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  1. And can you taper the head so it's triangular? Thinner at the front and slightly fatter at the back?
  2. Perfect. That is almost exactly how I imagined it. And since the thief's wieght is taken by the head you don't need a metal shaft. Stick on some nice spiral fletching and you are good to go. Certainly the heaviest arrow in the game, but also the most fun!
  3. You're right about the spool length oDDity. I didn't think of that. But the head should be shorter and more heavy duty.
  4. Damn you work fast oDDity! That spindle is sweet. If you make it 1 1/2 times the length and put double the rope on it, then shorten the head by 1/3 and make it twice as fat and with a solid core like this (see how the solid core would make it more solid and give it better penetrance?): And you will have exactly what I was thinking about, just with oDDity stylee. Spiral flights will cause an arrow to spin. In fact spiral flights make the arrow fly in a straighter line and were commonly used just for that. http://www.huntersfriend.com/arrowhelp/arrow-selection-4.htm "If your fletching is arranged in a helical (spiral) pattern - like a boat propeller - your arrow will rotate in flight. Much like a football that's thrown with a perfect spiral, an arrow will fly straighter and be more stable if it rotates in-flight." http://www.rockymtbroadheads.com/article-j...loan-arrow.html "Most archers like their arrows fletched with a slight spiral. This causes the arrow to rotate during flight and helps stabilize the arrow."
  5. It looks a little fragile to me. Not as fragile as the original but still fragile. The image I linked to but can't display looks pretty sturdy as it has a central core, unlike both of your concepts oDDity. And if a narrow cord like the cord on blinds can be used then you can have it on the spindle I suggested. It would indeed be a large bulge, but I think it will look good and look feasable. NB. My little sketch is not meant to be to scale, it was the concept I wanted to get across.
  6. Well of course I agree with a spinning arrow with a corkscrewing motion - but not that corkscrew head. My idea was this type of corkscrew that is bladed - http://images.google.co.uk/images?q=tbn:SC...screw%25202.jpg But that tapers to a point. With a corkscrew flight the arrow would both spin and have penetrating power by dint of the weigh and sharp point. And you can have a rope un-winding mechanism that is dependant on the spining momentum - both the head and the wound up rope are spinning in mid-air. On impact the head stops but the rope un-winding mechanism does not and unfurls the rope. And since the rope is attached close to the head the shaft can be wooden and the wood bore assembly would hold the thief's weight. The rope would be pretty bulky. And of course you can wind the rope back up.
  7. If the head is suitably heavy duty and the rope comes off the front rather than the back of the arrow then that design is pretty sensible. I've a wacky suggestion though - how about a corkscrew/spiral drill head with a spiral flight so it looks like it's supposed to "drill" into the wood?
  8. Open it with FF. It wont work on this site BTW, since it's in a big frame. And it gets lame after 2 days anyway. I've disabled it.
  9. Ha ha. That thread is gold too. I thought you guys would have some real acid for me but spar was so reasonable and the idea has even been discussed!! Better not tell the TTLG thread starter - he'll see it as a vindication.
  10. Lets you leave sitcky notes al over the internets!!! The guy who made it and the link to it and whatnot: http://www.penny-arcade.com/forums/viewtop...=197947&start=0 Go!
  11. You don't have to add anything else form HL2 but the GG was great. If you already thought of adding glyphs then you should do it! It woud roxxor.
  12. Ok, I know you guys don't want to switch to the Source engine because of many different reasons but I just had a great idea. Then I realised it can be done in TDM because of the D3 expansion - Resurrection of Evil. Why not give the Thief glyphs that he can use like the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2? It would rule!!!
  13. When doing brush work in T3Ed switch to wireframe mode. After you've Built All you can change back.
  14. Quoted for truth. I really like gimg's idea. A poster on a corner with a street scene in the background would be interesting. A UI that is integrated into a wall or machine or carved into stone would be nice. There are a lot of rubbish IUs out there. UT2k4 anyone? Doom3? Dull dull dull. But the current mock-up is too simple and too generic imho.
  15. Yes it is sparhawk. Might I suggest the addition of 1 piece of magic, machinery and some plant matter (moss or vines) on or around the menu. Very subtle but just there to reparaZent.
  16. I have far too many programs that would need reinstalling. Too many games, too many utilities. Just too many.
  17. Oooh oooh, let's have a look at the elite guards Oddity! plz plz plz
  18. I not all for mad detail in characters. They just need to look good. The guns are waaaay more complex than necessary. But the 1st 3 nature scenes are just my cup of tea.
  19. Nice. So in practice are they tougher or more alert than houseguards? Are they ex-military or ex-city watch? Where did they get their training?
  20. V cool. The animation sharing is a cool idea too. You should do a female version as well though, with leet claw weapons.
  21. There is a Prelate model in the Gallery on the front page. Without his breastplate though.
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