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  1. After this, the game launchs ok now. Thanks for the patience.
  2. and success on the second argument! Now what, do I have to press alt+enter every time to play it?
  3. With your launcher, put the +set r_customHeight 600 +set r_customWidth 800 +set r_fullscreen 1 gray screen this log appears: Log created by TDM LauncherINFO - currentfm.txt not foundDate - 20180129-21:46:52 RUN - .\TheDarkMod.exe +set r_customHeight 600 +set r_customWidth 800 +set r_fullscreen 1Date - 20180129-21:46:52Done.
  4. Problem persists if game is installed C:\ drive. Driver 372.54, and Directx 11.0 There's no currentfm.txt in the game directory. From darkmod.ini: # The LogClass defines an entire complex of functions belonging# together because of their related functionality.# So if there is a problem with ie. Frobbing you only need to# switch on LogClass_FROBBING=1 to get debug logs for it.[Debug]LogFile=Darkmod.logLogError=0LogBegin=0LogEnd=0LogDebug=0LogWarning=0LogInfo=0LogClass_INIT=0LogClass_MISC=0LogClass_SYSTEM=0LogClass_FROBBING=0LogClass_AI=0LogClass_SOUND=0LogClass_FUNCTION=0LogClass_ENTITY=0
  5. Done, and it still happens. Gray screen and no response upon launching =( I launch the game through TheDarkMod.exe in the game folder right?!
  6. Hello all. I've installed the game using the tdm_update_win, downloaded today, and upon launching the Dark Mod, a gray screen appears, and nothing else seems to function. Ctrl-alt-del'ing makes the program stop working, and I close it. I've tried running it on compatibility mode (windows XP), and as an administrator, and that does nothing. I'm in a Windows 7 64 bits, AMD Phenom II X4 955, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6gb. There's no mention of this gray screen on the FAQ. Please help, I'm itching to play it.
  7. I'd give 10 bucks, or 20 reais here, for it. Frequently, in mid game I think to myself, boy, and this is free. Maybe the boys deserve more than a mental or written thanks. Also, may attract more creativity from map-building-savvy players. Unless, you don't appreciate that.
  8. [Less than a month. Am I ressurrecting the thread?] I enjoyed this one. I had one hell of a tough time, but I liked it at the end. For starters, it was nice to interpret a private eye. A cleptomaniac private eye at that, but anyway. I began at Expert, as I do in Thief and am doing in Dark Mod. Could not ignore the Tension meter; did not know what it did, but anyway. So, for a curious start, I jumped on the table at the front yard, then on the barrel, trying to childishly mantle the wall. Door opened, a maid saw me she imediately panicked, and mission failed. "Ok". Restarted in Hard diffi
  9. Hi. In the wiki FM list I looked for a pagan/outdoor mission and this one was the first, so I went for it. Visually the monastery is incredible, with the lighting flooding select spots beautifully and the sparse torches lending it one of the most medieval feeling I've yet seen in Dark Mod ( I'm new in it). The incredibly dark halls were esquisite, as I would often stop and check for Hammer movement inside the shadows, which felt eeary and also absurd, for how can guards be willing to wander pitch black routes? A certain moment startled me: in that main hall, with the red and blue energy thin
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