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  1. Would LOVE to see the motion tracked controllers in this! Amazing job!
  2. I just got my Vive and one of the demos is called Longbow: When I first fired up this demo, my very first thought was "THIS is how Thief games should be played!" From leaning over the parapets to shoot the marauders to leaning over to set my arrows on fire to the haptic feedback of the controllers that made it feel like I was pulling on the string - it was incredible. I'm convinced that room scale sneaking around, ducking behind barrels,leaning around corners, using the controllers as bow / sword / lockpicks - it IS how Thief should be... Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go practice my bow skills.
  3. So, what do the devs need in order to make this happen?
  4. The wiki link for the blend file is broken, is there another link?
  5. Hi all, as the title suggests, I'm running Mint 15 Cinnamon on my HTPC and would love to sofa-sneak my way thru some fan missions. The few scant tidbits I've found about using the Xbox 360 controller and the Dark Mod seem to all be PC based and require Xpadder. Any linux users find a similar problem?
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