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  1. First of kudos to the creators and all the dark mod community for the hard work they do and the great fan generated content. However for me personally I was not a big fan of this one. I understand the idea of doing something different but it just lacked many of the gameplay aspects I personally enjoy and focused on the things I dislike the most. To me, the jumping and mantling mechanics are iffy at best and to focus so much on that...just not my thing. That being said, the visuals and layout were great. It did have a sense of nostalgia as it reminded of the old First person Ultima games. One wierd quirk, after I finished the mission it went to a cut scene from a previous mission i had played. Was that by design or is there some glitch in the ending cut scene?
  2. Just a quick update... I have played a few more missions and have not noticed the save/load crash. The only ones I observed it on were Requiem and Lords& Legacy
  3. First off, just would like to say kudos on TDM. I discovered it via PC Gamer and great job! I was huge fan of the Thief series of games and this is just what I was looking for. That being said, I am experiencing the same issue as indicated in this thread. About 40% of my save attempts crash the game and creates a corrupt save. Window 7, 4G RAM I've not tried any fixes....I can get to console but I'm not sure of the exact command to turn off compression. Mission: Requiem. I just installed everything about a week ago so I think I have the latest files.
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