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  1. 1. Is the graphics renderer rebooting at the time? Because I seem to remember seeing the same ugly screen in Doom 3 whenever you switched resolutions. Maybe this could be removed or something?
  2. 1) If I remember correctly the ugly white gray screen was already there in Doom 3, but if it could be replaced by a black screen, the whole thing would look much better. 2) Yes, that can be easily reproduced during the The Beleaguered Fence mission. Just press ESC during the intro, but maybe this is something mission specific? 3) Ah, I didn't know that this is more difficult that it seems. So is there a master list of all missions somewhere that would need to be updated and mirrored around? BTW, played my first TDM mission after playing nuThief today and, man, I was always waiting for hints on where to jump and shoot rope arrows at first !
  3. I know that restarting the game after installing a new mission is necessary, but is it be possible to make the intermediate screen black instead of the ugly grey? Also I had a minor bug just recently: After I cancelled a too long intro session using escape, I got back to the main menu, but my mouse pointer was invisible! Last not least what happened to the project to rename missions so it's more obvious to which series they belong? I just started a mission only to read in the journal that it must be one of the Thomas porter series. I wouldn't even know from name which one this would be, it's called The Beleaguered Fence.
  4. I guess it will be kind of a demo for their new engine anyway, being free and all !
  5. Oh yeah, I can attest to that! Once in a while, like very recently, there is a sale of Bloodlines on Steam, which does not run on modern computers without my patch because of a memory bug. Every time there is an uproar and a lot of hate against Steam because Steam doesn't mention the fact or the patch, and people expect a game on Steam to work out of the box. Then when they install my patch they don't notice that the default path is not the Steam path and there is a lot of frustration again. I'll change the default path to the Steam one in the next version because people there are so dumb! TDM should be fail-proof because people expect Steam to handle everything...
  6. This is possible on Moddb too, and this is where I would go looking for cool mods and free indie games. In fact I think this is where I found out that TDM went finally standalone ! Really? To me Greenlight looks like a quick shot from Valve to take part in the whole Indie and Kickstarter hype which they overlooked completely before. They Greenlighted hundreds of games now and I don't think most of them even exist. Maybe this is why they want to close it down again. Or probably because having them on their servers for only a few downloads isn't profitable for them...
  7. If you move TDM to Steam, you will keep a Steam free version too, right? Because not everyone want's a corporate client always running in the background to play a free game. If TDM ends up Steam-only, it would be less free for me! Also I doubt that Steam alone will get more players. I for one never monitor Steam, but other sites like Blues News who report a much broader scope. In my opinion you'll get more audience if you'd manage to get new versions announced there or maybe major campaigns releases too!
  8. Very interesting. I haven't yet understood what creep is supposed to be, but the rest makes sense as crouch running is possible. Still is there any in game info that it is handled that way? Because I normally only run to get away from guards and expected to stand up to be as fast as possible. Sorry, but that would be a hell of annoying! I think it's quite bad already because sometimes you have to spam use, which is stupid in any game, sometimes not, sometimes you get a loading screen, sometimes not. The same is true with other things as well, like sometimes you can leave an area while hunted, sometimes not, which can be quite deadly. Sometimes you auto-rob a taken down guard, sometimes not. There were more issues like that but I can't remember all right now. How can a game be so inconsistent regarding gameplay elements?
  9. Uh, so creep and crouch are not the same? Is this something like prone? I don't think I ever used it. I wasn't aware that this is possible either! In other games running automatically have you stand up.
  10. Another good example is the Ocean House in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. The background is a little bit similar to The Shining, and many people perceive it as very creepy, although there are no NPCs around and you can only die if you are very inattentive. Still the atmosphere does it all! It even won a prize for "2004's Best Level Design (Any Game)".
  11. Ah, I already forgot about that because it was dismissed. Therefore I asked for the fix here ...
  12. I was never asking for something like that! As far as I know items that can't be used flash red, but two of the items in this mission always flashed green so I figured this was an oversight. Also I already finished the mission by dropping the items in the right places, I just wanted to suggest an improvement because I knew that bikerdude was updating the mission already, okay?
  13. I agree with you again, worst of all for me is the UI of nuThief which doesn't at all fit into the gameworld atmosphere with its modern minimalistic design! And I won't switch it off because otherwise I'll be jumping all over the place to find the one location where I can climb something or I'll get lost in a big grey city where everything looks much too similar to me as well. TDM does this much better, especially how the readables are implemented to keep the player inside the world without need to switch to some modern journal.
  14. I couldn't have wrote that better and I agree to your other postings as well! The whole multiverse stuff is a joke and the game would have been a whole lot better if it had ended when they crashed near the Rapture entrance. Also I agree with Lux that Columbia including its NPCs is just a lifeless static stage play backdrop for the strange narrative told through short sequences and optional audios between endless repeating fire fights. Even the empty city of nuThief appears more real than Columbia-Disney-Land and almost ten years ago games like Bloodlines could already represent a living world better! It also seems to me that Levine used the same twist of the "good" guy turning out to be the bad one in all of his games. Topping it of in Bioshock Infinite where the player is it himself! But I disagree with everyone here glorifiying SS2 and DX. In my opinion both are a little bit overrated! Maybe people who played SS1 just had to love SS2, but coming from HL, to me it was a fake world with disintegrating weapons, ammo dispensers, endless spawning enemies, unrealistic maze like levels, endless backtracking and no alive NPC to meet, which got old very fast! And while the multiple-approach-dogma of DX was great, the narrative was almost as confusing as that of Bioshock and many maps were just too obviously constructed for the gameplay with always a vent where you need one. To me it is obvious that nuThief was developed by the same studio that created the recent DX games. If you want to sneak around most easily, just look for a convenient vent nearby!
  15. I know, but as you can guess from my other threads here this is a principle UI issue for me . If an item flashes green it should be usable at a certain position, no?
  16. I was aware of that, but the UI confused me. Sometimes using an item on something drops it in automatically. So can you make the aura of the skull and the puppet flash red when used, just to prevent a mistake like mine for other newbies ?
  17. The problem with that is that I am a completely newbie here and wouldn't know where to look or how to recompile anything in the first place. But you seem to do so !
  18. Ah, okay then. Another suggestion while you are still testing the map: I was confused about the skull handling because using it made it flash green, so for a long time I thought I had to use it on the pool like a key on a door, instead of just dropping it in! Maybe you could disable this effect or directly put the skull in the drop position on using it...
  19. I understand that, but my guess would be if demagogue could say that only one line must be changed in a specific file, you developers would more easily consider to include it because there would be no need to search for it yourself. I have a lot of experience due to patching Bloodlines and people who deliver the solution to a fix are the best ! So what do you say, wouldn't adding FROB to unread a world-readable be UI consistent?
  20. Yeah, but I just recently noticed that items in the world are handled exactly like my suggestion already, the readables are the exeption to the rule IMHO.
  21. I guessed as much. I was confused especially because the item flashed green when used right from the beginning. It probably should have flashed red unless it was near the place it was supposed to be dropped. So could you look into a solution for my readables suggestion? If you could provide an easy fix to the deverlopers they might include it in the next update! As this wouldn't be a change but only an addition, old players could still use the attack key like they are used too, but others could use the frob key instead.
  22. Another thing, and yes, I know I can be annoying , I just played the great Alberic's Curse mission and got a bit confused because I forgot that there is a dedicated DROP key. Alberic's skull flashed green when pressing USE, so I figured USING him on the pool would work. But I had to drop him in! Any chance to make USE bring items that can only be world-dropped into the dropping position? This would possibly get rid of the DROP key altogether and thus minimize the UI somewhat further...
  23. Just played this fantastic mission and want to report, that the readables messing up the inventory bug is still active...
  24. Well, I didn't really get an answer other than "We always did it like that, so deal with it!". Looking at the blackjacking thread shows that indeed sometimes suggestions of us newbies could be used to improve the game, although most of you old timers here just don't want to change anything and assume everything is perfect because you are accustomed to it. In that case just remove this thread and stop working on TDM ! Then please explain to me again, how closing world-readables with the world-frob key is against this principle! Right now if you take an item with world-frob, you also drop it with world-frob, not with attack or use. To me the readables are out of the design rules here! The whole thing could probably be fixed by just adding another key line to some config file. But I can imagine that if there is no variable yet remembering the last weapon used, there is no easy way to add the other feature, but that wasn't suggested by me anyway ...
  25. I can understand that, but as the other thread shows, some easy fixes are possible to improve the situation and New Horizon is already working on it !
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