have a screenshot of the Thief purchase screen could you upload that as well? One reason i didn't start on it was that I was too lazy to find my Thief 2 CD..
  6. Yeah, it makes sense. I only started with the objectives because it was, as you said, easier I think we should strive for a unified look, whatever that look is, but yes, it might be tricky to do a parchment purchase screen, but hopefully it's possible.
  7. You can try and lower the pitch in some soundediting program. It might do what you want.
  8. Wow, you're right. I recognize it. I still think Steve looks cooler though but JD is more readable, I'll agree with that.
  9. There should be a few churchbells in sound/ambient/environmental
  10. There are millions of these sites, but it's almost always crap. Any site which has good quality sfx charges money, often on a per sound basis. I'll check it out anyway, you never know..
  11. I thought SteveHandwriting was the font used in Thief1/2? Are you sure about that? (Also, link to the J.D font please! ) And I added one sharpening filter too much on the background, which makes the text a little harder to read. But personally, I have no trouble doing it. Uh, I hope you're kidding, right? The font will of course be scaled depending on resolution. The browsers scaling function does not involve any anti-aliasing and thus makes any picture less clear.
  12. I've been getting a little hesitant about all those materials. It will be hard to create sounds for every kind of combination, sword against mud etc etc. I dunno. I suppose it's always best to make it expandable anyway.
  13. Yes you're right, failed is not strictly needed since the mission should fail anyway. Burning text sounds good. Or if possible, burn the whole parchment.. Hehe
  14. I like it. That's a nice touch actually with the little houses, fits in great and gives it a lot more character. Also a good idea to add that glow behind the clock to define it more (not sure if it should be toned down a little, possibly). It looks nice I must say. Sorta like the city is trying to fight back the scary forest-with-it's-claw-like-trees..
  15. Yeah, if we want some motion on a "realistic" version, it should go in the background. Unless the Thief has some kind of magical animated paper. We also need to figure out what objective states we're going to have. Thief had quite a few: standard, completed, failed and inactive. Each with it's own graphical representation. Edit - Slightly OT, but something I just thought of: is it possible to do a "notes" screen like in Thief 2 with Doom 3's GUI? That is, the player can type things onto the screen, to keep notes. If it's very hard to do I guess it's no big deal.
  16. Heh, whops.. Didn't know about the scale thing. I should probably leave the GUI scripting to the pros. I did look in that thread, but the images were small, and it's hard to find something that fits. If you can find something that would work it'd be great.
  17. I'm not sure if we discussed the objectives screen anywhere, but I guess it's time we do so. Here's a very simple take on it: Objectives (Complete with a crappy page-curl!) I suppose we want to stay with the same basic style (sepia/parchment) but we might want something a bit more fancy. On the other hand this is more "realistic", like a list the Thief wrote and then brought along. You could maybe flip between objectives/map/(briefing?) like you would with a regular scroll/book (instead of with buttons, like in Thief). (I'm not gonna bother uploading the PSD, it's just the same background as in the Loading concept, with Springheels parchment picture on top and the text is SteveHandwriting) Edit - If you prefer to have all this in the same topic, say so and I'll merge 'em
  18. Nah, I don't really have any similar pictures lying around. I'm just making them up as I go along really. I uploaded the PSD, check the original post. I get most of my source material from http://www.sxc.hu which has plenty of pictures free for commercial use.
  19. Okey, I managed to create a high-res (1024x768) version of the parchment background image: Background You can compare the old and the new one here: Compare However, there seems to be a problem. When importing it into the GUI editor, it seems it shrinks it down to 640x468 and the image looks pretty crappy. Can you take a look at this Napalm? I thought you said it would scale depending on resolution? Here's a high-res version with the clock: Loading Next I tried to add a few things to the sides, as Spring suggested. I thought it would be nice to have the nature versus technology/civilization portrayed, here's an example: Nature/Tech The trees are okey (and kinda creepy ), but the building is not that good, and it might be better to have the city instead (like Spring said) but I couldn't find any good pictures. And here's the PSD file (20 megs)
  20. It doesn't work even if we just replace the existing doom 3 surfaces? Because if it does then I say go for it. Compability with the original levels will probably break sooner or later anyway, right?
  21. Also I noticed something strange in BT's map: there is a sound playing when you frob the door. But that's not one of our sounds and it's not in the sound folder. What is it?
  22. Old hat! Anyway, I tried to add no_dups to some shaders (footsteps, swings, crashes etc) and I think it works. It doesn't work when you play the shader from the soundeditor (editSounds) but it seems to work within the game (I tried it with the sword swing). It's on CVS if you want to check it out. Are the footsteps ingame yet? Are the textures etc updated with the correct surface?
  23. pakmannen


    I still have nightmares about THE DOUBLE-LINKED LISTS
  24. pakmannen


    Newsflash for you: This thread aint about languages. ... It's about Sweden's struggle for world domination! ScrotzaN: Yeah, now with the 1.3 patch we've gotten a few new effects added to the engine I think. Like reverb, which is downright awsome.
  25. Ish: Yes, the "underwater" ambient is meant to play when the player is underwater. I still haven't uploaded the ambients since the beta-mappers didn't really say anything about the layout, but I'm gonna go dictator here soon (tomorrow probably) and just go with ambience/environmental.
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