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  1. I'm working on a mansion mission, with a bit of outside areas as well. The complete story will be told through several missions. The campaign is called 'The Sons of Baltona'. I think I still need a few weeks to complete the first part. Must say that I'm asthonished by the possibilities of TDM. Everything I want in my mission can be done in a certain way. Will release some pics when I'm satisfied to do so, sorry . Building: 99% done (the unfinished 1% is for new ideas I get on the way) Sound: 100% Visportals: 100% Texturing: 100% Lights: 100% (incl. switches) Doors: 99% (Still need to attach some keys) Story: 90% (It's done on paper, now I'll just have to put it into readables) Object placing: 10% (working on that at the moment) Objectives: 10% (Objectives are on paper, but not in the mission yet) Loot and keys: 0% AI: 0% Who would like to beta test my mission when it's done? Cheers
  2. You have to put the +set after the quotations. So it would be: "C:\Program Files\Doom 3\Doom3.exe" +set fs_game darkmod Then it should work.
  3. Thanks, it worked, must have accidently hit a key. Big relief by the way , cheers
  4. Well I was busy and well on my way with building my mission, when all of a sudden all the objects I created were gone. I quit, without saving, restarted and reloaded my map but the objects (beds, torches, doors, etc.) are still gone. Is there a button I accidently touched that hides all the objects or is it something worse? Visportals and walls are still there but everything else is gone. Anyone has an idea what went wrong?
  5. Maybe I'll just stick to the sky texture. I took a look at the chalice and how that is built, and got demotivated right a way. It's way too difficult at the moment for me, so maybe something for later. I still want to complete my map so I'll stick to simple things for now .
  6. Thanks for the answers, it's becoming clear to me. I'll take a look at the Chalice and how that is built, because I think that's what I want. If it's not too difficult for a beginner of course. I'll just make another back up of my existing map and will try some stuff.
  7. Yeah that's what I meant, so that's a no go. Okay final question about sky, and then it's completely clear to me. I stand on a balcony and I can look over a wall. Do I have to place a wall behind the wall I'm looking over with a sky texture on it, or would I have to place some house textures and streets to make it more realistic. I can't really explain very clear in words, but what would be the most logical thing to place behind a wall a player can look over. I hope you understand what I mean.
  8. Would putting a large ceiling with a sky texture above the complete map work? The sky prefab is automatically used by the way? I just have to keep it outside where I'm bullding and then it will be used where necesarry?
  9. Could someone explain a little bit more in depth how inserting a sky works? What if I have a balcony, do I have to make a room and remove all the walls and texture the ceiling with a sky brush? When I create an outside area and the ceiling needs to be higher than the walls, will this not cause leaks? As you can see, I don't really understand everything, if anything, about skies. An in depth step by step guide to insert skies would be much appreciated. Cheers
  10. Could you explain how to do this please? Would this solve the leaks as well? I'm quite certain that I don't have anything outside the void, except for wall brushes, but it still gives a leak warning. Edit: I do have metal gates for a balcony outside the void, and I haven't build anything else outside yet, so could it be that this causes leaks?
  11. Just read them last week and must say they are really good. Very thorough reviews without spoiling too much details. Reading the review of TDM, it shows that the beta of TDM is already really good and that it can only get better. Keep up the nice reviews sneaksy.
  12. Very nice mission guys. I really liked it. It was short, completed it on the highest difficulty within 30 minutes but still really good. I'll try ghosting it next, still missed a lot of loot, so I'll be looking for that as well. Sonosuke I saw the mission complete screen, so that has to be a problem on your side. Didn't had any performance issues, it was the first mission I played without any stuttering, except for the pause when I'm opening doors. I don't know if anyone has a tip for that, because the solution mentioned in the wiki doesn't work for me. Keep up the good work everyone, all the missions have been amazing so far.
  13. No I didn't do that. The whole prefab folder was gone. I think I deleted it without me noticing somehow. Probably was late at night after going to the pub . Anyways it's working now. Now I'm going to try to complete my mission before I'll leave for my Australian backpacking trip, it's gonna be close...
  14. Seems to work again. I don't know what went wrong actually. It looked like the whole prefab folder was gone, but TDM can find it again . Thanks for the replies, cheers
  15. I tried the search tool but couldn't find anything about this. When I try to load/insert prefabs they can't be found anymore. When I started mapping it worked but not anymore. I didn't delete anything, so how can I get them back?
  16. Thank you very much, pictures say a lot more than words it seems . It worked and I think I can manage a lot of things by myself or re-reading some parts of the a-z guide. Thanks for all the replies guys.
  17. Thanks for the replies guys. It still not completely crystal clear, but I'll certainly go try the things you all suggested. Sorry for opening a new thread about this by the way. If it is possible the messages from this thread may be placed in the official thread. 1. The problem here is that a side wall of one room can still be seen in the wall of the other room. Will the overlapping be deleted when I compile the mission? To be clear, I deleted one wall (the one that would share the wall of the other room) but to fill the gap I had to move the existing walls, floor and ceiling. The texture of one wall (because it is in the middle of the other room) can be seen in the texture of the other room. 2. This one is clear to me. 3. When I select the wall as described in the a-z, the whole wall will get the same texture and not only the outside or inside. I'll go through it once more though, because you all say it is clearly described. 4. This one is clear to me as well.
  18. First of all I want to apologize if these questions are already described in depth in the wiki (A-Z guide, etc.), but I couldn't find them, not in depth at least. 1. I've got some problems connecting rooms. When I connect rooms the textures of the two rooms overlap each other. If they don't, then there is a gap, which causes leaks obviously. Could someone explain how to do this properly? I did what was described in the A-Z guide but it doesn't have the desired effect. I don't want a corridor, like described in the guide, but a room directly connected to another room (a door is between them). 2. What is the best and most simiple way to create stairs leading to a floor above? Is it the same as texturing around a door (clone wall, ceiling in this case, and then do the curtain method), or completely different? 3. Is it possible to have two textures on one wall, ceiling, etc., if so how? For example if you have two floors a texture for the ceiling on the first floor and one for the bottom on the second floor. Another example is that you have one wall but that you have different textures for inside and outside. That you have wall covering on the inside but just bricks on the outside and that on the same wall. 4. I don't really understand how the electronic lighting is done. I understand that it doesn't emits light by itself and that I have to place a light (rmb, place light) somewhere close to it, if I understand correctly. What is a normal place to put it and what should the brightness be. I do not really have a good feeling for this. These are things that really obstruct me to continue building my mission. I might encounter more problems on the way, but these are the ones I have at the moment.
  19. Well what can I say..... It's amazing! The atmosphere is great, a real Thief like mission. It took about 15 minutes (after I cleared the streets and all the things I could enter) to find out how to get of the streets, which is quite okay. I hate missions where I have to walk around too long to find that one thing, but that wasn't the case. One part is also really creepy and that's saying much, because I didn't shiver when playing FEAR and other games alike but I did with this one. I'm not gonna say anymore about that because otherwise I'd would spoil the fun . Good job on that as well. In total it took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes and got about 1,600 loot. If this is going to be the quality of other FM's as well, I'd say keep them coming .
  20. It looks really good! I'll test it out immediately. When I'm done I'll give some feedback of course. Glad to see a new FM so soon.
  21. Thanks for the replies. Being creative is certainly not a problem, so I already changed everything. In the end I don't think it matters what the names are, as long as people enjoy playing it .
  22. Hey all I almost completed my first mission storywise but now I am wondering what is possible without copyright issues. I know that 'he that must not be named' can't be in it, but what about keepers and other things related to the thief series? It's not an issue if I can't do it, but just wanted to be sure.
  23. What are your system specs. I read somewhere that some Nvidia cards with certain driver versions had problems with Doom 3. EDIT Maybe it's also an idea to delete any duplicate files/lines. So deleting the +set line in de shortcut and the autoexec. Did you also try to start the game with the original cfg file in read-only?
  24. I had the same problem but found out I made a silly mistake. Please look the following topic, hope the solution is in there. Keep in mind that the resolution is not in the usual order in the cfg file. So it's not 'width x height' but 'height x width'. http://modetwo.net/d...screen-problem/
  25. Do you have the aspect ratio on 2? This means that the ratio will be 16:10. You won't see the resolution change in the menu even if 1680x1050 works, it will still be on 640x480 but you'll certainly notice the difference . seta r_aspectRatio "2"
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